I started by journaling and writing down the details of my every night sleep. Then i moved to using a variety of different sleep apps, so i actually had to sleep with my smartphone under the pillow. Then i started using my smart watch, but none of the tools were either comfortable nor accurate and then i came across the aura. Ring sleep, tracker, hey what’s, up wrecker, the founder of your inception. Welcome to my channel subscribe below to start your journey to limitless performance. Today we gon na talk about the aura ring sleep tracker. Now this is one of the most popular and apparently one of the most accurate sleep trackers on the market and i’ve been using it for a couple of months, almost half a year and have a lot of things to say about this. Sleep tracker some great and some well, not that great or a ring is obviously a ring that you can put on any of the fingers. You want to. Obviously it has to fits on it and it can measure a few different key elements and signals from your body to understand three crucial things: your sleep quality, your activity and your readiness level and we’ll talk about all three sections more in detail in the second part Of the video now, in my opinion, this ring looks amazing. It comes in four different colors at this moment and it costs somewhere between 300 to 400 dollars, it’s water resistant made of titanium.

It comes with a charging device and a free sizing kit, so it’s basically impossible to order the wrong size. This is basically a bluetooth device that stores all the data from your whole day and night, and then once you get close to your smartphone, you can connect it and then all the data will be transferred to your smartphone device where you’ll be able to see it. Compare it and also then take certain actions to improve it. One of the good things about this app is that it’s free you get it for free with the advice so there’s, no additional cost of using it now. Let’S, look at the three main features that we talked about. Sleep quality is the first one. Obviously, one of the main reasons why i decided to test and then buy this device was because i wanted to track my sleep quality and aurarin. Does this in a very interesting way, it uses lots of different data to then try to give you a score from 0 to 100 and based on that score, you can see if you slept well or not that good. So, among other things, it checks, total sleep, time, diamond bad, sleep, efficiency, restfulness, rapid eye movement, sleep, deep sleep, latency and even timing. Now how important each of this element is it’s kind of hard to say, but every day you’ll get a total score, but you can also check each individual factor so it’s quite easy to adjust different parts of your sleep.

If you know where the issue is, for example, if you go to sleep too late at night, then you can change this. If you have some other issues, well, you can. You can optimize different parts of your sleep by the way, guys if you like this video, please press the like button below now. The second feature is the activity every day aura ring gives you the activity score, which kind of show you if your activity was good. If you’re, too active or if you’re not active enough and to give you this data, it checks different things such as total calories burned in a day how many steps you took: training frequency training, volume, recovery, time, daily movement and even daily active time, but, as you Also see this activity part has some issues i’ll talk about this in the end. Last but not least, there’s the readiness core now, in my opinion, this is the most accurate and the most useful part of the ordering. Now some people don’t like it, but i find it tremendously useful and i really um find it very accurate. Now the readiness core is based on the following factors: resting heart rate, heart rate, variability respiratory rate, body, temperature, recovery index, sleep score and previously activity. So, as you can see, it kind of takes the data from your sleep and your activity from the previous day and then based on that it recommends you either to perform really hard on the next day, go to gym workout or to kind of take a little Bit easier day, the next day now, a couple of other features that i really like is that once you get the score over 85, you get a small crown there, which is kind of a cool, and it pushes you to try really hard to get a score Or 85.

, and the other thing is the heart rate variability, which many other trackers cannot track, and the cool thing about heart rate variability is that it always check your baseline that it calculates after about three to four weeks of use, and then it gives you score. Based on your baseline and not based on any other standard now, why exactly do i use orange? First of all, i decided to buy it because i wanted to see how my sleep looks like and if there’s something i have to improve, and that was the main reason, and this is also why i recommend to many other people. I can also track within the app obviously the sleep stages. I can check my deep sleep. I can check my rapid eye movement. Sleep and different elements are very interesting to me. Secondly, i can see how different activities like drinking alcohol in the evening eating a large meal in the evening or other stuff influence my sleep, so i can change this or optimize it in order to have as least impact on my sleep as possible. I also use oral ring when i’m trying different sleep supplements, so i can see how they influence my sleep and if they improve it or not, by the way guys, if you want to check my favorite sleep supplements check up there there’s a link which will lead You to a video which i prepared just for you guys. The second thing is the readiness level i really like that, because sometimes i sleep really well, but then the readiness score is pretty low, which tells you it’s a day in front of you that you need to kind of recover.

Take it easy, and i find this very useful and very accurate. Actually i never checked all the scores. The sleep score and readiness score before i try to manually say how well i slept or how how well i feel, basically – and after i do this, i compare this to the score that aura rings gives you, and this is always pretty similar. So if i feel well arrested or a rink usually shows that as well and and if i don’t then aurora also informs me about that, and this is very useful and when it comes to activity, i definitely prefer tracking activity with my garmin smart watches. I currently use um it’s much more, i think accurate and at the same time, as you will later see now, orange has some issues for activity tracking, which i personally don’t, like so yeah i’m, going to talk about this very soon. So how can aura ring benefit? You well the first thing: you can definitely improve your sleep pretty quickly once you get um basic scores and once you track or use orange for a couple of days or weeks um, you will see when something goes wrong. Uh, if you didn’t sleep well enough, when is your perfect time to go to bed and that kind of stuff, so this is probably the biggest benefit you can get out of ordering and the second one is readiness level which i talked about it before um, where We can tell you if you can really work hard, the next day or if you should take a day off or you know, take it a bit easier.

Um and it’s really accurate, as i said before, and very useful, especially if you have many really hard days. But you had really good sleep, however you’re not well rested and because of that um or i will kind of tell you to take it easy, and whenever i follow this, i have no issues with my health. I feel really good the next day uh, but whenever i try to push it sometimes there’s, a small crash that follows um and yeah. This is something you need to know about and if you check the data every day, while you can avoid burnouts or small crashes now, here are four reasons i really like wear a ring. First of all, i think the sleep tracking is very accurate, um based on the data i found, based on the studies i found based on my personal experience, i found this data very accurate and, if i feel awakened, if i feel i have enough energy in the Morning and i slept well, usually, oral ring score is 80 and above the second thing, is i really like the look. It looks very nice, very clean, it’s, very easy to wear and i can easily wear it all day around and sleep with it. It’S not too bulky like this watch, for example, for sleeping, so i really like this. The third thing is that you get a free app with that tool or gadget, which is not that often in this industry.

For many other tools, you need to pay actually for using the app and the data. And the last thing is that by following the data and optimizing your sleep or your performance, you can quickly see lots of benefits and results. Now there are a couple of things i don’t like about aura ring. The first one is the activity tracker. Now i find the activity tracker not accurate compared to my uh garmin smartwatch, and the other thing about this one is that obviously you wear a ring on your fingers right. So whenever you work out, for example, i work out with kettlebells quite often um. You kind of you can scratch it, even though it says it’s, uh, it’s, scratch resistant. I don’t think that to be totally true, because i have already some scratches on the ring and, secondly, it’s not comfortable. You know working out with with weights, or you know even doing like push ups it’s, not that cool having this ring on it. I don’t find it comfortable and i don’t like using it. At the same time, you don’t see any data on the ring. You have to look at the app later on um compared to like, for example, my smart watch um so yeah for activity tracking. I really prefer smartwatch compared to a ring now. The second thing i would like to see improved in the next version is battery life. According to aura, the battery works for about seven days based on my experience, is more like four to five days, maximum, so that’s, something that could be definitely improved.

Synchronizing is also a little bit of an issue for me: um i’m, using the new samsung s20 and have some issues with syncing the smartphone with uh the ring um. Sometimes it’s worked very you know easily. It connects immediately, and sometimes it just takes a little bit of more time. A couple of minutes. I have to um turn off the app a couple of times, and i really don’t like that. And last but not least, the accuracy of the deep sleep is somehow questionable um. I know that those small devices have very hard time accurately measuring the deep sleep um, but overall sleep score. I find it very accurate, so i wouldn’t worry about not knowing the exact date about deep sleep at this very moment and i think, with the newer versions, the deep sleep measuring will also become more accurate. So the final verdict do i recommend using the orange or not well, based on my experience based on my data, my research. Definitely, i definitely recommend to everyone who is serious about sleep hacking who wants to improve uh their sleep quality, who wants to uh kind of take control, or you know his life or her life, because that’s, what aurowin can give you it can help. You see different parts of your sleep, your day, your activity um and show you some potential problems which you can then optimize. I find it most useful for sleep tracking, it’s small it’s, simple to use it’s, not that affordable for many, but i think you know if you look at the price performance.

It’S well worth the money um. So if you want to improve your sleep, if you wan na kind of a know or prevent any kind of burnouts or um, you know energy problems or that kind of stuff, uh, then aura ring is definitely a ring to try um. As i said, it’s pretty cool and compared to all the other devices out there i really like the size and the feel and look of or a wing. So if you want to learn more about orange there’s, a link below check it out guys, i hope you like this video. Please share it with your friends press the like button below.