I just couldn’t wait for this thing and now let’s open it: Music, Music, okay, Music, Music, um, Music, Music, okay, first let’s, first open the small packages: Music leave the best to the house, here’s, another opening, Music, Music; okay, all right there we go Music. It feels all right all right now for the phone itself: Music, um, Music, um, Music, um, Music, hello, Music, okay, Music, oh Music, Music, another case as well: Music, Music. So here we have actually Music all fantastic Music, Music, Music, um, Music it’s still right. I think i might just stick with this case or even without the case, sometimes without further ado, let’s go ahead and boot up Music. I need some getting used to to do. Normally, i use a uh phone, which is what i’m recording right now. Okay, i’m. Just gon na pop the case on reason for it to pick up right here, we’ll just set up the photo. So here we have the phone Music uh sets everything up, we’ll go ahead and go on the apps. I need Music whoa. Let me use them all right check out this. Oh damn that was sick, Music, okay, Music, hope you enjoyed and thank you for watching i’ll post, a gaming video – probably tomorrow, maybe even today, but thank you for watching what we do here.