1 Music. Do Music welcome to tantrum house studio d i’m, melissa, delp smartphone inc is an action programming network building game for one to five players and it plays in about 60 to 90 minutes it’s published by cosmodrome games and arcane wonders, and they sent us these copies to Review now there are a lot of videos going over smartphone inc and how to play it, including kevin’s review, which is linked up there so i’m going to focus mainly on the expansion. The game comes with a new board for two to three players: 10 new technologies directive, tiles mini upgrade tokens and a ceo figure for each player. Smartphone inc, update 1.1 has four modules that you can play separately or mixed together. When you play, i definitely recommend the new board when you’re playing with two players with fewer regions. It makes the game tighter with more competition for buyers and region control. There are also fewer improvements to choose from for three players. I think the new board is a nice addition when you want to shake things up, you’re not going to use any of the retailer tiles, so it’s all smartphone sales in all the regions. The directives module adds common goals to the game. Each player can try to achieve the goal, but only the first person to meet their requirements gains the tile and the victory points. Turn order will be really important with the directive tiles, because the first person who achieves it is the one who gets that tile.

There was one game when both kevin and i could have achieved one of the directives in the same phase, but he was earlier in turn order, so he snatched it up now. One nice rule with the directives is that you can only achieve one per round, so you’re not going to have that player who’s first, in turn, order sweeping up a bunch of the directives in the same round. You might even have players who forego taking a directive because they want one that they can get later in the round. The new technologies add some interesting variability to the game. Some really change up the board. This one lets, you add, a retailer tile to the board and then transition all the office markers to that tile, and this one lets you reserve certain buyers, so only you can sell to them. Some of the other technologies make use of the new components in this expansion. This one gives you a mini improvement tile. You can use it during the planning phase, like other improvement tiles, but if you don’t use it, you don’t get any benefit. One tile set uses the ceo miniature, which will give you a special power in the region where you have the miniature and an office marker during the logistics truck phase, you can spend one of your progress markers to move your ceo to another region. This technology allows you to sell a phone at the end of phase six logistics and this one lets you sell to buyers regardless of the requirements.

The technologies are an easy module to add into your games, and the rules even have some recommended technology sets. The rules also have instructions for hardcore mode. You have to pay points for the actions you take like paying for the icons on your planning boards and paying for the phones you produce to offset the amount of points you’ll be spending. You will immediately receive the points for your patents, retailers and directives. I haven’t played hardcore mode, but i think it’s going to appeal to players who have played the original game many times and are looking for more of a challenge: there’s going to be more calculations involved and putting value assessments on those different actions. For me, i really enjoyed smartphone from the first time i played it, which was several years ago. I like the puzzly programming aspect with the pads and improvements. Sometimes i know which actions i want to take, but it’s a matter of seeing if i can make that arrangement with my pieces and there’s a bit of trying to anticipate what the other players are going to do. Should i cut my prices and try to go? First, or can i raise my prices and still get the patents and the sales that i want? The update 1.1 expansion adds more variety to these puzzly aspects and i, like the addition of the directives in general, i usually like common goals in games, and i think these work well, if you like, smartphone inc, i think this expansion is a good addition to the Game and if you usually play with two players, i think the new map is excellent and definitely worth getting.