Almost all of them have a selfie camera slapped somewhere on that screen, be it in the form of a sphincter hole or a nipple notch. Some manufacturers get around this with a clever bit of engineering like the oneplus 7 pro with its funky pop up action. It were misses, but zte is one of the first to serve up an all new and ingenious solution here on its axon 25g smartphone. Actually, hiding that selfie camera away underneath the display, so it doesn’t get in the way. But the question is: is the zte accent 25g, a one trick pony all gimmick and no grunt, and is it actually worth that 419 pound asking price on zte’s online store? Well, i’ve got my sim slapped in there for just over a week now and here’s my full in depth review and for the latest great sec. Please do pub subscribe and hitting that notifications bell cheers now. First up, while this phone is notable for that shy, selfie cam, it is just as distinctive for being absolutely flipping massive. This 6.92 inch smartphone is a proper palm stretcher, or at least it is if you’ve got tiny little hobbit hands like i do so. One handed use is basically a complete write off don’t even bother, and i also found it quite often when i sat down the zte accent. 25G would rapidly worm its way out of my pocket, mostly because it was only ever already halfway in there to begin with.

I mean just the tip really size aside, though i do quite like the rest of zte’s design that dark glass back is a total fingerprint magnet of course, but it makes up for it with a snazzy pattern and if you’re, not a goth or batman you’re, not Already a massive fan of the color black: well, no worries you can snaffle the zt axon 25g in a couple of brighter colors, including blue purple and orange there’s. No water resistance here, sadly, but the screen and the glass arse are both scratch resistant. So far, i’ve only spotted one teeny little scratch here on the back edge cat i mean: can you even see the bloody thing here? Christ hang on a second, oh it it’s just there all right. Just trust me and another complaint is that it’s, the older android 10 os slapped here on the axon 25g right now, with no clear plans to upgrade to android 11. Hopefully, it’ll be happening early 2021, but certainly i couldn’t find anything on the internet with any specific dates. You also have the me favor 10.5 launcher here on board, which thankfully doesn’t about with the stock android vibe too much. You got all those standard, android features, including a customizable always on display, if you want it as well, and some of the bonus bits, including some pretty comprehensive gesture controls, and it was rather refreshing not to see tons of crap wear pre installed on the zte axon 25G either you do have a couple of bits like a secondary browser, but the majority of these extras can be uninstalled quickly and easily and if you’ve got any sensitive bits here on the axon 20 that you don’t want pry and eyes to see where you’ve also Got the private space app, this can be used to encrypt any private documents and it’s, a handy sort of backup to the parental controls and speaking about the security side of things that in display fingerprint sensor works as expected, and there’s also face recognition on board.

If you’re not face masked all the time now, as you may recall me morning about earlier, the zt accent 25g is a bit of a behemoth, but at least one advantage at that size is the fact you’ve got this spacious 6.92 inch oled display, which certainly gives The oneplus node a run for its money. This display is powerfully bright and serves up some nice sharp contrast. Those blacks are proper black, with full support here for 10 bit hdr content color reproduction is realistic, but the zte accent 20 can also produce seriously punchy images when needed. So bright animation is a joy to soak up, and thankfully the full hd plus resolution keeps everything. Looking sharp still despite the gargantuan screen size and, of course, you’ve got the benefit of that full view. Experience as well, unfettered by notches or pinhole cam cutouts. You could definitely make out that camera segment at times, depending on the colours being displayed, but it’s only truly obvious. Once you tilt the phone away from your face and i’ve got to say that tech works impressively well, whether you’re watching movies playing games whatever and like most of the smartphones. These days, you’ve got the full benefit of a 90 hertz screen refresh rate here on the zt axon 25g. So when you’re playing around in supported, apps everything looks smoother than my bonds. My only real complaint with the screen is that the edges seem a little bit too sensitive.

So i often found that, depending on how i was clutching the thing sometimes bits of my palm or my fingers would accidentally straight onto the display and select things that i did not want to usually happen. When i was laying horizontal, which to be fair over the christmas holidays, was fairly often and it’s, probably just another symptom of the awkward way that i had to grip, this monster mobile and the audio is good too. I had zero problems when using bluetooth headphones with the usual ac support, plus the added bonus like dtsx ultra action if you’ve got supported cans, although boohoo there is no headphone jack suddenly here on the zt axon 25g, which did prove a bit annoying at times, although, Thankfully, at least zt is one of the increasingly rare breed that actually chucks a type c adapter in the box with its phone in case, you need it, and using the built in speaker for enjoying a bit of media without a headset is all right. As long as you’re, not in a really noisy environment, in which case that audio tends to get drowned out, pretty badly. No complaints on the performance, though, because zte has packed in the same snapdragon 765g chipset as the pixel 4 a5g and the oneplus nord, with a healthy six or eight gigs of memory to back it up so basically pretty much anything you throw at the zt axon 25G, it will handle with gusto and that’s, not to say you won’t ever see any apps freeze up or any slightly janky behavior.

I didn’t see that a couple of times here on the accent 25g, but in a week that’s, not too terrible and gaming is certainly no problem. Your pub g’s, your caller duties, all that good stuff runs on high detail settings with a consistent frame rate and the touchscreen controls are certainly responsive enough to give you a competitive edge. The axon 20 even has a built in liquid cooling system, so it only got moderately warm during lengthy sessions. There’S no dedicated gaming mode here for blocking notifications and so on, but zte has added in an automatic game boost feature which ensures that the phone’s resources are properly dedicated to your gaming experience. That 765g platform comes with a built in 5g modem, as well as you’ve got full 5g support, albeit just sub 6. Not millimeter, wave and also zt is crammed in a whopping 12 antennas into this bad boy as well. To ensure that he got a pretty strong signal whenever you’re, actually in range of a 5g network, unfortunately i’m still enjoying a delightful spot of tier 4 lockdown shenanigans right now, so i’ve been able to get into central london to actually test any of this out. But hey the 4g worked just fine, so moving on to the battery life and the zte accent, 25g rocks a 420 milliamp, which is surprisingly small. Considering the phone itself is the size of godzilla or at the very least, the son of godzilla. But that said only the one time did i run out of charge on the ztx and 25g before stumbling my way into bed, and that was after lots of skyping shooting about 20 minutes worth of video streaming media pretty much all day long.

So generally, it will. Last you until you all, tucked up with teddy no worries and you’ve, also got 30 watt quick charge support, so you can power up in pretty good time when needed, but there is no wireless charging support, so it is wires all the way now let’s finish up With that camera arrangement and on the shiny back end, you’ve got a 64 megapixel primary shooter for your everyday needs. If the light is a okay, you’ll enjoy realistic, color capture and just enough fine detail in your 16 megapixel shots with the usual four in one pixel bin in action, shoot against bright skies and you’ll generally get alright results too. It’S quite rare for pictures to suffer from oversaturation, even when you’re pretty much aiming into the sun. However indoors you will need a steady hand and an even steadier subject to avoid any kind of blur and even then you’ll often end up with darker, less appealing picks and at night the zte accent tries its best. But, unsurprisingly, struggles, my shots were often fuzzy or grainy without enough light assistance and while there’s a night mode which helps to brighten things up the the thought. The lethargic, that’s really bloody hard to say. The lethargic process in time is really gon na annoy. And, oh god, i just can’t speak today. Basically the process of time really sucks. Okay, moving on the axon 20 also serves up an eight megapixel ultra wide angle lens for an alternative viewpoint, although as a typical trade off those colors, aren’t, accurately captured when you swap and as for the rest of the quad lens setup, while zt has also slapped On a two megapixel depth sensor for your portrait, shots and the seemingly obligatory 2 megapixel macro lens, which, as usual, is frankly just a waste of glass.

The axon 20’s rear cam can shoot 4k video at 30 frames per second and does a reasonable job of it. Capturing enough fine detail when the lighting is good. However, when shooting horn movies, i did find that my voice behind the camera came through much clearer and louder than someone who was stood in front of the camera, which is quite jarring when you’re watching videos back and while that’s great. If you love the sound of your own voice and your own hilarious narration of whatever is happening in the scene, it’s not great, if you’re actually trying to shoot a video of, say your kids doing a little play or something like that, and sadly it probably comes As no real surprise that the zt accent 20’s hidden away, selfie camera isn’t as strong as other rivals at this price point, portrait shots were generally just a bit blurry and fuzzy, and when shooting indoors i looked so yellow, i could have been one of the bloody Simpsons, if you generally restrict yourself to bright outdoor snaps, then it’ll do an okay job, but any instagram fans out. There will definitely want to look elsewhere, because that image quality is a serious sacrifice, so that’s what i think of the zenti axon 25g after using it as my full time, smartphone for a week and personally i’m, not a fan of absolutely enormous blowers. So that immediately put me right off, i think i’d prefer something like the oneplus note with its smaller stature and if you are looking for a budget friendly smartphone that offers that full view experience without any sacrifice to the selfie camera quality, maybe check out the oppo Reno 2z, which actually sports one of those cute little pop up, selfie cams, so that’s what i think, but what do you think are you tempted still by the zt axon 25g there’s, certainly plenty to love in here and at 419 quid.

It offers reasonable value for money, so be great to your thoughts down in the comments below.