If you haven’t seen it, i highly recommend you do. Links will be in the description now. I know a lot of you are still confused. Is it worth spending that extra for a qled tv? Well, let me share my experiences so that you can decide if you should buy this or not, but before we begin subscribe to my channel and press the bell icon, so you never miss an update. Also follow me on my social media handles for more tech info. This is your friend texing let’s get started Music so before we jump into the review here’s a quick glance at the specifications, mediatek 64 bit quad core cpu mali, g50 mp2 gpu 4k delete va panel with a resolution of 3840 by 2160 pixels 2gb ram and 32gb Internal storage, dolby vision and hdr 10 support memc chip, dual band wi, fi, 30 watt, sound output with dolby audio support, the patch wall experience and android tv 10 os, so design, wise, it’s, pretty good metal frame with metal stands designed by xiaomi is etched on the Side of the tv, extremely thin, bezels, simple, clean and classy, now the most often used ports like hdmi, usb and headphone jack are on the side and i’m also glad that the usb ports are separate and not the dual usb port it’s really convenient trust me it’s. A pain trying to connect two usb cables or drives together on a dual usb port rest. The av composite antenna, optical and ethernet, are behind, but you can still access them from the side, even if the tv is wall mounted.

Also. Finally, the optical audio makes a debut on the me tv, replacing the coroxal speediff now i’m sure this is a small change, but a big one for me and everyone who didn’t have the coaxial speed of input on the connectivity front. The mi qled tv is pretty sorted: three hdmi ports, two separate usb ports, ethernet optical and even a 3.5 headphone jack, which all the previous 55 inch btvs lacked. It also has bluetooth 5.0, so you can connect your favorite pair of bluetooth wireless headphones super easily. It has dual band 2×2 memo. Wi fi mimo stands for multiple input, multiple output, without getting into the details better response time with your wi fi router, and i did notice. An improvement in performance definitely seem to have a better response time coming to the display. So this is a 4k v8 delete panel with a resolution of 3840 by 2160 pixels. So this is xiaomi’s first qlik tv in india. For those who don’t know what’s, a q led tv it’s, essentially an led tv, but with the quantum dot filter between the led backlight and the lcd layer, which helps produce better colors and brightness than regular, led tvs. Now xiaomi got a lot of things right with it. The colors are definitely more punchier than ever before, but not to the extent of being over saturated Music. If you prefer little more subtle colors, you can change it to the movie mode or to the sports mode.

In the picture settings Music, frankly, for me, the standard settings work, just fine blacks are deep, almost pitch dark. What really impressed me about the panel is the uniformity of the backlight absolutely clean on the pure black screen, with no light bleed at all. Since this is a va panel, there is a slight shift in color when you sit at an angle of 30 to 35 degrees. Now this usually can be seen with all va panels and probably something you won’t, even notice, unless you’re actually looking for it. Can you videos run smoothly thanks to the memc chip? Now memc is a mixed bag? Sometimes it works flawlessly, sometimes it’s invisible. The idea of memc is to reduce motion blur to make videos look buttery smooth by adding frames in between videos below 60 fps. Ideally, this is to be switched on for sports content and, yes, it looks absolutely fabulous when watching movies. I suggest you keep the motion smoothing to clear, it’s smooth, but not over smooth it. Overall, my viewing experience on the mecula tv was really satisfying. I streamed most of the popular ott apps netflix prime videos, disney hotstar sony live and they all work without any problem. The tv supports dolby vision and hdr10. I tested them on hot star and prime videos both played well. However, the content available is not as much but growing, especially dolby, vision on netflix and hotstar Music also tested set top box channels, and they look really really nice.

The detail, the crispness, the clarity, is very good. However, i would recommend you have an hd setup box for the best viewing experience. Music hd channels are also pretty viewable. The upscaling of low resolution channels was also, above average, all right. Let’S talk about the sound, so it comes with 30 watt, six speaker setup, four. Full range speakers and two tweeters it’s, probably one of the most underrated feature of the makula tv, one of the best sounding tv speakers, i’ve heard in a very long time and trust me i’ve heard many. So there is a difference between loud thumping, sound and good audio fidelity. The mikula tv comes in the latter category. The audio sounds clear, crisp and rich. The bass is also very well tuned and you can feel the music. It sounds much better than most tvs that have built in sound bars. Trust me for most users the sound would be more than sufficient to enjoy a good viewing experience. Here’S a quick demo. Music do Music wow. That was amazing. Now i know many of you want to know: is it better than an external sound bar with a dedicated subwoofer? Probably not that might be better because of the external bass. Even though most budget sound bars lack good audio, fidelity it’s just the way we look at it, better bass means better sound, which is actually not true at all. Balanced good audio with good quality drivers will always make for a more pleasant, sound experience.

The only thing this tv lacks is the dolby atmos support. If that was there, it would be almost perfect. Now xiaomi was spot on when they said they’re future proofing, the tv we have 32 gb internal storage. So clearly, you aren’t going to fall short of space anytime soon out of 32 gb, you get 27 gb usable, which is more than enough compared to the 4.5 gb. We would get with 8gb internal storage tvs. Now all hdmi ports are hdmi 2.1. Now that’s a little debatable yes, it’s faster transfer speeds compared to hdmi 2.0, but the mi kuler tv has a 4k resolution panel that supports 60hz refresh rate, so hdmi 2.1 doesn’t really help even hdmi 2.0 is capable of playing 4k videos at 60fps. So this upgrade is good but kind of useless. It has 60 millisecond input lag for a 4k video at 60hz and also audio low latency mode, which gets enabled when you plug in a gaming console. I tested it briefly and it was really good. I would like to do a full gaming review later but easily. I can say that this device is really good for casual gaming. Then the mikula tv is running the latest android tv 10 os not the first but surely one of the early ones to adapt and who doesn’t want the latest os also an interface that no other tv apart from xiaomi, has the patchwall interface amazing gorgeous. Looking content to watch from many otd platforms, it’s an experience like no other tv ever Music.

The me quick quake also makes a comeback from the horizon edition press the power button to turn off press it again and the device will wake up in under 5 seconds. Very convenient miracast comes pre installed, so you can mirror your android phone without having a dedicated, wi. Fi connection. Simply turn on miracast on your tv look for the cast option or screen sharing on your android phone you’ll see the name of your tv click and your phone is mirrored in a couple of seconds Music. It works really smooth, almost lag free Music. Even if you mirror videos from your phone, they play quite well i’m sure many are going to use this feature Music. We also got the mute feature on the remote double press, the volume down button, and it will mute the tv. However, i have still preferred a dedicated button anyway, it’s much better than not having one. So finally, should you buy the me lit tv? Well, it’s, not perfect, and i’ve said this before no tv is but xiaomi got most of the things right. A gorgeous display impressive, build quality, ample of storage, excellent, sound and all the apps. You need it’s a complete package. If you are thinking you can get, a regular 55 inch led tv for 40 000, and this is for 50 000. Is it worth the difference? I have two words for you. Absolutely yes, it’s gon na make everyone happy trust. Me i’ll, leave the links below in the description.

If you like to buy one, you should definitely check it out, so i hope this video was helpful.