0 version 2. that’s. How it’s called terrible naming aside let’s just review this phone cost around 17 starting off with a design? As you can see here, it is very plasticky, but it has a nicely textured back it’s really compact and feels nice to hold in the hand so yeah. I do i do like this phone when it comes to the overall statics. It feels quite nice. The screen is pretty basic: it’s 4.5 inch, 480p and it’s, not actually terrible. The viewing angles are: okay, i guess it’s, not too bad it’s. Pretty sharp don’t want this thing. Performance wise. This thing has an mt6580 processor one gig of ram eight gigs of storage. Someone was actually shipped with android 7.0 nougat, but my model ships with android 8.1 oreo go edition is the go edition by the go versions of valve and there’s a stock build of android, which is a huge plus, which means it runs really smoothly. There’S i haven’t experienced any lag using this thing. Stock, android and android go definitely help. Help c has a very pixel like ui, which i’m a huge fan of the camera, is not too bad either it’s 5 megapixel and you can take some decent photos on it. As you can see, it’s, not that bad and i’ll show you the front camera whoa, oops, yeah, rear camera is not really too bad, never mind. I won’t show you the front facing camera because it’s just terrible.

I don’t. I don’t really want to show you because it’s so bad it’s, literally a joke. The battery is a 1700 million power and the bonus point it is removable. So let me remove the back, see it’s a removable battery, which is a huge plus. I wish more phones had that see here. Removable battery back in it looks like this kind of dual front facing stereo speakers, but it actually doesn’t. It has a rear facing speaker, but it’s, really not too bad that it’s decent. Maybe it does have stereo speakers i’m. Not sure – but i don’t know, but this thing also has google assistant, so i want to show something to you really funny: hey google help me wash my hands help me wash my hands wash wash wash your hands for 40 seconds. Please so we’ll chase the germs away, so you don’t cough and sneeze lather up your hands about a half a minute more get in between each finger. You can never be too sure clean, clean, clean your hands than if you’re getting bored. Remember friend, that in the end, good health is your reward: scrub scrub scrub, your hands you’re, almost there hooray soap and water lather up at least five times a day. Rinse rinse rinse your hands just five more seconds now we’re having fun we’re almost done now. Let’S get you a towel, so google helps uh everyone to uh stay safe from the coronavirus so thumbs up for that google.

So would i recommend this phone for 17? I think it’s a bargain. Again. It is probably the cheapest android phone on the market, while at least a modern one, but, as you can see here, has some cool design features, um and excellent software and some pretty and a pretty decent rear camera. So thank you for watching. I’Ll, see you next.