This is not a top five top 10 list or something, but these are generally some of the smartphones that i enjoyed using uh this year and guys it’s not just flagship devices, in fact very few flagship devices. A lot of them are in the mid ranges, so let’s talk about them and i’ll start from the bottom end or from the start of this year, and the first smartphone that i really liked this year. Uh was that mid ranger, that is from poco. That is the poco x2. I really like the design of the. I felt that design was very unique. It felt a lot more expensive than it was uh. It came with a very good processor and the camera was the best part of it that 64 megapixel uh camera that had the sony sensor. The images that it produced, i would still say, is the best in mid ranges and in fact i would say the camera performance was much better than even smartphones that cost over 30 35 000.. So i really liked it and still i would say uh the poco x2 would have been my best mid ranger pick next, i would say: uh we had a few launches from real me but um. This is the real me six. This actually stood out uh to me, and it came with the new mediatic g90t chipset. Hence the performance was good, even gaming. It was good. I like the price of this one.

This was priced at about 13 000. If i recall uh, it had that 64 megapixel camera and the camera was good for the price for 13000, but i would still say if camera is the highest priority. The poco x2 still did better, but i like the this phone overall for the price. It was actually a nice phone i enjoyed using it and guys again to know the details pros and cons, uh check out the reviews, i’ll link, all of those in the description area. Every device has a pro and con guys, even flagship uh it’s, just that those cons shouldn’t affect your ip. So again, i like the this real me six. That was one standout phone that i enjoyed using the only thing i said, even in my review, if i recall was the proximity sensor issue that i was having on this unit, maybe it’s just my unit. We generally get access to early units, hopefully, if that’s fixed. I can still recommend this uh smartphone. Next, i would say one phone that stood out to me was from redmi, and that was the redmi note. 9 pro it came with the snapdragon 720 g and overall it was a nice phone. I would say, but again some of the things with the miui that ad situation, i did not like, even if you check out my review overall, i like the phone, but that ads were too intrusive. On that, i feel if uh that you can put on site it was a nice phone.

Camera again was a pretty decent, but still, i would say, the poco x2 camera was better, so that was one smartphone from redmi this year. That, i would say, was a decent phone. Apart from that situation, i simply did not like the redmi note 9 pro max. It was essentially the redmi note 9 pro just with a updated camera sensor, so they were just trying to fool people. I felt uh next uh smartphone that i liked in the mid range uh. This came out in the middle of 2020 and i think it still sold uh was this the motorola one fusion plus, and i was surprised with this uh smartphone. What motorola did? Because if you recall uh prior to this, they did release quite a few smartphones but uh, nothing that stood out or i enjoyed using it all these smartphones, guys uh. When i had my primary sim, i didn’t feel the need of removing my sim that these are with all these for, and that was the same case with this one overall performance was very good. It came with the snapdragon 730 g, hence even for gaming. The performance was good and what i like with motorola – and this is still a standout – is that in this price range in this mid range, motorola is the only one as of now. That does not give you any ads or any unnecessary bloatware on stuff, intrusive stuff, i would say, poco also has improved quite a bit, but still the motorola is the cleanest in that area and almost close to stock android experience that you are getting so in that Area i liked it – and even big surprise to me – was the camera performance on this.

One was also good. It was that 64 megapixel camera, so i really enjoyed using the motorola one fusion plus and if i recall the battery life, though it’s, that standard 5000 milliamp hour battery life on this one, the battery life was terrific on this one, amazing nine to 10 hours of Sft i was getting on this one, so that way, it surprised me uh. So this was a very good phone that i liked uh, and only thing is that you still have that physical fingerprint scanner on this one. So this is the one that i enjoyed now. If we uh talk about samsung uh, the one phone that i liked uh by samsung was the samsung galaxy m51. This is the one uh standout features is that this came with the snapdragon 730 uh processor and uh. It also actually uh has the amoled screen. I know many people want an amulet screen, so this actually came with the amoled screen and the biggest usb of this one was that 7000 milliamp hour battery, and still i would say, though it has, that 7000mah battery, it doesn’t, feel like a brick. So i can recommend this phone for people who actually always are anxious about battery life, uh very heavy users. You can go with this one and on the bonus part, the camera was also actually good on this one. So that was one phone that i enjoyed and, apart from that uh in the 25 30 000, or something nothing actually stood out to me, uh if you are a selfie kind of a person.

This is specific for people who are on the selfie one smartphone that reminds me is the vivo v20 pro uh, the selfies that came out with that one was actually really good. So, if you’re on that, instagram and stuff take a lot of selfies, that is the one. But apart from that, nothing and the next smartphone that i liked this year, uh was the oneplus 8t. Yes, i know i’m banned by oneplus. But again, this is my frank opinion that i like that phone in that price range and the reason for that is that around that price range of about 40 to 45 000, nothing actually uh comes close to the oneplus 8t it’s, normally a perfect phone. In fact, i would say in camera: oneplus is artificially gimping it, because if you guys recall you saw my camera comparison with the samsung galaxy s20 fe. The fh camera was far far better compared to the oneplus 8t uh. But the big advantage of the oneplus 8t is that they went with the snapdragon processor and you know the performance of snapdragon 865, very, stable and stuff. So, overall, i would say uh if you have a budget of around that 40 to 45 000, or something like that. Still, i would say one plus 80 is my pick no way: it’s a perfect phone watch, my review for the pros and cons. But overall i would say that was if only samsung in the galaxy s20 fe would have uh, given the snapdragon processor.

This would have been much better but uh. What we get in india is the exynos variant and has heating issues on that battery train uh next uh – and this is a specialty kind of a device, and i enjoyed quite a bit using it. Is this asus rog phone three and i liked it because of the a triggers it’s, a gaming, centric phone, so again a specialty phone, but if you are sort of a gamer uh, i liked using this phone uh. So i enjoyed it quite a bit. I would say, but i miss the fact that now on the rog phone 3, they removed the 3.5 mm headphone jack. So that was a disappointment. Now, moving to uh smartphones on slightly higher budgets, i would say: sort of premium devices uh here the first one that i liked is the new iphone 12. I would say: uh apple – has done a really nice job. The new design is actually i like. The new design and now it’s finally coming with an amoled screen instead of the lcd screen that generally apple puts and i enjoyed using the iphone 12, i can recommend it uh. Well, i was testing and using it. I had no problems with that. One. In fact, again from apple, i also enjoyed using the iphone 12 mini. So if you always wanted that small compact form factor of a device and budget is not a criteria, there are some people, i know who, for whom budget is not a criteria, but they want a powerful small compact phone uh.

You can look at the iphone 12 mini i thoroughly enjoyed using that device. In fact, i would say i enjoyed it more than the iphone 12, but i feel the iphone 12 screen size is more practical to a lot of you. But if you want that small compact form factor, i like the iphone but uh one phone. I am completely missing: uh, sorry, guys that i really enjoyed using it uh. This is again in the mid range was the pixel 4a again, it was very compact uh, yes, it didn’t came with the fastest processor or something, but the performance of that was actually good. The camera was pretty good rear facing camera front facing was average, but overall i liked using the pixel 4a also right now. I think so they have increased the price earlier. It was close to about 30 now it’s about 32, but if you uh are okay with that slight premium, you want that stock. Android experience i really enjoyed using the pixel 4a. Even the pixel 4a, though it’s a very small size phone. The battery life on that was also terrific, so i enjoyed it so again on android. If you’re looking for that compact size phone, i would say, pixel 4a would be my pick completely forgot. I really enjoyed using that device uh so in the premium range. That is the iphone 12 and the iphone 12 mini and uh. Apart from that in the premium android space, i even like the note 20 ultra, but guys i gave up on that because of the exynos 990 soc, because i was not getting that great battery life on that one and also when i was pushing it.

It used to heat up a little bit, so i gave up on that and lastly, this is the phone that i’m using right now, as my personal smartphone uh, this is the samsung galaxy, uh z, uh, full two, the z fold. Two just yesterday, i had uh posted its review again: it’s, not perfect, guys, like any other smartphone, again watch that review for its pros and cons. But this is the smartphone uh that i am personally using as of now and i’m very happy with this one. In fact, it exceeded some of the expectations that i had, because i also had the fold one with me, but certainly a very expensive smartphone. So these were the smartphones that i used in 2020, and these are the smartphones that i enjoyed using it. What are your favorite smartphones that you liked in 2020? Maybe you have purchased some of them, so what do you feel about them because, generally looking at a phone or something, but once you purchase and using it, your experience changes.