I’Ve been ran this watch ever since uh i got it and it was hard to uh put down the amaze fit gtr, and this is a maze fit bit. You really impressed with the amaze fit line right now, and i think this gts 2 mini is extremely impressive for the price now it’s going to give you the same performance uh as these other amaze fits it’s. Just to me, this version right here is a little bit more stylish when it comes to like the colors and stuff like that. But overall the battery on this one uh is uh pretty decent, so i’ll start there uh, because i have faithfully used this for the last or ever since i got out of the box, i’ve been using it so um, i’ll i’ll start there with battery, because a Lot of you guys are going to ask about battery uh and i want to give you the battery life. So, ultimately, i think this thing can last me probably uh maybe depends on what i’m doing see. Sometimes i get a lot of notifications and sometimes i don’t so right now i’ve been charging it every three to five days. I would say um and you know it’s not going to be like that for everybody. Other people will get more usage out of this because you know you might not have all the emails i have syncing. I have like eight emails syncing. I think, and then i have a slew of um notifications coming in from social media and things like that.

So battery life definitely depends on the user even with a smart watch, because if you have a ton of notifications coming in like i do, the battery will drain more and then, however, however bright you keep the screen just a whole bunch of things go into play With this now sometimes i’ll turn it on do not disturb, because i don’t want to get a lot of notifications at night, but there’s smart do not disturb right. There enable smart mode and or you can do a schedule just like your phone, so you can have it come on at 10 pm and then you can have it go off at whatever time you want your phone to i’m gon na set this the same. As my phone, i normally don’t do that one right there. I normally just turn it on and off manually uh, but sometimes i forget and i’m like. Why am i getting out of notifications and that’s? Why uh? But overall, if you turn on, do not disturb – and you just have no notifications coming in you for sure – can get more than a week, probably two weeks with this thing, because i’ve forgotten to turn off new disturb uh like for four days or three days, and I thought man this battery is still at like 89 percent. You know so um. I think it stayed at like 92 for quite some time – and i was like – why am i not i said? Oh, do not disturb is on so um overall battery life, impressive, now um comfort and feel it’s fantastic.

I don’t i don’t see any difference between this watch from comfort, uh and uh in comparison to the maze fit bit. The only reason that you, the only reason this one might feel a little different because it’s a little bigger, a little heavier uh it’s, not it’s, not heavy heavy, like you know painfully heavy but it’s just a different design, and it is a little bit more weight On that one but uh the amaze fitbit: u and the gts2 mini pretty much have the same feel on your wrist lightweight. I mean they. You won’t have any problems, but you’ll forget it’s there uh and that’s the truth, so comfort and feel pretty nice, and you can also change these bands and i could switch these two bands between each other. You know you can switch all these bands or you can just buy your own band for what you want. Buy the band. You want go on amazon, buy you a leather band or go to amazement and see if they sell different bands. I don’t know for sure they do uh, but uh. The comfort and feel of the watch has not changed since day one. It is absolutely great. Now the functionality of the watch, a lot of people have asked. Does this have uh gps? This has assisted gps. Just like, i believe, all the mo the amaze fits have and i’m going to go ahead and um pause and pull up a separate window here.

So i can show you so if we go under the um amaze fit website, you’ll see the price there. You can also get this on amazon, um let’s see if i can get down to gps. I know this has assisted gps, but i wanted to see if it had it anywhere on their website, just checking here 14 day battery. Not for me, let me see here. I don’t see it listed anywhere, but i know that it has assistant gps, which is assisting you it’s connected to your phone uh for gps, because they don’t have anything separate about the gps. But it does use gps and it’s gon na more than likely be the assistant gps. A lot of you guys have asked that guys. You can go to the website just like i’m doing. You know some of you guys. I can’t cover everything in the video and, if you ask questions in the video sometimes i can get to them, but i suggest that you just click on the link and go search yourself. I really think that’s how you should you can find out what you need, but i’m pretty sure this has the um assistant gps, because if you load it up here well, i got my my this is my pixel 45g. My pixel 5 is what it’s linked to. Let me grab it real, quick, i think so, at the top, when it’s syncing you’ll see a gps, it goes through all the things that it’s doing when you’re.

First opening up the app uh ignore that uh. They know that one hour and 1.9 hours of sleep that’s totally inaccurate, well it’s accurate, because the watch died in the middle of the night because i only charge it when it needs to be charged, and i forgot to charge it the other night, so disregard that. I got i got plenty of sleep uh, but it’ll sync here, let’s, take it a second but it’ll, sync and you’ll see it update and say a slash gps, which is you know. Basically, the assistant gps is going to use your phone’s gps in order to uh, get the location and everything like that. So nonetheless, it that’s a huge question that people have asked, and you know i just feel like you guys. If you want to know something, you’ve got to do your research and you’ve got to go to the websites and the links will be down below and just check or check what amaze check with the company yourself that’s what you have to start doing. You got to you got to you know i can give you some support uh, but i don’t work for the company and i’m just getting the products just like you, so nonetheless, it works flawlessly. Now functionality steps the pie. All of that heart rate monitor all these things are extremely accurate and i’ve compared them, uh to other things, other watches and it’s good it’s, no problems with the functionality of the watch at all.

I love love, love being able to go in and just grab a different watch face right now, this one i’m using is the number one watch face. It’S the top watch face that people seem to be using right now and um. You can choose whatever you want, but i just chose that one. I wanted to check it out and see what it was about. Uh but there’s, just just a boatload of watch faces in here and you will be hard pressed not to find a watch face that you like even now, to something simple like this one that just has the weather. I think this is the most exciting part about owning. These watches is that they have so many watch face. I don’t have to search at all and i’m totally happy with the way with the watch faces that are in the store that are all free. You have to pay for anything, they have so many selections that you’ll be in here for quite some time and you will probably grab a bunch of them like i do, and i just get a bunch of them, and i love that one right there. The city run i like that one but you’ll be in here. I think it’s over 70 or 80 of these in here i don’t, know how many is in here, but there is a boat load in here, that’s, the top 50 or 40 or whatever but there’s a boat load in there, and you will in fact find uh A smart watch face that you like overall folks.

This is a great side kick to whatever phone you have it paired to it’s 99 the amaze fit bip. You is 49, i believe, and then the gtr is 179 or 199. If you can, whichever price you get it at, it was on sale at 179. Last time i looked, but i hope you guys enjoyed a quick follow up video on this watch again. Any questions that you might have you can ask them to me in the comments section, but i highly recommend that you head over to the website and just check it out for yourself. I recommend you do that, so i like the watch, um it’s. Definitely one of my favorites and i have no complaints about it, so um the amaze fit lineup has proven to me that it’s totally worth what they’re asking for, because they have something that at all ranges for you, so um, fantastic watches. You just can’t go wrong with either one of these man it’s, your man, jay, hope you guys enjoyed and i’ll see you in the uh see in the comments section and i’ll see you in the next video take care.