, And this is the TECNO Spark 6 Go. It’s super cheap., It’s 2GB of RAM and 23GB of storage is only Php’90.. I got intrigued on what’s really on this phone. There’s. So many trying to find this one trying to ask on my channel. Let’s go. Let’s unbox, the TECNO Spark 6 Go. introduction music, technologic music. I am Richmond and welcome back to my channel. We’ve already unboxed, the TECNO Spark 6 Go and I can tell you it’s a very, very basic entry level. Phone. Its back is plastic.. Then its front is a very, very generous, 6.52in screen.. Now it has two variants.. It has 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage.. It has a MediaTek A20., Then its higher variant, that is 4GB of RAM 64 GB of storage. It has a processor of MediaTek Helio A25., So both of them are 12nm chipset. And well it’s, really just for basic entry level phone for very basic use like Facebook, social media for watching YouTube for capturing some photos.. Then, of course, you can also use it for video conferencing and online schooling., So we’ve look at its score on AnTuTu.. It was given 72000 points, which is okay. It’s, really just for basic entry level. And I attempted trying it on the 3DMark test.. It wasn’t able to even be compatible because your device is only compatible with part of this test.. It can’t support the whole test., So it didn’t push through.. Then let’s take a look at the screen.

. It has a 6.52in IPS LCD 720p and this is what’s good. It’S Corning Gorilla, Glass, 3. Protection., I very rarely see on phones like this price and that cheapness that has a Corning Gorilla, Glass. Other phones, we don’t know what kind of glass., So if it gets scratched, it’ll be very damaged., But on this one they equipped it with Corning Gorilla Glass 3, Which is a good job by TECNO., Then we tried watching movies on this.. I can say the chin is very big on this phone. It’s kind of thick., Then at the same time, its side is not so thin., But overall its screen when you’re inside your house it’s, very, very vibrant. So for watching movies, Netflix it’s okay., I don’t have Much complains about this.. I can’t really say that its IPS LCD very poorly made., But when you go outside when it’s bright and you place it directly on direct sunlight that’s, where things get bad., I almost can’t see anything because of the glare on my phone. Under direct sunlight. I almost can’t see anything.. My screen is almost black.. I must go under a shade to use my phone., But under direct sunlight you won’t, see anything.. Then we tried some basic gaming. And, of course, for me my favorite game, the Call of Duty. It can only handle the lowest settings.. Then we tried gaming on it.. I can tell you that I kind of wasn’t satisfied., And you will really feel the frame drops on this one, because Call of Duty is kind of hungry on the GPU and the GPU of this one is very, very basic.

, Though I killed some on some rounds, But I didn’t want to continue to play for hours, because I wasn’t happy about its graphics., Of course, like I said earlier, it’s for basic everyday usage, only. It’s, really not built for gaming. Let’s talk about its camera. It’s got dual camera setup.. Its main camera is a 13MP main shooter, together with a depth. Sensor. Then in front it has an 8MP, selfie camera.. So let’s take a look at the shots from the front and rear camera on this phone.. So we saw the shots outdoor. It’s okay., I didn’t have any problems. It’s clear. It’s bright. It’s okay., But when it comes to indoors there’s a bit of grainyness., Of course, because of its build. It’s, not really built for taking good lowlight or night photography, pictures., Then Let’S, take a look at the videos that I got from this phone on the front and rear ones. Guys. This is how it looks like when you’re vlogging, using the front camera of the TECNO Spark 6 Go., Well a little bit grainy and kind of hard to adjust to the lightings. That’s. What I see. On its rear camera – I can say it’s surprisingly good., Though it’s kind of jittery, but the images that it got on the video it’s okay. It’s, sharp on bright outdoors., Then on the selfie camera it’s okay., Though, when you’re adjusting to lightings it’s kind Of switching between dark and light., Its sensor is having a hard time to detect some light.

, So that’s, the only deficiency of this front facing camera.. But when it comes to Zoom calls where it’s steady, then Viber video calls or Google Hangouts it’s okay. I tested – and its resolution is very, very nice, of course, for video conferencing. Guys its got 5000mAh. Then it supports up to 10W of fast charging.. So we drained its battery down to 18, then we charged it back to 100, using the same cable and the same charger provided with its box.. It kind of took us a long time since it’s, only 10W. It’s three hours and six minutes before we finished fully charging this phone.. So guys this phone comes with three colors.. It has a white blue and green variant.. What we’re holding now is the color green Ice Jadeite. That’s, what it’s called. It’s kind of different right, It’s kind of like Jedi., So guys? What are your thoughts on this phone? Is it okay or not Comment on the comment section below so we know what you think of this phone., Though, for me it’s, okay., It’s, very, very cheap., Though you won’t really use it for gaming., But for everyday use, it’s very, very okay.. You can even do basic vlogging on this phone, just ensure that the camera is steady, not that you’re outdoors, holding it on your hands, that it’ll be jittery. Or you can use a basic gimbal, so it’ll be kind of steady. Or the selfie sticks. It’S. Also, very okay.

, So we can buy this on Lazada and Shopee on the official store of TECNO for just Php’90. I’ll post.