Everyone is using a phone because it is a way to communicate with other people play mobile games, scroll through social media and other useful stuff. Nobody wants to buy a bad smartphone because it will probably be a bad experience. Some of these examples are extreme lag in both the software and mobile games and even have a bad camera quality. Nobody wants this type of smartphone, so people usually buy the expensive phones so that they have all these fancy designs and futures. Nowadays, smartphone companies are gradually improving their devices whenever i go online and see a phone i’m like wow. That must be a really expensive phone because of all these amazing specs. But then i later find out that it’s actually a low to a mid range smartphone. So for me personally, i don’t really like buying flagship phones, because you know it’s really expensive and i could use that money towards something else and you can get a really good phone for a good price. So i rather choose that my past phone was a xiaomi a2 lite. It was a very good phone, but only lasted one year and a half and that cost me 9. 000 pesos. I wanted to look for a phone that is much cheaper, but with better specs. So i went on the hunt on lazada to try to find a phone in that price range and after looking for some time, i finally found the umidigi a7 pro umidigi is a smartphone company that is based in china.

They focus on budget smartphones, but with really good specs. I found the umidigi a7 pro on lazada, so there are two variants. The first one is the 4 gigabytes of ram with 64 gigs of storage for 5 300 pesos, while the second variant is 4 gigabytes of ram with 128 gigabytes of storage, and that is priced at 6300 pesos. The phone that i chose was 128 gigabytes because it was on sale on lazada for 5 and 990 pesos, based on the reviews on lazadas customers said that the expected delivery time was in two weeks, but for me i only got the phone in a couple of Days, i was surprised with the unboxing experience. The first thing that you see is the phone itself. There are two colors which are cosmic black and ocean blue. I was really close to getting the black, but i wanted to get something different, so i got ocean blue. The next thing you see is the manual with the sim ejector tool. The last few things that are included is the charger which is in a nice red color and, of course, the wall charger in this section of the video i’ll be discussing the different factors that help me decide in buying this product. The first factor is the software. Umidigi runs on android 10, but i hate those skins or softwares that run on top of android, like in oppo huawei, xiaomi umidigi. It runs stock android. So basically it is a smooth experience, because there’s not much bloatware, that this is that is installed on the phone.

The only applications are google, like gmail. Google keeps google photos so basically it’s just google applications that are installed on the device. The second factor is the charging port. I wanted a phone that has a type c instead of a micro usb, because in the past years, micro usb chargers break so easily it’s very frustrating. So i was really quite surprised to see a type c charger in this smartphone of this price range. The third factor is the overall specs of this phone. The screen size is a 6.3 inch, 1080p water drop display. It also has a very good battery of 4150 milliamps, which can last a full day or even longer, depending on the use. The last few things i like on this phone is that it’s, a dual sim card and there’s also a slot for microsd for expandable storage. This is a big one. The fourth factor is the headphone jack. I wanted a phone that still had the headphone jack because i still love using wired earphones or headphones instead of bluetooth. I was very happy when umidigi included this feature on the a7 pro and it’s one of the big reasons why i wanted to buy this phone as well. The fifth factor is the camera, and this one surprised me: it had a quad camera setup like where you gon na get that for 5000 pesos um. It has a 16 megapixel main camera, a 16 megapixel wide ultra camera, a 5 megapixel depth, camera and finally, a 5 megapixel micro camera.

I was really surprised with the camera quality, so here are some sample pictures. Those are the main factors on why i bought this phone, but let’s talk about the negative things, because there are some things i didn’t like about this phone. The first negative factor is the fingerprint scanner. Everyone loves this feature because it’s very convenient all you have to do is put your fingerprint on the phone and it unlocks it, but on the umidigi a7 pro it’s, not the fastest in the world. Okay, so if i would rate it, you know it’s, not great. It’S not terrible but it’s right in the middle it’s usable, but other phones are quite faster but that’s, just it it’s not really a negative thing, but you know it’s usable it’s, a usable fingerprint scanner. The second negative factor is the specs of this phone because it runs a helio p23, and some people complain that this is not one it’s not. This is not the best, because it will. The phone will slow down after some time, but i’ve been using this phone for quite a while and of course there are some certain lags of the cure, but um it’s, not all the time. It’S pretty basic it’s, pretty much a smooth experience 95 of the time. But of course, some people are hesitant to buy this phone based on that spec, but you know it’s still a really good phone, even if it’s running on this spec, the third negative factor is quite minor.

I do not know if other umidigi users have experienced this, but whenever i’m using facebook, but more specifically the facebook bubble, whenever i’m typing the screen always flickers. It shows a red blue lines that flicker, so they keep flickering when i’m typing um. It was quite annoying and i thought that after updating the phone, it would go away, but it still appears from time to time um it doesn’t affect the performance of the phone, the final negative factor. This one was really annoying because, when i bought when i used my phone for the first few days, i was really careful with it. I would put it down on the table very carefully. I wouldn’t throw it, but after maybe three or four days i found some scratches on the back of my camera. I was really surprised. I’M, like where did this thing come from? I was really careful, so i started questioning myself. Was i really rough with my phone, but i was like no, i wasn’t and after doing some research and asking people online that the scratches occurred because of the free case when you lay it down on the surface and you move it it’s gon na scratch really Easily because the case doesn’t protect the camera lens or the glass on my phone, there are four to five scratches, but it hasn’t affected the camera quality. So i bought a new case on shoppi it’s 90 pesos it’s, a transparent one, and this one protects the camera glass because there’s a lip.

It is above the camera camera lens. So whenever you put it on top of something it’s, not gon na touch the camera glass, you guys gon na buy this phone. I prefer you buy a another case to protect the camera, buy one it’s a need. I know that i’m quite late in making this video, because this phone was released in mid 2020, but i’ve been using this phone for four to five months, and i have to say that this phone has been really good to me. I’Ve really enjoyed the experience of it. Of course, there are some certain negative things that happened that i have discussed before, but, of course we have to look at the price it this one. It costs five thousand over just over five thousand pesos. It has really good specs, really good camera. I don’t really have a right to complain that much. To be honest, i was very, very nervous, since this was my first time ordering lazada, i was hoping that i wouldn’t be scammed or the phone wouldn’t be broken, because i don’t want to go through the hassle of shipping it out back to china. Once i got the phone i tested out immediately and once everything was working fine, i was very happy already. If you guys are looking into buying this phone. I really recommend this buy this phone. If you have the chance anyway.