I’M will for gsm arena and i’m going to try to break down exactly what happened here, Music, so to start off with what is up with the channel. Well, we have full control of the gsm arena official youtube channel. We can upload videos change settings. All of that, but the thing is for the past year, so could somebody else and this person did something smart? They let the channel run normally business as usual, but meanwhile they had secretly connected their adsense account and we’re redirecting all of our youtube revenue and what’s crazy is this was going on for over a year over a year. How is that even possible it’s, because our adsense account gets not only the youtube revenue but also the revenue from our website? It’S, all mixed in together and with the pandemic and everything else going on. We didn’t notice that the youtube portion of the income was gone. We didn’t imagine that we had gotten hijacked. The money had been gone since november of 2019, but we didn’t realize what was behind that until october of 2020., we immediately contacted support, but since then over two months have gone by and we still can’t use our channel. Normally so how exactly did our account get hijacked and what could we do to fix it? Let me start at the beginning: we have to go way back to 2007 when we made our channel the videos back then were quite different. The channel had no face or voice but plenty of hands.

We posted these sorts of videos for eight years without any monetization, then in 2015 we decided we wanted to take things to the next level, so we reached out to google to become a youtube partner. The process was a bit more complicated back. Then we were introduced to a google employee, a youtube partner manager who made this happen for us in kind of an unconventional way. Instead of linking our adsense account to our youtube channel directly, they created something for us called a multi channel network or mcn, and they put our adsense pub id in it. So we were happy, our channel was monetized and we were getting revenue from youtube in our adsense account, but it was all being directed first through this dummy mcn account. As you might have guessed, this could lead to some issues. We didn’t realize it at the time, but actually this dummy account became the content owner of our entire channel and we didn’t even have the login credentials to access it. It was just sitting there in the background. Meanwhile, our channel was growing and everything seemed like it was going pretty. Well then, flash forward to november 2019, when someone was able to access that dormant mcn account, which we weren’t even thinking about at that point. This gave them full access to the youtube channel and what they did was from this mcn. They disconnected our adsense pub id and replaced it with theirs. That’S it, and we never got notified that this happened.

Then they sat back and reaped the rewards, and, like i mentioned before, since our adsense account isn’t connected only to youtube, it took us quite a while to realize this was happening until october 2020 rolled around. At this point, we realized that we weren’t getting any money from youtube and we contacted creator support and we were surprised when they told us that they’d been paying this entire time, just not paying us and according to support. This was no problem. They suggested that we should resolve the issue directly with the hijacker, even calling them the other admin, but at the same time, they refuse to disclose any way to contact this person yeah. They refuse to give us any contact info, not even an email address, citing privacy law it’s ironic, that the same law designed to protect users from companies like google is also used to protect hackers from any accountability. We continued emailing youtube begging them to resolve this issue. How could this be okay, the money issue wasn’t fixed, and we still had no way of contacting this hijacker. So then youtube agreed to investigate whether there was any hacking involved and escalated. The issue to their internal team. The internal team determined that the channel was not accessed by any unauthorized accounts. We weren’t, given any other options to get out of the situation, except again to reason with this other admin, the hijacker. Needless to say, we were not happy with that situation.

If we wanted to keep our 1 million plus subscriber channel, our only option was to basically work for free for this hijacker person and youtube creator. Support didn’t see any problem with that. Of course, we didn’t give up, we sent several more emails and got the internal team to check again, but the result was the same. No hacking detected talk to the admin. We cannot mediate with the adsense issue. Then they completely stopped responding to our emails. We tried demonetizing the videos on the channel, but the hijacker just quickly turned them back on to monetized. At this point, the situation seemed so hopeless that we just decided let’s stop posting videos. We did keep it up with the emails, though, even though the team had stopped responding to us, we were trying to get a hold of someone else that would we were trying different times of day different days of the week and different channels of communication, and after Two weeks of that, we got lucky, we connected to a new contact through a support chat session and they were willing to help. This was our chance at another internal investigation, and this time we were able to give them hints of where to look and what time frame we got this request for extra info and for the first time we felt like we were going somewhere, it’s scary, that so Many unknown accounts had access to our channel, but that showed that the youtube internal team was looking in the right place.

We replied that we had no association with most of these and, after several days, youtube came back with confirmation. The mcn account had been hijacked by a third party back in november 2019.. Finally, they agreed that there was a problem here. This was great news: youtube was able to revoke the hijacker’s access, but as far as getting the channel back up and running goes it’s, not so simple creator support instructed us to reassociate our adsense account with the mcn account which we can’t do, because we don’t have Access to the mcn and we never did so moving forward. It looks like there are two possible solutions here. The first is to put our adsense pub id back into the mcn account, or they could disassociate the mcn from our youtube channel entirely and we’d reapply to be a straightforward youtube partner. But even after yet another month, youtube support still hasn’t been able to do either of these things and as far as the person who stole all that money goes even though google has all their information, it doesn’t look like they would release that or ever go after Them so that’s the situation guys through google’s own guidance, we monetized our channel using a secondary account. Someone got into that and took advantage of it for their own profit. Now we just wait for youtube support to set things right again and get remonetized and who knows how long that will take. Meanwhile, we are still making videos we’ve created a lot of content for amazon and we’ll start uploading to facebook too, and once this is hopefully all resolved, you will find all of our newest videos here on youtube too.