This v20 from vivo got this v20 from vivo. This. Let me check because i’ll update that one this december but uh, i love once because it’s really affordable. Yet it has great capabilities. We were going to try it out this week and also merosilong promo vivo smartphones, any vivo smartphones, Music prices now up to 7 million pesos, so it’s, a perfect gift, so i’m gon na put the promo mechanics in the description box. So if you are planning to buy, please check it out so without further ado, let’s begin unboxing, so wow let’s, oh the sound. Oh my gosh, look at that beautiful color color of my vivo is sunset: melody, it’s, really nice let’s put it here. First let’s see what’s inside because i’m gon na charger, merongue cord and earphones, of course, manual and sim card, and they have a free casing, jelly case. So let’s put it inside all right, so let’s start using the vivo v20. So the first thing that you will notice is it’s 6.44 inches screen and then you’re in v20 uses amoled, full hd plus na screen, which means authentic, app, vibrant and colors. It is very useful, lala naga pag Music. So this is what 4k looks like. Oh, my gosh it’s crystal clear, grab. Look at that Music grab it on my tv all right. So, while you’re watching you can use the audio duck or if you have a bluetooth earphone supported in the man speaker has a bottom part and the charger and the mic now let’s go to the games.

Let’S start Music mobile legends, so you know optimization. Okay and gaming experience well, Music, so let’s start look at that. This is for only 19999, but you get to experience the same things more expensive phones, another one! Is this your qualcomm snapdragon 720 g number v20. It has 8 gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of rom, so which means you can easily multitask and do a lot of things at the same time without with less energy consumption. So this is really useful in the model and you have to fix something. Maybe a document or excel file, Music Music. What we are going to do next is to charge it and flash charge. It’S already 11 18 pm and the timer starts now. It’S charging. Okay, google set the timer to 30 minutes time’s up 11 50 in the evening, and oh my gosh to enough 64 percent after 30 minutes, one percent long difference 65 in 30 minutes. This is amazing. Okay, we are now using v20s video let’s try to take a photo, so the the situation here is major gloomy weather, where the quality of the camera is still nice. Oops. Okay, let’s, try the front camera, okay, okay, so this is oh. I mean this is the main camera front. Camera is this: is nice, oh, oh cute, cinematic and then let’s. Try the zoom feature: Music let’s, try the zoom feature. Ah, nice, Music, sunset, Music, Music, moving forward Music, you can see they made bypass camera night mode and voila, so let’s try the selfie first tonight wait let’s, just close the monitor completely let’s try! Okay, so this is me: can you see it i’m gon na? Take a selfie in three two two seconds: lampala: okay, open it again, so i don’t know result Applause! Now, let’s try the main camera! You picture the bus, okay, Music, okay, two seconds, uh front camera loading time here, so Applause, Music, Music, foreign.

The next thing that we are going to try is the tada ar. Can you see it Music? Okay, you can do it with his phone live photo. It means i take my photo like this one gallery – oh my god, so that’s the live, photo and slow motion. Of course, slow motion time lapse, sunset put in your sunset, nah yeah for professional nian, but you can use it. You can learn them on how to use it and then er stickers and that’s it for this video’s review and unboxing hope to see you in the next review and unboxing don’t forget to click the subscribe button so see more stuff and like and share to your Friends, merry christmas: everyone don’t forget the promo it’s until january 11, 2020.