I want to talk about the best samsung smartphone of 2020.. So, as you know, samsung released a bunch of smartphones. In 2020 we have the samsung galaxy s20 series. The note series, a bunch of foldable smartphones and a bunch of budget smartphones that samsung released and out of all these, i used the samsung galaxy note 20 ultra as my daily driver. However, that is not the best samsung smartphone of 2020 and i’ll tell you which one it is and why, in this video, so let’s make this crystal clear when i say the best samsung phone of 2020, i am talking about not only the quality of the phone, But also the pricing of the phone, so we’re, looking at the value that you get for the price that you spend now. Obviously, if you go out there and you buy the most expensive, samsung smartphone it’s going to be the best, but it doesn’t mean the phone itself is the best, because you’re spending a lot of money to get that quality. So the most expensive thing is not necessarily the best thing from a general point of view. I can go out today and i can spend 80 90 000 and i get a chevy corvette, which is an incredible value for the money, but remember i can also go and spend three times the money and get a lamborghini. Of course the lamborghinis will be better, but now i am out a lot of money so keep that in perspective, and so now let’s reveal the best phone of 2020 by samsung, which, in my opinion, is this one right here.

The samsung galaxy s20 f e. This guy right here it is an incredible value for the price you’re paying, which is around 500 to 600 and you’re getting 5g, so let’s quickly dive in and see what makes this phone better. First and foremost, the s20 fe, the most obvious thing, it’s got a 120 hertz refresh rate. You do have a 10 atp display when you watch movies on this display. When you watch media enjoy your videos, it is an absolute pleasure to watch. It is a flat display which some people actually prefer over the curved displays and again that 120 hertz refresh rate gives this phone such a smooth user experience that it feels far beyond its actual price tag of 500 to 600, which is crazy and, of course, that’s. Not everything that’s, just the beginning, a quick word from our sponsor wondershare right now, they’re having a 30 off christmas sale. Now wondershare has some amazing software tools, such as their one click whatsapp transfer tool, which allows you to transfer all your whatsapp messages and data from an iphone to android or from android to iphone, with the click of a button. It’S free to download and try links will be down below, and if you buy any one of their tools, you will get 30 off as their christmas special. This promotion is going to be on till january, the 7th again all links are down below. If you are a whatsapp user, this is a tool that you want to check out when it comes to the camera.

Real quick, the front camera is amazing: it’s 32 megapixels. You can actually record up to 4k at 60 frames per second with the camera. On the s20 fe again, that is great for a phone in the 500 price range. The other thing that’s great, is the rear camera. First and foremost, we have three cameras, which is great. You get versatility, you have a standard angle camera. You have an ultra wide camera and, of course, you have a telephoto camera that is capable of 30 times hybrid zoom, and this is the same camera. You are in fact getting on the samsung yellow cs20, so it’s a flagship camera dropped into a phone that is priced sensibly, so cameras are great. 4K 60 frames per second on both front and the rear, high levels of versatility. And, of course, one of the biggest things is. The phone actually has a flagship, processor, it’s, the same processor as the s20, s20 plus and the s20 ultra. So the performance is exactly the same as those phones and because it has a 1080p display and a huge battery, which is 4500 milliamp hours. It gives you so much battery life it’s gon na easily last a day, no problem. So as i look at this phone – and i think that it’s only i can get this for 500 or 600 – it just boggles the mind such a great phone for such a low price coming from samsung. I was not expecting something like this now.

One more thing: a lot of people don’t talk about is the fact that when you are looking at budget priced smartphones or even budget smartphones, there’s one benefit that they offer over the flagship, phones and that’s the color options. Now this phone comes in five colors and i was able to get the red color, which is my favorite, and i wish i wish the samsung lc note 20. Ultra, that i use on a daily basis had a red color, but it doesn’t only has three colors. The s20 fe comes in five colors, so the people that are shopping for this phone get all these options when it comes to personalizing the phone to the color that you tick with and, of course not to mention. The phone is also gon na get three years worth of updates, so we are promised a bunch of upgrades going forward into 2021 2022. So it is definitely a future proof smartphone. Now, why is this phone so cheap? They made some compromises that simply don’t matter at this price point again, 500 or 600 it’s got a plastic bag. Does it matter, of course it matters. It matters. If you put the plastic back on a phone that is over a thousand dollars which, in this case, it’s not it’s glass but then i’m paying premium price from the for the premium, build quality with this one. I am okay with paying 500 and getting a plastic bag, but also getting all the other things.

I mentioned, the strong processor, the refresh rate, the excellent camera and the excellent display quality and, of course, that large battery life so give me the plastic, not a problem. I’Ll pay that and i’ll, let you know if i had to put the s20 ultra today, let’s just let’s have to put it down for a little bit and i was forced to use this guy right here. I think i’d be fine, i think i’d be. I survived no problem, i might miss the s pen, but beyond that it’s just doing everything in an excellent manner. Now. One thing i do want to mention again is the phone also has 5g. So 5g, in my opinion, is not a big deal. I live in the united states and most 99 person of the united states has no coverage for 5g and the places that do have 5g coverage it’s nothing special. Unless you’re standing in a specific location closed by a 5g provider, you’re never going to see that 5g speeds, but it does have it again, something uh you can consider as future proof now. Samsung also made the samsung lc note: 20, not the uh 20 ultra. That is right here, which i like they made a note 10, which is a thousand dollars now. This guy also has a plastic back, but only has a 60 hertz display, okay, so you’re. Looking at this one right here, it’s got 120 hertz and it’s only 500, and everything else is just as good as the note 20 over here.

That is a thousand dollars. So, if you’re on the market – and you are in the budget shopping range, but you still want to flash your experience uh, this is the phone. This is the best. This hits the sweet spot. The experience that you get out of this phone is flagship level. Okay, it just is cheap. I don’t know how they did it, but they made a perfect phone with the perfect compromise, so the best phone of 2020 for sure, is the samsung galaxy. S20 fe again, if you drop all your money and you get the samsung galaxy. Note 20 uh ultra, of course that’s gon na be better, but then you’re spending double the money actually more than the double. So when it comes to the money spent and value received, the s20 fe is unbeatable. Now you may have noticed. I didn’t mention the folding smartphones. I still consider the folding smartphones in their infancy, so i can’t really recommend those for everyday people. They’Re expensive phones, you’re, paying a premium price you’re paying more for the samsung galaxy z flip, which is an inferior phone to the note. 20, ultra okay, you’re getting a worse display, 60hz refresh rate, smaller screen and all that stuff, but you’re paying the maximum price tag. So those phones are in a different category. Of course, if you buy them, you’re going to enjoy them because they’re different than the norm, but again i’m talking about average consumers uh the average consumers that i talk to on a daily basis, don’t even some of them don’t, even know that there’s flip phones out There so they don’t care okay, so in that perspective the s20 fe is gon na, be the best deal period.

So let me know down below if you agree with this assessment uh, if you do have an s20 fe. Let me know what you think about it.