This is called ipo uplift, and this basically is a multi angle. Arm for smartphones, here is my ipo uplift and my smartphone. I am just placing it here and connecting it to ipvo idle cam and now look at this. My smartphone turned into a wireless document. Camera super cool right, yes, um. I think we need to start unboxing first and then i will show you guys how you can do that it comes in this package. This is heavy guys. Yes, i feel it it’s about 1.5 kilograms. I think let’s open it, and this is it hypo uplift in one piece: no assembly required it has a metal base super sturdy. This is the heavy part, and i, like the material, this phone holder, rotates 360 degrees, it’s an important point, and it opens up to about 10 centimeters the body three joint body lets you choose any angle you want. It is good and let’s see how it looks with a smartphone. This is how it looks like great let’s use it with the idle cam app and ip4 visualizer by the way, ipvi is not a free application, but uplift comes with a six month, idlecam subscription. So if you buy an uplift, you can use this software free for six months. Okay, let’s test it. Now i am policing it just like that and here’s my mobile phone. I am opening the software right now. This is the app and here it is on.

Google play store, you can download it from here or from any other stores you use um. I already did the first step to use free six month subscription. You need to scan the qr code you receive with the product here and now: i’m going to open microsoft, store and launch ipo visualizer on my laptop. You can also download the software from my pivot’s website or some other stores you use now. Let me place my mobile phone here first and then launch ipo, visualizer and here’s the software it automatically starts. My webcam let’s connect my smartphone here to do that. You need to close this black welcoming screen on your phone and wait a few seconds and then go to ipo visualizer on your laptop go to the camera option. Here you will see idle cam as a secondary camera here and yes choose that one. It takes about 10 seconds to connect to my smartphone and yes, it is connected first thing. First, if you don’t, like the resolution, you’ll see start with changing it and i’m going to choose the maximum one here. Yes, this is much better. Let’S start writing. Now you may realize that there is one second delay because of the wireless connection, and it is normal if you have a faster internet. Mine is quite fast, but not the fastest. The delay will probably be shorter, but it is cool right. I love the technology. I always happen to see wireless stuff and they are super exciting and yes, this is how it looks, like everything, looks pretty clear, really good.

You can also use different features that ipo, visualizer and idol cam offers. They are quite useful. Teaching online, like this zooming and freezing option, you see it freezes the screen on my computer let’s do some changes on idle cam and i will play with the white balance and, yes, it changes it everywhere. The settings you change on your phone, make the changes everywhere. My view visualizer has really cool options. If you also have a webcam, you can turn it on as a second video here by using picture in picture mode, and there are also other cool features here now: i’m going to place a super old math book here, a man of mathematics from 1937 and let’s See how it looks on idolcam, yes, it looks really good. Okay, this is ipo uplift, guys, it’s a great campaign for ipv idol came up and ipva visualizer. You can definitely teach online with your smartphone. By using this, you know, while document cameras are expensive and if you need one, you can just turn your smartphone into a wireless camera by using this multi angle, smartphone arm, by the way guys i people uplift, is always on my desk and i’m, not just using To teach online, i use it to watch something or record videos. I recommend this product because in terms of building quality, this is super heavy and it looks durable. It looks super sturdy, so i can tell you that this is the best smartphone arm.

I have ever used that’s. Why? If you need one to teach online to record videos, you can even use it for unboxing videos. I definitely recommend guys. I people uplift and the best part is this phone holder guys can rotate 360 degrees. It is important it has so many pros. The price is 60 dollars, it’s higher than expected, but the quality is really good and also six months of free idol. Chem is a great plus. This is ipva uplift. Let me know if you have any questions about the product. You can also ask me anything about online teaching. I will try to answer your questions as early as possible.