We are going to be talking about the samsung galaxy note, 20, possibly the worst phone of 2020 and of course, when this phone first came out, i warn you guys. Some of you took my advice. Some of you guys did not and now it’s too late and i’m getting messages with some complaints telling me that the samsung lc note 20 was not satisfactory, there’s a lot of buyers remorse. Now, by the way, please pay attention to my words: we’re, not talking about the samsung galaxy. Note. 20. Ultra, we are talking about the samsung galaxy note 20.. It is certainly a phone. I want to talk about as we’re closing 2020 and starting 2021 and in the future. I hope that samsung does not make this mistake again again. We’Re talking about the samsung galaxy. Note 20.. If you have the note 20 ultra, if you purchased the note 20 ultra you’re fine, in fact, i think the note 20 ultra is the best smartphone of 2020.. This one right here, the samsung lc note 20 ultra is a beast. It’S, a monster it’s worth the price tag, even though the price tag is steep. Now the samsung lc note 20. This guy right here is a thousand dollars. It is still a very high and steep price tag and it’s not worth uh any of that so let’s dive in and quickly talk about this, because even now there are some people that are shopping. For the note 20 series, i want to make sure that you do not buy the note 20 if you do want to buy it, get the note 20, ultra or i’m going to give you some other options that you can buy if you’re about to dump a Thousand dollars on a worthless product, so real, quick guys.

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They don’t even know. There’S 120 out there they don’t care. However, when you spend a thousand dollars 120 should be standard. Also samsung has another phone, which is a samsung galaxy s20 fe. That is only 600 dollars. Sometimes you can get this even for uh 500 and that one has 120 hertz refresh rate and that’s 600, so it doesn’t make any sense why the note 20 would have 60 hertz and a 1080p display when the note 20 ultra has a quad hd plus resolution 120 hertz and all that good stuff for a couple hundred more dollars, so that’s reason number one horrible display at the price. Let me clarify that, though, if the note 10 was a 600 phone, i wouldn’t be complaining about this at all. The only reason this becomes a problem is because of that high one thousand dollar price tag that i’m still seeing on samsung.com. They have not given this thing, a price reduction and i don’t want you guys to go out and buy this by mistake because you are getting a bad product for the money spent like i said, we have an s20 fe over here, 120 hertz, 1080p flagship processor, 600. same build quality as the note 20. again that’s. Another problem, the note 20 ultra has a high end, build quality. This phone uh has the latest gorilla glass on the front and the back under this case, so it’s a durable phone and it’s premium and, of course, that’s what you would expect when you spend all that money going over to the note 20 over here.

First and foremost, the glass in the front is not even gorilla, glass, 7 or gorilla glass victus, as they call it. It is going to be an inferior, build quality on the front and the rear is plastic. This is not glass. This is just plastic, which again is ridiculous for the price tag, not that i hate plastic phones, but i hate plastic phones that cost a thousand dollars. Those are my biggest concerns with the note 20. Additionally, on top of that, it also happens to lack the micro sd expansion option that you still find on the note 20 ultra. So again, like i said i did get a bunch of messages from people uh telling me that i bought the note 20. I watch your videos and they were not satisfied because it doesn’t have 120 hertz refresh rate but that’s. Why? I made the videos in the very beginning when the phone got released and told you not to buy the note 20 instead to put extra money in and get get the note, 20 ultra and, of course, now it’s too late. Even if you try to sell this on ebay, it’s not going to get you the good price tag, uh, the best advice i can tell you is hold on to the note 20 and when the next phone comes out, that you want from samsung simply do a Trade in samsung does historically give very good values on trade in towards their own smartphones, so hopefully you’ll be able to get 600 to 700.

If you trade this in when the s21 comes out, or maybe when the note 21 comes out, but yeah that’s. What i want to talk about in this video in response to this bunch of messages that i got from a bunch of people, so again, a quick summary if you have the note 20 ultra. In my opinion, this is the best smartphone of 2020. You should be highly satisfied, full of features and, of course, it’s got all the flagship. Uh check marks checked. Okay. This is a great phone now, if you’re in the market, for a budget, smartphone you’re trying to spend less money. But you still want like a like a flagship level. Phone don’t buy the note 10 okay, because you can spend way more less money and get the s20 fe for larger savings, and this phone and this phone right here are basically equal, except for that s pen functionality. Now, what price is fair for the note 20 in the future, let’s say in the future: you’re looking around you’re shopping around, and you saw the note 20 and the price says 500, maybe five months from now, maybe six months from now that’s, when you wan na, Buy it, it is okay to buy the samsung galaxy note 20 at 500, but never do so for a thousand dollars, and that brings us to the end of the video. If you guys have any questions comments or concerns complaints drop them down below.

Let me know for now guys have a fantastic day.