The watch itself looks very much like the apple watch you have designed by xiaomi right there at the front and the sensors. There, at the back more on this later inside the box. You have the instruction manual as well as the charger it’s kind of bulky, but yeah we’ll talk about that a little bit later, these straps feel pretty nice uh. The overall design looks very sleek and stylish just looking at it at first glance and yeah very apple watch esque scan the qr code, get the application on your phone turn. The watch on with the only one button on it and you’re pretty much good to go. Set up all of your information on the application and the pairing process is very straightforward. Once you do pair it up. The first thing that you’ll do is obviously have to update the watch itself even before you can use it really like that, because you get the latest firmware latest software upgrade to it uh before you can even begin using it. So you have the best experience right off the bat now uh, the straps itself feel quite nice. On your hand, very lightweight, we’re, going to talk about this later as well. So let’s talk about the build quality and the design on the me watch light. It comes with a square display very, very similar to the apple watch or the fitbit versa. It is a 1.4 inch lcd display with 320 by 320 resolution and can be customized with up to 120.

Different watch faces there’s a crown to the side of the display. Unlike the two on the me watch and the body in general has a flat edged display and doesn’t look too thick. These straps, on the other hand, come with two different colors. It is made of tpu and it’s very easy to carry it around or sleep with it or run with it, without feeling that weight on your hand, the meme wash light has 11 different workout models. That’S not quite the 117 of the standard me watch but likely covers all the general sports like cycling running walking. In our case, obviously, we did go out walking while testing this out it’s able to calculate your steps. You’Ve got your calories burned, how much time the pace you’re going at these both can be seen within the application on your phone. If you want to just use that within the xiaomi app or you can also use the watch to obviously monitor using this and all these statistics and the data you get from, it is pretty much similar across both. So you get a quick little summary at the end of the workout as well that you guys can see on the screen as well when it comes to what you can really expose it to. It. Is water resistant up to 5 atm, so you can keep it underwater at a depth of 50 meters for about 10 minutes. Talking about the sensors on the me watch, light you’ve got the heart rate, monitoring sleep tracking, step, counter activities for reminder.

If you have not moved for too long, you also have weight bearing exercises as well as something we haven’t seen in many other smart watches, which is a counter that tells you how many times you stood up each day now, let’s talk about the ui and how You pretty much interact with the watch itself, press and hold on the screen, and you get. The different watch faces obviously scrolling side to side. You’Ve got the clock face, you get the heart rate. Monitoring you get the sleep, you get, the weather, you get the calories burned. You get music that you can control as well and back to the screen itself. Swiping up from the bottom. Pretty much gets you your control center you’ve got the torch raised, awake lock screen! Do not disturb you’ve got the screen. Wake for five minutes settings scrolling down from the top on the main screen gives you all of your notifications. Now let’s talk about the notifications, the notifications display on this pretty okay, you can read them they’re easy to get around, and the one thing that i really found annoying is that, even if you do clear a notification from your phone let’s say, i open the app And i saw the notification: the watch still keeps the notification on there unless you clear it from the watch manually. Interestingly enough, the mini watch light also has its own built in gps. That lets you track workout distances without having to carry your phone along for the ride, so this provides more accurate distances for all workouts overall xiaomi states that the mi watch light can survive 9 to 10 days with typical usage.

Whatever that means between the different chart cycles from our testing, it took about 8 days to 9 days with slightly more than average usage just because we’re testing, so many things out so i’m, assuming once you do, get used to it and use it like a regular Smart watch, you should get up to nine days of usage out of this now. Let’S talk about the pros and the cons on the mi watch light, starting with the pros the build quality and design really really good. Aesthetically looks very nice if you’re into that square watch, shape it’s, very lightweight, very sleek. Looking very stylish, pretty much will go into any outfit you put on. You, won’t really feel it’s on your wrist at all. The the material of the strap as well dries very quickly, even after it dunked it in water, dried up very quickly, so that’s, a big plus as well. The second pro on this would be the built in gps. Functionality, like i said, which pretty much sets it apart from a lot of the budget or mid range smart watches, you just need your watch tracks. All of your information calories everything the distance covered as well. The third pro on this would be, i guess, the watch application on your phone, the xiaomi wear it works really. Well, i like the animation the data you get to reflect on at the end of the day or after a workout it’s, really great for tracking your needs when it comes to sleep, your heart rate, monitoring all of that’s on there and it’s well integrated, not a Very in depth and detailed application, but everything you need at a glance is present on there, which is very good.

Now. Let’S talk about the cons on the mi watch light the first con kind of the biggest one i had with it is the software the ui on the watch itself to me at least seems a little bit simplistic, a little bit boring even and navigation through it. Doesn’T feel as exciting as using the mobile application. The second con. I guess this is a bit of a nitpick. I wish you had more support to store songs on there, at least so you could play music through earphones literally just leave your phone at home. Go for a run with wireless earphones and you’re, listening to music and it’s tracking you with gps as well the last con on this, and for me this is a little bit annoying i mentioned it earlier as well. Is that the notifications, once you do, get them and you clear them from your smartphone? It still remains in the notification panel on the watch, so it doesn’t clear automatically. So, who is the mi watch light really for now, if you’re in the market for a budget or mid range smartphone that looks pretty good, feels pretty good and overall, just has a very nice design and can do pretty much anything you require from a smart watch. Mimi, what light is a huge huge potential candidate for that? We also talked about the huawei watch recently i’m, going to link that up somewhere. Here we have the amazfit neo for more of the workout guys.

So we have a huge variety of devices for smart watches, that we’ve reviewed and each has its own niche if you’re going just for workout, there’s – probably a better ones out there, but if you just want a simple smartwatch that gives you, notifications can track your sleep. Your heart rate, then the mi watch light is a pretty good solution for that, if you’re using xiaomi devices, this is a no brainer for that so that’s about it guys. That is our review of the me watch light. We really hope you enjoyed this.