This has been the talk of the internet for a while. Now these are 550 dollar headphones, and everyone is wondering. Is it worth the price so today i’m going to be telling you guys everything you need to know about these headphones? How well they work their quirks and uh? Let you guys know whether or not i think you should pick them up. These are a pair of active noise, cancelling bluetooth headphones. That apple has made. The rumors have been swirling around forever and we finally have them here. No one expected them to be in the 500 price range i’m sure most people expect expensive headphones, that consumers would buy to be around the 300 price point. But apple went quite a bit above that, but they put quite a bit of technology in here as well. So let’s see if it’s worth it right, so we have a pair of solid bluetooth headphones made out of some really awesome materials, so we’ve got aluminum, ear cups, metal band with this soft material covering it at the top. With this mesh that you can find all over, you find mesh on the ear cups, as well as the headband, which is pretty interesting. I’Ve never seen a headband with just straight up mesh material as the actual uh base of it it’s an interesting choice by apple uh. But does it lead to a comfortable experience, i’d say so and it’s actually interesting, because these have a pretty decent clamping force and what i mean by that is that these will, you know, sit snugly on your ears, but thankfully they’re over ear headphones.

So they’re not going to put any pressure on the ears themselves and this material actually is pretty breathable, so you’re not going to get that ear, fatigue or listening fatigue when you’re wearing this for a long period of time. You know they’ve got cool features like active noise, cancelling and a transparency mode transparency mode lets. You hear things going on around you and we’ll talk more about that in a bit, but i’ve been able to just wear these with transparency mode on for extended periods of time, just throw it in transparency mode and i’m. Going about my day with these on my head, not even listening to music, whenever i want to listen to something it’s already on my head, i do think apple did a pretty good job, even though it has the clamping force that it does. So it has a nice snug fit. You can see that the ear cups are actually quite movable. So it’s not like one stiff position that locks onto your head. It kind of conforms to the shape of your head, no matter how you’re wearing it and it’s kind of nice that you can adjust these headphones, the size of them by just you know, bringing them out, bringing them down, bringing them in, and they do a really Good job as staying in place, so if i bring it up like this, no matter how much i move it it’s, not budging, so these have some really nice solid hinges, so once you find that perfect spot you don’t have to keep doing these.

Like micro adjustments, you it’ll just stay in place, which is nice now i’ve seen a lot of people complain about the weight of these saying that they’re pretty heavy. This is substantially heavier than a lot of headphones out there right now, but still, i feel, like apple, has done a pretty good job in terms of like the headband, the ear cups that it’s not much of a problem, you don’t really feel that weight unless you’re Trying to do something like i don’t know, jog or some kind of physical activity, which i would not recommend for these, since they are not like sweat or water resistant. These are made for a less active listening experience if you’re just like sitting down walking in the street, something like that, but you’re not going to want to jog with these or anything so material wise apple went the premium route with these headphones. Nothing feels cheap about them at all, but the design choices i don’t know guys. What do you think about the design jay? What do you think you think these look good? You think they’re fashionable not really and i’ll agree these aren’t the best looking headphones from just like a design perspective. Functional absolutely are they well made. Are the hinges well made for sure i’d give these a solid seven out of ten in terms of like the design j out of ten? What would you rate these six? Six? Okay, there you have it folks! It got a 6.

5 between the uac filming team. Right now, but when you switch to different ear cups like different colors, okay, so one thing about these headphones is that you can purchase uh different ear cups. So these ear cups are removable which is kind of cool. You know in case you need to swap them out or something maybe it gets damaged or really dirty. I don’t know, but if you need to replace it, these are removable they’re kept together by magnets, but it also leaves you the option to also switch it up. A bit if you want to pop off some ear cups from a different color, you can throw it on there mix and match. You know pick what works for you. Now. These ear cups go for about 70 bucks, so it’s pretty expensive. I i don’t know why you would spend 70 bucks on this. If you a combination like this alone, this combo right here guys it goes for over six hundred dollars. But i will say it is pretty interesting that that’s even an option. You don’t typically see that when it comes to headphones. Typically, if you mess up the ear cushions, you got ta go figure out what you can do with your warranty it’s at least nice. That apple has an option, but it is really really expensive. Now, while we’re on the subject of like little accessories like the ear cups, we got to talk about the case. So this is this travel case that it comes with you throw them in into like these little sleeves.

They use magnets to get closed and then, when they’re in here, they actually go into a low power mode, so they don’t consume a bunch of battery while you’re in this case and i’m, not the first to say it. But this is a pretty bad case. Zero out of ten, you know what jay i i agree with you. The case is a zero out of ten there’s, nothing nice about this case. Well, there’s, one nice thing about the case. I really do like the material that it’s made out of the material feels nice it’s nice to the touch but that’s about it. It doesn’t offer the kind of protection i would like, on a pair of headphones i’m used to headphones having a hard shell case, something like this, where the headphones sit inside of the case, they’re well protected. We don’t have the sony’s in here right now, uh, because you do have these metal pieces. I don’t know if over time these are gon na get scratches, but this material i feel like, will definitely get wear over time. I can see these not holding up if these are like your go to everyday headphones, you can also see that the ear cups are also kind of exposed. The ear cushions are exposed as well. The lightning port isn’t aligned that well it’s, not what you come to expect from apple this. This feels so incomplete uh people also make fun of the fact that this is like kind of how you walk around with it.

But the case does put into a low power mode whenever it’s inside of it, so that it’s not draining battery and that’s because, as you can see up here, there is no power button. Well, you probably, if you don’t, know the airpods pro max. You don’t know what these buttons are, but none of these are a power button, it’s, something that people are used to using. I get the convenience of just having a headphone that’s, always just ready to go, but i really feel like there’s no harm in having that option. I mean right here. We have your active noise canceling button, as well as your transparency mode button, so you can toggle between the two by just pressing this, even if they made this same button like a long press to shut off the headphones that’d be awesome, but we don’t have that Option here now, when it comes to my experience with not having a power button, it’s just been a little bit weird battery life for me has been, for the most part, pretty good. These are ready to have 20 hours of battery life, and some people have experienced longer listening times than that. I’Ve had a lot of problems when it comes to like just standby, so i’m, not somebody who’s going to rush and throw these inside of the case as soon as i’m done using it. I might have it like just chilling right there one day. One thing about these is that they will detect whether or not you are using them and a lot of times when that, when i’m, not using them, i kind of bump into them or something they’ll detect.

Some kind of motion and i’ll see it pop up on my phone as it just connected now, when that kind of thing happens, it’s using a little bit more juice, it’s connected to the phone and sometimes i’ll, come back to the headphone and notice that a huge Chunk of the battery life has gone down a bit and i wasn’t even really using them. I think you, if you don’t, put it in the case in about two hours, it’ll go into that low power mode, where it’s not using a lot of battery life, but even that is a little bit too long. I’M used to most headphones doing that. After a few minutes, i think 10 minutes or so would be more appropriate than two hours that’s a long time, but with the issues from my experience aside, when it comes to straight up listening, you will get a really long battery life now. This does have a lightning port so that you can charge it up. Uh one thing, that’s cool, is that with five minutes of charging you get an hour and a half of battery life. So if you want to take this on your commute to or from from work and they’re dead, a quick five minute charge will get you at least an hour and a half which is pretty solid for uh any kind of commute. But i do love the fact that these have the sensors in the back of the ear cups to detect when they’re on and off your head.

So once you take them off, it’ll pause, your music and when you put them on it can play them again. You also have access to controls of the music right here with the crown, so this is similar to what we’ve seen with the apple watch. So this little dial that you have over here. You have a very, very similar one right here, so you can control your volume and it gives you like these nice little clicks to. Let you know that you’re moving it. You can hear it inside of the ear cups you can play and pause by pressing. It double tap to go forward a song triple tap to go back, so we talked a lot about the physical aspect of these headphones, but how do they perform now? Let’S talk about active noise canceling, so apple has said that this has industry leading active noise. Cancelling and a lot of us know the sony wh 1000x mark fours have been the king of active noise cancelling when it comes to bluetooth headphones for a while now or even the previous models of those that headphone it’s been the champ. Now apple has made this claim and does it hold up? I got ta, say it’s a tough question to answer. I think it really does a good job now when it comes to listening to music, with active noise, cancelling or listening to anything with active noise. Cancelling on these and the mark, iv’s amazing job you’re not going to hear anything else, you’re going to hear what you’re listening to you can’t even compare them.

They both work perfectly now. The real difference is when you’re not listening to anything, and i don’t know how many people you know, use it to just block out ambient sounds around them uh. But if that’s, what you care about, i feel like. Sometimes this does a better job. Jay feels like sometimes the sony does a better job, so it’s kind of hard to say one is better than the other they’re, both so close to me that i feel like they’re sharing the crown at this point. They both do a really good job uh, but when it comes to just like the airpods max themselves, man, i am in a room at night. Whenever i put down austin for bed, we’ve got some white noise going in the background and a little bit of music to help him go to sleep. So when i throw these on, oh man, a world of difference, i just got to give it to apple for their first foray into the active noise canceling headphone realm, they came out swinging. This is a really really good job by them. Uh. Now that is possible. Thanks to the h1 chip that is inside both of these ear cups uh, it helps a lot of things happen like computational, audio adaptive, eq and adaptive eq. Basically, it is taking into account your head shape and, like all these different things, to make sure you get the optimal listening experience. But that begs the question: how do these sound right, they’re, legit, so vocals super super clean i’ve been throwing all kinds of stuff at it from really high pitched stuff, like ariana grande don’t judge me.

If you know she can get really high on that mariah carey kind of level doesn’t sound teeny at all, it just sounds super clean and crisp, but it also handles the low end, really well low end being like the base, and that kind of thing i i’m, A big base guy, i love thumping bass. I love to hear it. These do a really good job of producing a nice solid base that you can feel apple’s made some material choices that allow the distortion levels to be under one percent. No matter what volume you have these at so even at a hundred percent, where you hear the sound starts to get really weird and muffled, and it just doesn’t sound too good, even at 100. These sound phenomenal, and these have a really good sound stage, and what soundstage is is basically it allows you to feel like the instruments are in different spots. It allows you to feel some separation between the instruments – it’s, not all just one big sound coming at you. You can hear like a trumpet going over here, drums somewhere else and it’s kind of crazy to think about, because in some of those sessions at night, with austin, while i’m putting him down for bed white noise going, i got the active noise cancelling on i’m. Listening to music and i’m hearing certain things in songs, it’s, like oh snap, i didn’t hear that before beats by dre used to talk about that stuff.

All the time like you start hearing things you never heard before and i’m, not surprised that the audio quality sounds great here to me. Airpods pro sounded great home. Pods sounded great home. Pod mini sounds great apple, really knows what they’re doing when it comes to audio quality, they’ve proven it time and time again that they can produce some really awesome sound and on a bigger pair of headphones like these uh, it is not surprising that these sound great As well now, the last thing i want to talk about is just like the software experience, so a lot of the same things that we get from something like the airpods pro you’ll get with this as well so i’m. Talking about spatial audio that’s like a special feature where you’re watching something whatever’s in front of you, you can move your head around and this thing has accelerometers and gyroscopes to kind of allow you to move your head and the audio stays in front of you. I’M. Not gon na lie to you guys, it’s, fun, it’s, really cool and it’s fun. To have people try it out too, and because these have the h1 chips built inside of them, they have the ability to use automatic, switching with your different apple devices. So when you have the h1 chip, basically all of your devices have the ability to pair really quickly with the headphones, as well as like your airpods, that kind of stuff, but with automatic switching.

You can go from using these with like your imac and then, when someone gives you a call, you can go ahead and easily switch right over to that call without having to press any special buttons. It all just transfers pretty quickly, which is really nice and then once you’re done with your call, you can go back to whatever you’re doing on your imac. The music or audio will play directly from there and that’s one of those benefits that you get from being in the apple ecosystem. I guess now i did experience certain things that weren’t so great, like sometimes they just kind of disconnect and then take a couple of seconds to reconnect, really weird or sometimes one ear cup would just go blank and then the whole thing reconnects again, i’m sure there Are a few bugs that maybe need to be worked out? It’S done it a few times on me, which makes it worth talking about in this video, but i will say you guys. Overall, my experience with the airpods max has been pretty amazing. Now do i think people should pick these up it’s a bit of a tough question to answer if it’s within your budget and you’re in the apple ecosystem and you’re fine paying 500 550, i think you’re gon na get your money’s worth i’ve. Had people try these on arie has tried them on i’ve, had her sister try them on and every single time. People have been blown away by the audio quality, and these are listen.

It doesn’t get more average than arie and her sister when it comes to like listening to music from headphones. They don’t they don’t care, but they immediately could tell how good these sounded in their ears, but that about wraps it up for this video guys. Hopefully you enjoyed it. Hopefully you got a good understanding of where i think the airpods pro they’re, not the airpods pro max. I think a lot of people have that issue with the qc airpods pro max. I think a lot of people will enjoy the airpods max. They sound phenomenal, they do exactly what they’re supposed to and they do it well, it all comes down to your budget, but that about wraps it up for this video guys. Hopefully you enjoyed it. If you picked up the new airpods pr airpods max, let me know which color you got with a comment down below. This is one of the cleanest options out there right now, but i don’t think the blue looks that bad either. I think the blue looks pretty solid jay, which one black one, of course, but till the next video guys. Hopefully you enjoyed it.