It is december 24. It is 12 14 p.m. According to my watch, and that means merry christmas advance merry christmas, let me be one of the very first to greet every single one of you. Merry christmas to everyone that has been watching this vlog to everyone, who’s been commenting. This vlog who’s been supporting this vlog. I am thankful for every single one of you, maraming salamat. I love you guys merry christmas. Okay, now for today’s episode, i’m going to bring you guys, along with me, i’ll, be heading on over to green hills. I’Ll be picking up an item which i consider to be my christmas gift for myself. We’Ll head on over to greenhouse we’ll, buy the item. We’Ll unbox it and then i’ll probably share my first impressions, but the review will come in a separate, vlog. Okay, so i’m excited k. Don’T keep on watching ta da put the time. Let’S go Music. Now, whenever i go out of the house to do vlogs, i don’t really like bringing my giant camera. So i got this new setup. It’S called the olansi smartphone vlog kit it’s three thousand three hundred fifty pesos per complete on the show. So it has that grip. Uh high clio that’s, my cat uh, it has like a microphone and it even has like light, so it comes in this packet over here has a carrying case. So if you like grip that functions as a mini tripod, you have the microphone.

You even have like lights again. This is a nice setup, considering it’s just 3200 pesos, so we’ll be uh switching over to a mobile setup camera, so let’s go Music. So before we head on out to green hills, i’m with the wifey paparella amin penguins, one of our favorite restaurants in green hills, so usually i’m in oregon, potato skin, potato skin, potato skins, skillet, Music bum. This is my christmas gift to myself. This is the airpods max, so this is like the newest headphones of apple. So thank you to dg gadgets on instagram for hooking me up with this one at a great price. So apparently it comes in different colors and this one matches the color of the iphone that i have, and this is also matching, i think, the color of the iphone mini that i got that i’ll be unboxing very soon. So if you want like a pink version or like a black version problem like it’s super expensive, i think the srp is around 32 and the current resale price is around four piece: it’s a bit pricey but yeah. If you’re interested to see what apple’s take is on headphones, this is it so we’ll go back home and box, it check it out and i’ll. Let you guys know what i think about the airpods so we’re back home, but before we get to the unboxing merrill time segment, so somebody asked on ig on how to start strong in 2021, 2020 was kind of difficult.

So what tips would you give? Somebody was looking for a strong start in 2021. Actually, i know one tip whether it’s a pandemic or ordinary day or hit up alongside or anything about life mindset, lang, we’re it’s a year. Now we should all be thankful. Now we still have our health and um or, if, if now just wake up thankful now god would give you another day. I think that if you wake up thinking about the things that you’re thankful for everything else, overflows versus you, Music, uh you’ll, be empowered to you know to move forward and to make the most out of your day. So la luna 21 is already a blessing in itself. Just look around. You see your family young opportunities that are still there and and just be thankful um. We never know no man how many days we still have on this earth. So just be thankful. You have another one yo and so, in short, a grateful heart is a strong heart. So ah hashtag hashtag grateful heartstroke, so that’s it guys we’ll go up. We’Ll unbox, the airpods max and again uh advanced merry christmas to everyone. We have the airpods maps over here. Again, shout out to dg gadgets for the hookup i will link down below to their instagram account. They’Re the same guys. I got my iphone 12 pro from and i even bought an i a macbook m1 pro from them. I’Ll unbox that macbook very soon.

So, as you guys can see, this is in the blue, color and, as with most apple products, very easy to remove the plastic. You just peel a certain part and everything comes apart, but i love the fact that they think about the unboxing experience and that’s, something that they actually really appreciate. So here you have it. If we pop the box, open traps are not excited now airpods max. Oh this, is it guys this is the new apple airpods maps, the most expensive headphones i have bought in a long while because, usually, if you think headphones, you’ll, think of headphones, that sell for, like i don’t, know, uh, maybe five thousand four thousand. Sometimes you think thin or 12, but this the srp is 32 000 and the current price right now, if you try to buy uh from the gray market, is anywhere from 40 to 45 000. let’s remove the plastic, so we can get a better view. So the case itself is color blue that matches the color of the actual earphones and if you remove it, this is what the airpods maps look like. So you are paying for apple design. You are paying for uh. Well, the technology that’s. In this thing and to be honest, i haven’t researched much about it, so i will be doing like a more complete review in the coming days ahead, but yeah. I am well it’s heavy. It definitely feels premium. It definitely feels the price but let’s try to listen how it sounds far as initial impressions go.

It sounds good, it sounds nice, but am i seeing like a big difference to, for example, uh the expensive headphones of sony, the ones with active noise cancelling that sell for around 20 000 pesos? I think i still need to put in a few more hours of listening and do like a head to head comparison, but that will come in a separate vlog. So yeah i’m just happy to have it here. Then all of you guys, indigo apple, is known to really do stuff. I mean amazingly well when it comes to user design, so i still cannot comprehend why this particular case why this particular i mean you’re supposed to hold it like a purse, so you’re not going to complain. For now i mean i love the the color. I love the quality of the build. The sound is very promising, but what indigo delegates? This is the part where they have me stumped i mean they. I know for a fact that they come up with so with products that are so elegantly made. You have the macbooks, you have the iphone. You have the airpods, you have their their speakers, you i mean everything that they do. Almost everything that’s that’s designed made makes sense this one just Music um but yeah that i’ll try it out a few. More probably, a few more days put in a few more listens and i’ll get back to you guys. The more concrete review anyway that’s absolute for my very quick vlog for today, it’s just me, buying the airpods max and then testing it out, unboxing it for you all.

I hope you’re all having a great day, and i pray that you all have an amazing, blessed meaningful christmas, guys merry christmas happy new year, happy valentine’s, see you soon.