That really surprised me in my first impressions video. I said that i had no desire to buy these headphones and, if i didn’t have this youtube channel, i wouldn’t have so i’ll answer if i regret spending 600 bucks on a pair of headphones after a week of using them and if you should drop the cash. If you’re on the fence trying to decide if it’s worth spending the money, let’s start out with something that probably matters the most and what people haven’t really talked that much about comfort. When i first put these on, i was shocked by how little i felt the headband most headbands use a piece of plastic with some padding added to make the headband feel softer on your head with every pair of headphones i’ve used as soon as i put them On i feel that headband putting pressure on my head and then after a few minutes, i start to forget about that as i concentrate on my music, podcast or video editing and then, depending on the headphones somewhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours of using him. That pressure really starts to build up and gets strong enough that i could no longer ignore it and it becomes exponentially more annoying and almost painful as i keep wearing them. Well, the longest i’ve worn the airpods max is about three and a half hours so far, and i still barely feel the headband it’s incredible and now it makes sense why apple chose to use such an unconventional headband design.

Now not everything is perfect. Comfort, wise, where you really feel the earpods max are the ear cups. They definitely have more clamping pressure than most of the headphones that i own – and i think this is for two reasons. First is to provide a really good seal for the active noise cancellation, which we’ll talk about in just a bit and second, to hold all the extra weight which these things weigh about 50 more than its biggest competitors on your head. Without shifting down too much now with that extra weight, i was thinking that they would be weighing down on my head, but when you’re sitting you don’t really notice it, which is great. But if you want to walk around with your headphones, you definitely feel that weight, because they slightly bounce up and down as you step, probably because of the springy stretchy fabric headband, which is a bit annoying, and because of that, you definitely do not want to run With these things on now, the clamping pressure is harder to ignore than i expected sure. If i’m, really into my music, i can forget about it for a little bit, but it doesn’t really disappear. Like my audio technicas. Do because you always feel it there, but on the plus side, because the ear cups are comically large there’s, a ton of room for even my larger ears, so pressure is mainly on the head, not on the ears themselves. But surprisingly, after over three hours, i don’t feel any more pressure than i did at the start, where my m50 is due, at least on the ears themselves, and along with that, i was surprised that my ears don’t get hot at all, like they do with those Or the sonys now i haven’t used them for a full eight to ten hour day.

Just yet and honestly, i’ve actually never done that with any headphones because of comfort. But i will – and i will get back to you guys on that in my full detailed review that will also cover a ton of battery life tests, both with and without active noise cancellation and talking about battery drain, if you’re not using this smart case. If you want to see that go ahead and click that subscribe button down below and with that, you can help us try to reach 550k subs before the end of the year. Before i get into sound quality, let me quickly cover a few random things. First, off the quality of the microphones is shockingly good, and not only in the way that you would expect let’s start out by taking a listen to how it compares to the sony xm4s. This is the microphone quality of the sony xm4s in a fairly noisy room, and this is the microphone quality of the airpods max in a fairly noisy environment. This is the microphone quality of the sony xm4s in a really quiet room. This is the microphone quality of the airpods max in a really quiet room. Not only do the microphones sound very clear, they sound almost identical whether you’re in a loud room or in a quiet room. The airpods pros also sound good, but when there’s a lot of noise like if you’re driving in a car, it gets much tougher to hear you.

I wore these in my truck a few times and my wife had no issues hearing me but here’s. What surprised me? Even more, i was using them early this morning and my wife called me. I picked up and i was pretty much whispering to her since my kids were sleeping, but she heard me perfectly fine it’s in these tough cases where i typically switch over to my phone. Instead of using my earpod pros because it starts to get tough to hear, but the microphones that are in here, which is actually three mics, that pick up your voice, are amazing and i think that’s, because we have the extra mics with one dedicated microphone unit and Really good processing. Next, i love the controls that apple went with. Not only do they work really well, but they feel so nice to use apple is able to perfectly balance having enough pressure needed not to click them accidentally when you’re, putting them on or if you’re, adjusting them, but also not putting enough pressure down. When you press to shift the headphones down, if you’re switching modes or you know adjusting and skipping tracks and with that, they do not feel mushy at all or too springy, and even though we technically only have two buttons, you still have access to everything that you Need and if you want to add the off mode to the active noise cancellation toggle, you can do that in the settings and then lastly, the digital crown is just amazing to quickly and precisely adjust volume.

It is vastly superior to having a touch surface or having multiple buttons that you have to keep clicking to adjust your volume. Next let’s talk about bluetooth, apple, advertises, dual 10, core h1 chips, one in each ear cup and it’s interesting, because the airpod pros also have the same dual h1 chips, but they didn’t make it as big of a deal. Because of that, you would think that the bluetooth performance would be the same but it’s not at first. I thought it was just updated firmware, but testing both side by side there’s. Definitely some differences in the last week. The airpods max have never let me down switching between devices, especially when selecting them on my mac. They connect quicker and more reliably where at times the airpods pros won’t connect or i won’t hear anything, and then i would have to reconnect along with that. I had my iphone 12 mini charging in my kitchen and i went to take out the trash on the other side of the house and they did not cut out where’s. My airpod pros typically do so. Maybe the bluetooth just has more power going to it. For a stronger signal, but who knows guess we might as well talk about the case now and yeah it sucks? I do understand why apple went with this style of case, since it keeps the headphones super slim and you don’t have to adjust the headband to get it to fit into the case like you do with others, but it doesn’t completely protect the ear cups and the Magnets for the flap, sometimes it’s, just not that strong when i’m putting them in and closing it.

I understand that they want to make everything simple and they want these to match the other airpods, where you just put them in the case, to turn them off, and then you pull them out to turn them on, but they should have included some way to manually Shut these off. I still think that they could, with the firmware, update, possibly allowing you to press down this button for five seconds to manually shut them off. So hopefully they end up doing that and now let’s talk about the active noise cancellation and it is out of this world beating out the best bose and sony headphones with that. I also didn’t find the constant pressure of the anc working to cancel out noise to be an issue when i was listening to music or podcasts, but when i used them for about a half hour just to block out noise, the pressure definitely started to build up And kind of get to me – and this can definitely be an issue for some people now. The only thing that makes sense to me is if the noise cancellation strength gets turned down, as the volume of your content goes up either way. I wish apple gave us a way to adjust the strength of noise cancellation like a lot of the competitors do, even if it was buried somewhere deep in the bluetooth settings, because in those times say if you’re, on an airplane and you’re just trying to sleep, you Want to shut off your music and get rid of some of that noise.

You either get full crazy, active noise cancellation or just the ability to shut it off. Nothing really in between and now let’s talk about sound quality, and it is both good and bad it’s. Good because these things live up to their price tag, both in separation of instruments, clarity and much more importantly than i expected soundstage i’ll be expanding this much more in the full review. But at this point i kept wanting to listen to a bunch of old songs that i loved to see. If i noticed any sounds that i haven’t heard before, and that did happen now sure they might their price bracket, but with cheaper materials, not using aluminum and stainless and, of course, without any of the extra features like batteries and electronics, processors microphones. All of that stuff that’s needed for bluetooth, the amplification. All of that, but, to be honest, i don’t really want to hear those headphones, because i really appreciate having all the extra conveniences of these being bluetooth and all the software features on ios. Things like that. That is why i use my earpod pros way more than regular headphones, even if they sounded worse now. The bad part about sound quality is that they make all of my other headphones sound much worse than they did before, and because of that, i want to bring these things with me everywhere, like i do with the airpod pros. But of course, i can’t, because they are very large and heavy and much more of a pain to take with me.

The only other negative – and i want to give you guys this right now before my full review – is that i wish they did get louder with certain songs or sources most of the time they are great, but for quiet tracks. I want a bit more since, unfortunately, i love listening to loud music, which isn’t always good. I know it’s not good. Obviously my tinnitus proves that, but i just wish we can crank it up a bit more in those times that you need it overall after a week of use, i don’t regret spending 600 on these headphones as long as i keep using them instead of using my Airpod pros now, if i didn’t try them out, and i didn’t hear all the differences, i probably would be regretting it, but once you get to actually try these and you spend some time with them. You understand why they are priced at this point and i know for a lot of us that don’t buy expensive headphones. It just seems like crazy to spend that much and then for audio files. These seem like very cheap headphones for them, so of course, price wise. That is really subjective, depending on how much you’ve spent in the past and kind of what you’re looking for as far as sound quality. Now, for those of you guys that are on the fence trying to decide if you should spend the money on these, i think that, if you’re on the fence, that means that you are willing to spend that amount already, and in that case i do not think You’Ll be disappointed.

Uh, the sound quality is fantastic. The microphones are awesome, just the overall experience with these and how they blend into the ios ecosystem. That part of it is fantastic as well. So i would say, if you’re considering it, yes go ahead and pick these up now for me personally, i know that i’m going to use these for many years to come and the sound quality, the software and even the gaming experience which yes, i will cover in My full review is fantastic. Thank you guys for watching click that circle above.