Like always, we get brand new watch faces, that’s no different in watchos 7, and there are some great new watch face. Related features. We’Ll talk about as well, but, along with that, there are brand new workouts for fitness minded folks and there’s the ability to customize activity goals. But again, like i said, the big thing here is the aforementioned launch of apple fitness plus, which is looking like a pretty solid service. Even this early in the game – and this is coupled with other wellness related features such as the new sleep app. It lets you track your sleep and more let’s. Take a look at these three tentpole features in our watchos 7 rewind review. Special thanks to our friends at monoware for sponsoring 9 to 5 mac they’ve been in the apple watch band, making business for years now and now, they’re launching a brand new deployant reserve band featuring a slim, deploy and buckle that completes the modest elegant look in is Made from the highest grade full grain, aniline leather and just like the new deployment band, the classic leather band now comes in the awesome burnt orange color, so you can make it a set. If you want to and to complete the trifecta, there is the perforated leather band with again yes, that awesome, burnt orange colorway that looks fantastic and model. Wear has tons of different styles, including the urban canvas band. The bottom line is you’re, going to find something that looks good with your apple watch.

Click the link in the description and special thanks to monowear for sponsoring 9 5 mac. So it’s been almost exactly a month since watchos 7 went live back in september and i’ve been using it every day since then, actually i’ve been using it prior to that during the beta process. Now, while the apple watch hardware hasn’t improved at a steady clip over the years, so as watch os and watch os 7 is no exception really now i don’t consider watch os 7 to be to be a monumental release at all. However, i will say that there are some key areas that stand out above others, and those are the areas that i really want to talk about in this sort of recap: review of watch os seven now the first thing, the most obvious thing that sort of stands Out are the the improvements to watch faces in watch os 7., and this stands out because watch faces are like the first thing you see when you raise your wrist now. Obviously, just like every watch os release, there are brand new watch faces that join the party, and this is nice because apple still hasn’t allowed developers to create their own. So with watch watchos 7 you get the new memoji animoji watch faces. You get the new gmt watch face, which is really cool, there’s the chronograph pro with built in tachymeter tachometer. I never. I can never say that there’s the typograph watch face which i’m not really a fan of and then there’s the stripes watch face, which i actually think is probably the coolest new watch face edition in watch os seven now the new watch faces, of course, add much Needed variety to the apple watch experience, but really it’s overshadowed by one key new feature and that’s the ability to have multiple complications from the same application.

So, for instance, if i’m running the carrot, weather app, which is a third party application to monitor weather, i can actually have multiple complications from that app, whereas in previous versions of watch os you can only have one complication per app and with watch os seven, you Get this new complication explorer when you’re going through to configure your watch face and that’s really nice. But this really was a much needed feature and i’m so happy that apple added it, because if you have an application on your apple watch that you really love – and perhaps it provides multiple useful features for your watch face prior to now, there was really no way To enjoy more than one of those features at once, but now with watch os 7, you can finally do that so it’s really entirely possible to have one watch face: that’s filled with complications from a single application and then finally, the ability to share your watch faces Whether it be sharing with a friend or downloading, a watch face from the editorial section of the app store that apple puts out or using a watch face, that’s suggested by a developer. So, for instance, the aforementioned carrot, weather they have suggested watch faces that you can use that, of course use their own complications, but that’s the cool thing and see this kind of works in hand with the ability to have multiple complications from a single app and because There really is kind of a limit to the amount you can customize an apple watch face.

This sharing feature is huge. It really does open up the ability for someone to create this really cool looking face and then share it with other people. Maybe you just don’t, have the skills or the patience to really cultivate and develop. This watch face the way you wish you did, but now you don’t have to worry about that because you can just simply uh get it from someone else. So maybe they worked hard. Just getting the the perfect watch face, they’ve adjusted all the colors and then they use the perfect applications that have just the right complications. So, in my opinion, watch phase customization is definitely sort of the standout feature in watch os. Seven, which, like i said, is no surprise, given the prominence of watch faces in general on apple watch. The launch of the new apple fitness plus service is, without a doubt, the highlight of the new fitness features found within watch os 7. and, as we’ve highlighted already in our hands on look at apple fitness plus. This is a complete fitness service, similar to that of peloton now, obviously, it’s, not a one to one comparison to peloton. There’S, no dedicated apple fitness hardware outside of the apple watch. Instead, apple has taken a more hardware, agnostic approach, allowing you to use apple, fitness plus anywhere. You can use it at home right there on the floor. You can use it at the gym. You can even use it outside if you want to and that’s, because apple fitness plus works with any hardware.

It works with any treadmill. It works with bikes, it works with rowing machines. You don’t need an apple provided fitness machine in order to use apple, fitness plus. So, while that has its downsides, it also has its positive size, meaning that the barrier to entry is way way lower than something like peloton. So yes, an apple watch is a requirement to use apple, fitness plus and that’s, because they use the sensors and the apple watch, like the heart rate sensor, to track your heart rate and will also track your progress with your activity rings. The cool thing is that both measurements are actually displayed within a workout, so you can see your current heart rate. You see your current ring status right there in the upper right hand corner as well, but it’s, not just all about apple fitness plus watch. Os 7 adds four new workout types to the apple watch, so there’s, the new functional strength, training, there’s, dance, there’s, cool down and there’s core training, workouts and it’s. No surprise that all these new workouts play integral roles within the new apple fitness plus service. Another cool fitness related function in watchos 7 is that users can now customize all activity goals. This means that you cannot only change your move goal, but you can also change your exercise goal and your stand goal as well: that’s really cool! If you, if you work a job, for instance throughout the day where you have to sit a lot, for instance, if you’re a truck driver or some something like that, then it just makes a lot more sense and it’s a lot more flexible to work with your Partic particular circumstances, and now that fitness plus has officially launched i’m actually pretty excited to see what apple brings to the table.

Both hardware, wise and software, wise, maybe apple, will add more fitness, centric features, hardware features to the apple watch or maybe it’ll even create a second version of the apple watch, that’s geared more towards fitness. That would be cool and then we think about all the exciting software improvements that are no doubt already in the works for watch os 8.. If you’re someone who really enjoys fitness, then apple watch and watch os 7 is a huge improvement and it’s only going to get better and then finally another one of the tentpole features in watchos 7. Is the brand new sleep app like sleep for ios 14 sleep for apple watch? Is there to help you wind down after a long day? It also helps you chart and track your sleep metrics during the night, and it also comes with enhanced. Do not disturb features. Now someone who’s always sort of struggled with getting enough sleep every night and especially during the covet 19 pandemic. This app really resonated with me now: i’ve used the sleep app to to help establish a more concrete bedtime and a more concrete wake up time and the app sleep schedule makes it easy to establish sleep goals, and my goal is to try to get at least 6 hours and 30 minutes each night and there’s also that nice wind down period that’s integrated into the app that helps you just get your mind right, get ready for bid. It was important to note that the sleep app for watch os 7 and for ios 14 for that matter, are just tools.

They are not some magic solution, that’s going to automatically make you sleep better. First of all, you have to be committed to getting more sleep. The sleep app is only going to be as good as your dedication to making it work and, to be honest, even with the sleep app, i still struggle with getting enough sleep, even though it has helped me and i’ve noticed. It helps me stay a little bit more motivated to to stick to my schedule. It still takes work and it’s still not perfect. Now the one thing i’d say the sleep app has definitely done for me – will probably do for you as well, if you’re in a similar situation, it just makes you more cognizant that yeah you’re, a human being. You need sleep and it just helps you. It helps to remind you and then there’s the sleep tracking functionality that’s right there on your wrist. So after you wake up, you can review how you slept the night before you can view your prior week’s activity and then, if you really want some deep metrics, you can go into the health app and all your data is saved within the health app and you Can go back and review well, how did i do this week? How did i do the week before and then you could see little periods on the graph where maybe you were a little bit restless that night and then maybe that’ll help you correlate why that was and then that will help you look for ways where you can Sleep better now, despite its name, the sleep app isn’t just about sleep it’s, also about waking up right waking up on time.

I especially appreciate the the method that the apple watch uses to wake. You up. You have those nice wake up tones of course, but you also have haptic feedback options. So if you don’t want to wake up others around you, then you can just set the haptic feedback and it’ll actually play a little tone via haptic feedback. So you can’t audibly, hear it right, but you feel it on your risk. As you sleep and that’s. The great thing about the apple watch is the sleep tracker. You don’t need some other weird contraption under your pillow or things like that. To monitor your sleep. No, you just strap your watch to your wrist, like you, normally do, you’re already used to wearing your apple watch and you’re good to go and what’s really cool is the do not disturb features. So once sleep mode is active race to wake no longer works, it just stays dark. So you’re not going to worry about this bright light, while you’re trying to sleep on your wrist when you’re moving around and if you happen to need to check the time you actually have to physically press the digital crown to wake your watch up and even then The face is still very, very dim so as to not disturb others. If you actually want to unlock your watch, you actually have to turn the digital crown and force it to unlock during sleep mode. Now, when you wake up from sleep via either that audible or a haptic alarm, you’re going to be presented with a special card that displays a greeting it’ll, also display your current time, battery percentage and current weather, and i find these all helpful helpful things to have Right there at your fingertips when you’re starting your day, so i really like sleep like i said: it’s, not a miracle cure for for insomnia or for just lack of discipline, but it can help motivate you to be more disciplined in your sleep habits.

Of course i can go on for for the next 15 minutes, naming all the great additions to watch os 7, but these three tenfold features the new watch face functionality, uh the fitness plus functionality and, of course, the sleep app really make watch os 7 stand out. I always find it silly when people say well, is it worth upgrading from watch os 6 to watch osf? Of course, you’re going to upgrade it’s free, obviously, it’s encouraged to upgrade because of security related issues, and things like that. So yes, of course, you’re going to upgrade the real question is: will you use the new features on this new version of watch os and i think yes, most people like the fitness aspect of their apple watch, so fitness plus is going to appeal now granted. That is a subscription service but that’s a whole other topic for another conversation and then, of course, most people are going or i think a lot of people will appreciate the the sleep functionality as well. Now i wouldn’t say: watch os 7 is groundbreaking in any respect, but getting good sleep and staying fit is a core feature of the human experience and i think watch os 7 really pushes that out to the 4., along with the new watch, face features these things Go along with a ton of additional improvements in watch os 7., so whether you’re, an apple watch, series, 3 user or an apple watch, series, 6 user or anywhere in between the fact is apple watch – is a better watch with watch west 7.

. What do you guys think, let me know down below in the comments section, this is jeff with nine to five mac special thanks to monoware for sponsoring 905 mac on youtube. Of course, monoware makes the deployant reserve band a brand new, just launched style that features that awesome burnt. Orange colorway find this and much more over at monoweardesign.