This is my first time gotten boston, smartphone coming from this brand, which is the doji and also first time karen mcgotten box. Now is some rugged smartphones acting channel, but before anything else, s40 pro, once you decided to purchase this aliexpress we’re in dunya, an official store, nang doji and, as you can see guys the thing felon sarita’s boston, acting dodgy s40 pro very minimalist design. You guys parameca manila paper game, texture, yeah, but overall, okay, i actually like in simplicity, nang retail box parasating dodgy s40 pro and, as you can see, guys young variant or um g, which is the four gigabyte of ram and 64 gigabyte of internal storage and in Color in the metanoco for this one is, i think, the color black or what they call is the mineral black, so nothing but the import guys and check nothing guys go on about metal. Oh no. I think dodgy s40 pro by the way, guys an. I think. Two weeks ago, i just had to review it right away and also try the phone, but at least my big enjoy somehow input negotiation, which is. This is actually the unit of the dodgy s40 pro set aside mana. Nothing, though guys so inside the box and as you can see as well, protected your atting phone phone detail, but i protected you s40 pro in the unit. So inside the box we have a small box here at maikita, ejector and inside the small box.

We have the paperworks, which is the warranty card and also the user guide manual, so subpoena of the opting box guys we have the usb type a to usb or micro, usb cable, and we also have the wall charger and here’s the dodgy s40 pro in mineral Black and as you can see guys the design pallang acting smartphone, my papa singapore got my armor restroom designs at the s40 pro which is kind of expected, because again, this is actually a rugged smartphone, so major make a begotten shot and somehow compares them on a Normal smartphone nike italian market today, and also guys – and i think, dodgy s40 pro so it’s the right partner acting phone. We have the volume rocker power button and, as you can see, guys my mask glue giant but at least protect the telegraph, any water or any dust no painting for muscle. So i think, smartphones and select portamen guys my kitanio dito merundintaima screws aside now acting dodgy s40 pro, and you will actually see here – the micro sd and also the sim card slot, and also we have the one function button here. The upper part of my arting phone we have, i think this one is the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack it’s a lower part. Now i think phone and i think my guitar d2 guys. You know i think, microphone and silicone acting smartphone. You will see here the camera module, the fingerprint scanner you’re, adding led flash and also we have another microphone – silicone i’m, adding dodgy s40 pro and for the stream guys, as you can see, very nostalgic and very old school in design parasaurting display.

Now i think s40 pro, as we have a 5.45 inches full hd plus ips lcd display with eighteen by nine aspect, ratio parasating s44, which for me, okay, no manama, colors, not a preproducer, acting display in an s40 pro but personally indicate in display design immersive. Your experience, while watching movies and also youtube parasating doji s40 pro and our s40 pro, is powered by a mediatek 825 and run in stock android 10, with a 4 gigabyte of ram and 64 gigabyte of internal storage and for the cameraman guys. As you can see, we have a dual camera design: paracetamol gs40, pro with a 13 megapixel sony sensor with f 2.8 aperture camera and a 2 megapixel for that sensor, sell them and guys, as you can see, we have a single camera or single selfie camera set Up for this acting dodgy s40 pro with a five megapixel camera for a smartphone and i’ll, show you some sample shot using the dodgy s40 pro and decide whether or not about camera performance, but as a i think, smartphone, Music and finally guys it. Only then why you will consider buying the dodgy s40 pro, since this is a rocket smartphone and we all know the mana main market talaga with this kind of phone like in my helix other adventure like hiking, mountain, climbing or cool playing as a military service. Then this phone can definitely suit your lifestyle, since our doji s40 pro is really made for those top situations likes amount, whether in a machado, mainnet or malamig, since doji is claiming that this phone can actually stand, it’s a cold weather up to negative 55 degrees celsius.

Whilst a hot conditioner guys, this phone can actually survive up to 70 degrees celsius, but i think dodgy s40 pro and also certified that in an ip68 water industry sits on an acting smartphone, which means the phone can actually survive. 30 minutes up to 1.5 meter water depth and drop resistance that an up to 1.5 meter. Overall, the phone is really intended for outdoor use and also tough situations. Adventure – and you still want to connect to the cyber world and check your social media account and also make post certain amount of pictures. In my opinion, while enjoying the nature, then the doji s40 pro is the right one for you and for those who are interested to purchase this item and also check your ipad smartphone at binabentanondoji, you can visit the official store, nang doji ali, express, which i’ll be Putting the links in description and comment box below so that’s it for my unboxing and product showcase review parasol, i think doji s40 pro. So what do you think of this phone guys? So please leave a comment down below and let me know your thoughts about the dodgy s40 pro at night sonia and aki unboxing review parasite smartphone. Please don’t forget to like this video guys share it to your social media account and don’t forget to follow me on my ig, twitter and facebook page account at congo by ban guys since soon and giveaways acting channel. Please don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and tap the bell icon button notification once uploaded that i think giveaway video.

So once again, this is wax from wax attack.