Oh, what am i doing when’s the last time you saw a removable battery in a phone. Oh, my god. How do you do that? It’S shocking hi, guys in today’s video i’m going to be telling you about my experience with this phone. This here is the nokia 2720. I believe it’s a remake phone it’s, a feature phone, which means it has a few smart features but it’s not quite as smart as a smartphone i’ve used this phone now for 30 straight days and yeah. This video is about my experience with the phone and also at the end i’m, going to do a short review about basically what the phone is and whether or not the features are good or bad. So let’s begin. So this part of the video is the experiences so what i’ve learned over the 30 days when i gave up my smartphone and i switched to the nokia 2720 now, the first thing i learned was that life will not end. If you give up your smartphone and at the beginning of this experience, i had an unshakable feeling that i wasn’t going to be able to do it and i wasn’t going to be able to live without it, because in the modern day, world people need smartphones. So i can tell you now that if you do want to give up your smartphone, there are ways you can work around it. Life will not end and life will carry on.

Firstly, if you need your phone to do important things like access your emails, for example, there are ways you can work around that problem. The first thing you should do is you should clear your desk. You should use your laptop or pc. You should use that more often and you want your work environment, you want it to be a nice place to be, and i think that your brain is really going to appreciate that, because you’re in a clean environment you’re using a mouse and keyboard, so arguably you’re Able to do your emails more quickly and more efficiently, that’s one way you could do it, and the good thing is that your workplace is separate from your relaxing space when you’re at your desk. You know what you’re there to do so. It’S not like, throughout the day when you have emails going through your phone, bing bing, bing bing, going off like that and then you’re addressing the emails there. And then you do the emails when you’re at your desk and you get them all done in one. Go that way, there’s going to be less distractions and there’s going to be less thoughts, racing through your head and you’re able to focus more on what needs to be done in the moment. But sometimes you do need a mobile device to do some things. So one thing is taking photos. Secondly, if you have mobile banking, you will need to access that somehow.

Thirdly, if you use your mobile phone to scan documents, that’s another thing: that’s made easier with a smartphone. Another thing is using important apps. So, for example, in the uk we have the coronavirus test and trace app in the uk, and that is not rolled out to a phone like this. Another thing is, you might have a home security app like a smart camera system in your home again with a phone like this, you need an app to be able to see what’s going on on your cctv, whether if you have a ring, a google nest, an Arlo product or anything like that, it’s going to be made a lot more difficult with this, but there is a way i found most of the time you can do the things you want to do if you just use a tablet now the great thing about a Tablet is it can pretty much do everything a phone can do, but at the same time the benefit is it’s far less addictive than smartphones for a start, with a tablet they’re much harder to use, because the keyboard is a bit wider. The screen is a lot bigger, so it’s two handed use and the other thing is you can’t bring it everywhere. You can’t fit it in your pocket, so they can do everything that a phone can do, but you can’t bring them everywhere. That’S, why? I think they’re far less addictive. You can still get the same stuff done, but it will just take a little bit more time and i think it’s worth it.

It worked for me. The second thing i learned from this experience over 30 days was that i browsed the web a lot less now. I’M. One of those people where i have a lot of like light, bulb moments right and when i have that thought or that impulse that comes into my brain, i feel like. I need to get my smartphone and look up the answer to the question immediately. So i can satisfy that impulse. Do you know what i’m talking about if you do give us a like if you’re one of those people too, but i found that i mean this phone – has a mobile web browser but it’s not a very good one. It takes ages and a lot of the time it doesn’t load up everything you want to load up and i wasn’t able to look things up on a whim now. I found this quite difficult at first, but i did find solutions to these problems. First of all, i had to think about is the question that i have: is it important enough and if it’s important enough, and i need an answer straight away, i would just walk to my laptop as simple as that walk to your laptop and look it up On the internet so that’s the first thing now. Secondly, if you feel like it’s, not important enough to take the time out your day to go to your desk there’s another thing you can do if there’s someone around you, you can just ask them to look up the question that you have on their smartphone and A lot of the time people are going to say: yes, why wouldn’t they take only two seconds.

So a lot of the time i was able to get the answer i was looking for. I just had to think about what what i could do as simple as that, the point i’m trying to make is, i didn’t feel disabled at all. Just because i didn’t have a smartphone and i wasn’t able to look things up. You can survive without a smartphone. You can definitely do it. The third thing i learned was: i began to leave my phone. I began to just leave it around the house a lot more often so. I’Ll just chuck it on the bed bedside table, whatever i’d walk away, i’d be in a different room, and you know i didn’t get any separation anxiety from my phone with my smartphone is different. My smartphone, i feel like it has to be on me all the time and, if it’s, not in my pocket, it feels like something’s wrong yeah. I found that quite good to be honest with you, the fact that i can’t be bothered to bring the phone around with me. I think it’s quite a liberating thing: it’s, just you just chilling out or get do it getting on with some work. I think that’s a great thing. Another thing i learned this is kind of a negative experience was not having a decent camera on hand, is pretty annoying in 2020.. I have to admit i didn’t really get used to this over the 30 days and it was a consistent annoyance throughout the 30 days.

So, if you look at this nokia here, there is the camera right. There it’s just a straightforward two megapixel camera with a very, very poor sensor, most likely no selfie camera whatsoever. You’Ve just got a very standard torch there, which works as your flash, which doesn’t really do much yeah and you’ve got a really poor camera in low light. As well – and i think this day and age, we have taken these things for granted, but at the same time, they’re very, very handy features and they’re, not features that you get addicted to they’re just features that are really very handy. I think fortunately, for me i have a dedicated camera old school style, so i found that that helped me sometimes but again, a camera is not something you can easily put in your pocket. I would say it depends on your job. If your job involves taking a lot of photos, you definitely are going to find it difficult to live with one of these. If your job doesn’t, then obviously it’s far easier for me, i’m kind of in between, i do youtube and other stuff. So it is important for me to have a camera on me every now and again, sometimes there’s a special moment, and you just want to capture it. This is not going to do that moment. Justice really for these phones to be more popular for people who want to give up smartphones. The cameras do need to be a little bit better, so people are able to kind of cope with the detox.

If you get what i’m saying so yeah, that was a little bit annoying just to say the least. Another thing i learned was that texting without a touchscreen keyboard is very, very hard right, so you’ve got to use these buttons. I don’t know whoever’s watching this. If you’re in your 20s 30s, you probably remember phones like this, if you’re still a youngster you’re, not going to remember phones like this, basically here’s a keypad right and on the keypad, you have a number or series of letters and, for example, that one there you’ll Have to click it three times if you want to get an l one time, if you want to get a j and at first i thought it was quite funny. I have to say i found it quite funny that you know once upon a time we all used a text like that, but i got very bored of it at first i used the predictive text mode because i thought it was going to be easier and faster. I got very bored of that in the end and annoyed with that. In the end, the predictions that they would often give me were either very weird or totally wrong. I eventually switched to the standard method of texting where you have to click. The button, like i just said multiple times until you’ve, hit the right character, however it’s painfully slow compared to using a smartphone keyboard, and i found i ended up doing two things in response.

The first thing i did was, i started texting like a 90s child when you’re using this mode of texting, you don’t write in real english. You use a kind of shorthand version so to a lot of people today back in the 90s or to early 2000s. That would be acceptable, but today it just looks like you know: you can’t spell when there’s something wrong with you it’s funny that another thing i noticed was: i actually ended up, because i couldn’t be bothered to text anymore. I actually ended up giving people a call old school style. You know. Do you know that you can use a phone to call people? You know. I was beginning to forget that i think before i did this 30 day thing, i can tell you now. 100, honest i’ve had a good few conversations with people, friends family, which i’m sure i would not have had. If i had my smartphone and at first i found that very strange. You know. Can you believe i even found that strange to ring people these days because i’m usually a big texter? Sometimes i spend eight hours 10 hours a day right i’m, not joking. Here, eight hours, 10 hours a day texting on things like whatsapp and whatsapp groups and stuff. Like that, but when you actually pick up the phone, you know you just pick up the phone, give someone a call personally, i think it’s much better to do that it’s much better to chat on the phone than text all day.

I think it’s pretty important. Another thing i learned was: i actually got a bunch more work done. I mean just to show you if you look at my youtube videos over the past month, you’ll see that my activity level has been much higher than usual i’m, not getting distracted. So much now that’s not to say that smartphones are a hindrance. I wouldn’t say that they stop you from getting work done, because the one good thing about a smartphone is that if you are in the industry, where you have to come up with ideas, a smartphone can help you come up with ideas. Right ideas are important. We need ideas to be creative and and come up with new things, but at the same time i felt like not having a smartphone can help. You execute your ideas and get stuff done. So the fact that i’m walking around with this thing – it just means that there’s nothing better to do so may as well just get the work done. So what do you think is more important sitting around all day, looking stuff up having a million thoughts racing around your head and procrastinating, or do you think getting the work done is important? Come up with a couple of ideas, just get the work done? What do you think is the best put your comments down below. Let me know what you’d prefer. Another thing i learned over this 30 day period, which is really good, is i’ve, got more exercise done now.

I kind of like exercise i’m kind of one of those people when i’m doing the exercise. I really like it, but getting me to start a workout is something where you know. It leaves a lot of room for procrastination right and i tend to mess around on my phone a bit before an exercise workout, so it could be i’m going on youtube or social media whatsapp web browsing. Anything like that and before you know it. 30 minutes have gone by 45 minutes have gone by and by that time, i’m running late for the next thing that i have to do after the workout, so usually what that means is. I have to cut the exercise session short and i can be honest with you. I’Ve never faced this problem for the last 30 days, i’ve not faced this problem with this nokia 2720. Another thing i learned – and this is a really good one – is that i spent more time with my family and particularly my dog. I realized right early on that. I must have been ignoring him for the last couple years that he’s been around because i’ve been noticing that he stares at me a lot like, for example, i might be just you know, making cup of tea or something, and while the kettle’s boiling i’m on my Phone doing this right, but meanwhile, in the background there’s, my dog he’s, staring at me and i’ve been blocking this out, but with this when i’m, making a cup of tea i’m not really doing that i’m, not sitting around on this phone.

So now, i’m, just gon na answer a few questions that you might have were you expecting the nokia 2720 to be better or worse? To be honest with you, i got what i expected. I did some research on this phone before i bought it and got it. The only thing that i would say that was surprising to me was how bad the video camera was and the battery life. Now a lot of you are thinking. What do you expect from a phone like that? How do you expect the video to be good, but the thing is, let me tell you don’t forget that these phones were the most popular phones until about 2010 2011.. You know those phones still had pretty good cameras. They’Re able just because it looks like that it doesn’t mean that they can’t put a decent camera module in there for the money that you pay, for it is something they’re able to do, but i think they’re just cost saving or something. But one thing i didn’t expect: basically you feel liberated, because if you drop the phone you don’t have to worry so much that the the glass is gon na smash. Like you do on a smartphone, you have a removable back, as you can see so there’s a lot of uh good things about that. To be honest with you, i like the fact you have a removable battery and a removable back was the experience as tough as you expected.

Actually, i thought it was quite easy to do the 30 day detox after the first two or three days. The first two or three days were the most difficult. To be honest, i didn’t really fancy going back to a smartphone. I didn’t really care because i’m getting more stuff done on my laptop during the day that i have to do you know during the evening. If i want to go on my tablet, i can you know so, and i didn’t find that was addictive or anything like that. So the only reason that i’ve gone back to a smartphone now is, first of all, because i’m running a tech channel and i can’t really i’m running a tech channel. I can’t really use that that’s the first thing and secondly, that was the plan from the start. The plan from the start was to do 30 days without a smartphone and then go back to a smartphone. How will you incorporate the lessons you’ve learned in the future i’ve learned that it’s definitely a great thing to use your smartphone less rather than more uh. Definitely there are some genuinely clever apps out there there’s some genuinely good apps out there, but i think you need to try and understand that smartphones are there for fun as well as work. Okay, it’s, very, very easy to get addicted to a smartphone. I’Ve realized that there are a few apps that i will need to restrict or limit my access to so the first one being whatsapp, the second one being any web browser, because i, like i said i get thoughts into my head, then i have to look it Up right, i’m, one of those people – and i do it like 50 times a day.

The third one is youtube again youtube a lot of the time. I’Ve fallen victim to the recommended video. Next, what the one that’s coming next and the 54321 i felt victim to that a few times, so youtube is something number four is um: social media apps like facebook and instagram that’s, not really that addictive to me, but sometimes the notifications that you get you know They draw you to your phone and they make you they stop you thinking about what you have to do, particularly the instagram feed when you’re just going like that, like a mindless zombie, you know and liking stuff and whatever and the fifth thing, which is actually quite Addictive and i didn’t realize how addictive it was, was email now. Email is something that you get multiple times a day and a lot of the time it’s just spam. I was consistently looking at my emails and now i’ve said no not doing emails anymore, i’ve even gone through the effort of getting my email account off my phone and not syncing it up. So i have to look it on my laptop and i just think it’s way better. Another thing i’ve learned is that i need to switch off my notifications as well, except for very important things like messages like sms or whatsapp. How are you going to ensure that you stick to your new plan to ensure that i stick to my new plan? I have already put an app on my phone.

The app that i’m using is called stay focused and my smartphone usage has already been cut back. Something like 15 minutes a day, 30 minutes a day. I was using my smartphone eight hours a day, sometimes ten hours a day and now i’m using 15 to 30 minutes a day, so it’s definitely working i’m gon na do a review about this app very soon. So guys, what did you think about this video? Did you like it? If you liked it give us a like, if you can please it does help me happy to answer any questions you have. If you want to do something like what i’ve done with this detox thing or any other questions, yeah always happy to help so take care.