. If youve been following me on Twitter or Instagram, this is another day of our 4 day. Giveaway. Im going to be sharing some of the tech gifts items. I recommend to get for someone you care about a friend, maybe or colleague, or your loved one.. None of these items Ill be mentioning, are more than 45k or 99 dollars US and Ill leave. Links to where to get them locally or if available in the US. Without further ado lets jump right in The first item on our list. Is the Sony XB22 Bluetooth Rugged speaker.? This is a waterproof and shock proof speaker which Ive been using for months, now., Currently retailing for 79 or about 38 thousand naira. Its made of thick rubber and a soft weaved mesh fabric on it.. The ports are tightly sealed and its very sturdy. I dont know. If Im, the only one, but whenever Im in the shower or just doing a chore, I cant help but listen to music. This speaker has been my companion for the longest time.. It has fallen a lot of times and it still holds up. Battery life is fair for me as well, and I have no complains. Highly recommended., Oh and it has a beat box mode where the top is a snare. The middle is a kick drum and the bottom is a hi hat., So you can make your own beats or amplify a song maybe.. This will be a great gift to give.

, Although its not a smart speaker by any means. This leads me to my next item, which is also the highest priced item on our list. The Apple HomePod mini, and this item is best used by those who already have Apple Products., Its Apples, new speaker with their S5 chip. That has 360 degree big sound in a small body. It also has smart features for iPhones, where, when you bring your phone close to it, you get visual effects because your music flows between each other with Siri, you can search music by lyrics, you can say, play the music that goes yummy yummy and it plays Justin. Bieber, Its got Privacy even intercom when you pair two or more HomePods, and it interacts with AirPods Apple Watch. Everything really and its part of what keeps people in that Apple ecosystem., The HomePod Mini retails for 99 or 45000 naira. Its also on my watch list, and when I get it, I could do a mini video on Instagram.. The 3rd item on our list is Oraimos Ultimate, Slim PowerBank, the Toast 10, and I also have another Oraimo power bank, which Ive been using for months now. When Im on the move, and I need to quickly refill any of my smartphones., Its been one of the Most reliable items in my bag really. When it comes to the Toast 10, it packs in a huge power capacity in an ultraslim form factor, and it has a flashlight.

While its original price is about 7200 naira or 15 dollars. Its currently retailing for, like 4500 naira or less than 10., So thats a bargain., Its a 10000 mAh power bank and Id advice. You go for 10000 mAh or more. If you notice as well. The texture on here is the kind that prevents smudges and also helps for grip ability as well, so it doesnt slip off easily its got 2 charging ports as well charges decently fast and its a great gift for any one.. The fourth item on our list is the Anker Wireless ChargerCharging Stand. Its one of those accessories where you dont know until you need them.. This is a simple piece of accessory. That is also the best seller on Amazon and one of the things Im glad I got in the studio a while back. I think Ive had this for over a year now, but I still highly recommend it anyway. If youve got a wireless charging enabled smartphone or since its a gift. If you know someone whos got a wireless charging enabled smartphone. This is a cost effective gift. At only 19 or 9120 Naira. That easy, no stress and its also a fine phone holder or stand.. The fifth item on this list came in last minute when I was preparing this video and I saw it on Valor Reviews. Instagram page the Philips Perfect Care Iron., Its also called the No Burn Iron.. This one is a perfect gift for anyone, really.

, Of course, its a steam Iron, quite alright, but its also smart and efficient in a way. But why would you gift an Iron now heres? The best part it doesnt burn your fabric. According to Valor Reviews, he placed it on his cloth for 3 minutes and nothing happened. It shuts down by itself when left unattended.. Ive already added this to my cart – and I know who Im giving this gift item. To. Total cost of this Iron is a little high at 77 or 37400 naira, but for the features I would recommend., I think valor reviews has it cheaper and Ill leave a link to his own video in the description.. The sixth item on my list to give as a gift is the Oraimo FreePods 2. Specifically, the 2 Baba Edition. Ive reviewed this item before on my page, so Ill leave a link to the in depth, video on these EarBuds. For 32 or 15000, which is now at a discounted price of 10200 naira, I believe, or less than 22.. This is a bargain. After my review, I got a lot of positive remarks from those who got it, although there were those who ordered and got it late due to delayed shipping, there has been a positive response for these.. The sound quality is great, and I use this regularly alongside others, and just like I mentioned in my full review, you actually hear 2 Babas voice in the commands of these headphones and not a random voice, which makes this all the more premium.

A new feature. I found out and liked was when I had them on and I got a call 2 Baba read the number out for me., Like 0 8 0 bla bla. His voice, read the number. Its just cool and check the description for the full review on this guy.. It comes in a nice box too, and is a great gift to get.. The seventh item I have on this list is the Samsung Fit Grip at 31 or 15000., Its a Bluetooth, Smartphone Grip, slash Tripod, which also has a detachable remote for snapping, selfies or recording videos.. It also has different standing and bending positions which can stand on its own or stay on a tripod, since it is detachable.. Unfortunately, this is a bundled product, meaning you get it when you buy a device, however Ive spotted it on sites like Jiji.ng and its around the 10 15k mark. When to comes to the price., I had it for a while and enjoyed using it.. It could also be a gift for someone who is interested in photography or video work.. The 8th item on our list is the Xiaomi MiBand 5 for 40 or 18000 naira only., With over 16000 reviews on Amazon, 70 of which are 5 star ratings, thats impressive.. I first saw the Mi Band smartwatch, slash fitness bracelet with Eric Okafor, which you most likely know as KnewKeed and Ive been interested in it ever since its an affordable way of getting Into a fitness band or a smartwatch.

And if youve heard of fit bits and the likes, this is easily a more affordable version of something like that.. You can track your steps, your sleep heart rate messages and more, and you can even change the band of your smartwatch., All in all its a pretty interesting buy for that price, and if you want to check it out, links are in the description.. The 9th item is the SanDisk iXpand Drive for the iPhone. At 22 or 10560 naira, its a 128GB back up, drive or flash drive for your iPhone.. If you dont want to keep battling with storage issues and say you take a ton of video or photos or just large files in general, this is for you.. You can load up the flash drive on your computer as well and access the files on your iPhone, easily say: youve moves or something. its one of the interesting things you can give as a gift and lastly, at number 10 youve got the Android version of it. The Dual Drive m3.0 128GB as well, which is slightly less at 20 or 9900 Naira. This has similar attributes just that it works for Android devices too, and of course, you can also get a USB C version, which is around that price.. As I mentioned, one of the best ways I personally use to order items from the US into Nigeria is Shareshopship and, although they might not be operating during this festive season, do hit them up.

On instagram link is in the description. Chai Ive said, link in the description like 100 times now, anyway, check out Shareshopship on instagram, and you can tell them I send you. This is not sponsored them at all. I use them myself and the item Im. Giving away is an Oraimo power bank., It might take a while to get to you, but just know, youve won something this festive season from me. If youre picked as the winner., The winner will be announced on Christmas Day or 24 hours. After this video is public.. Those are the items Im recommending which ones do you guys recommend or have you found interesting in this list.? Let me know in the comments below. Do like this video, if you found it useful and, of course, subscribe to the channel, make it my own gift. If you will.