Finally, that watch has a direct competitor in the xiaomi mi watch, light which cost 249 ringgit exactly the same as the amazon bpmu. So, with the same price tag, i have to wonder if the mi watch light is actually more worth it than the beep view. Well, let’s find out the midwatch light actually looks pretty nice square case with a rubber, waterproof, strap that fits on easily enough and a single button on the side. The body is a little thicker at 11.9 millimeters and weighs about 35 grams, so it’s fairly light. At least i’ve got the all black model, but you can swap out the straps for its four other colors typical of a budget. Smartwatch is a tft display. This one has a 1.4 inch screen. Pushing a 320 by 320 resolution. Colors on here are pretty good and brightness is okay, but you might struggle a little under direct sunlight. Moving on what really sells a smartwatch are its features. The mi watch light comes with most of what you need like hard tracking sleep monitoring built in breathing exercise modes, gps plus glonass for location, tracking and, of course, your list of workout modes. Unfortunately, this watch doesn’t have a blood oxygen level measuring feature, which is something that the amazefit bit mu does when it comes to fitness tracking. You get your usual step: counters, calorie, burned, trackers and the aforementioned exercise modes, which are not a lot but enough for the usual activities like running cycling, swimming and free exercises.

Starting and tracking a workout is easy enough. Just hit the button at the side to get your workout menu and choose from a compact but sufficient list of modes. To start, you can see your timer calories, burned heart rate and goal simple enough. There there’s really not much else to say about the fitness tracking other than well. It works now. Moving on to the weakest link of the watch, which is its software again, though, it is pretty straightforward, it’s well designed it looks nice, it functions well for the most part, and you also get call and add notifications as well, so, which is pretty nice. There are little quotes that sort of take away from the experience of the me watch slide and the first one that i want to mention is that there is no scrolling animation. I know it sounds trivial, but it does matter a lot to me at least so, when you’re scrolling, through your menus or your different tiles on your home screen, there isn’t a smooth transition between each page or each item you’re looking at it sort of just switches To it, the lack of a smooth transition makes the watch feel a little sluggish and reminiscent of a smartwatch from a really long time ago. The next quote that i want to mention is how notifications and the home button works on this watch or doesn’t. In this case, so every time you get a stack of notifications on your watch, it stays there so usually on a regular, smart watch.

You want to go back to your home screen. You hit the home button right, not on this watch. Here i have to swipe away all the notifications one by one until i get to the home screen now. This is obviously very annoying. Moving on the companion app that you get here is xiaomi ware and it’s a decent app that lets you access more data in a neat page of stat cards almost, and you can also change your watch face here as well as on your watch. You can also update your device software and i, like xiaomi, wear for its really straightforwardness and i’ve. Never really once experienced issues of my watch disconnecting with the app when it comes to the battery life. Semi claims that you get up to nine days with this watch and for the most part it’s true, i get about eight days and a half with regular amounts of usage, and you get to charge it using a magnetic charger which can power up your watch fully. In about two hours, which is not too bad, so i’ve got no complaints in this area because i absolutely love smart watches that last over a week. So as a conclusion for 249 ringgit, the me watch light falls just a bit short in the software department compared to the amazing ppu. The latter also has an spo2 monitoring feature which this watch doesn’t but i’ll end. By saying this, the me watch light is still a good, affordable, smart watch.

If you want something that looks more robust, has impressive battery life. It does everything else fairly well, except for the software of course, and it has plenty of watch, strap colors to choose from from the get go. Well, it’s really up to you. I guess so i guess that’s it from me today. Let us know which watch would you go for? Let me watch like all the amaze fit beat you for exactly the same price.