I hope you all enjoyed yourself on christmas day and as we look forward to 2021 it’s going to be massive and a whole lot is going to be coming from this channel. So if you’re watching right now, brace yourself, it is going to be massive. And yes, i want to take out time to thank you all for always watching every video i post on this channel every comment every likes as well as share every subscriber. You guys are super amazing and thank you all so much and if you have not subscribed to my channel don’t think about it just do it please kindly hit on that red subscribe button to join this awesome family and turn the bell icon for post notifications. So you won’t miss anything from this channel and my next video, so today guys i’ve got two lovely budget smartphones. I carefully selected as the best gifting item ending the year 2021, the oppo f15 and the tegnospago 2020.. Now these phones may not be on the top 10 list of the budget, smartphones dca, but these phones do not disappoint. They are about 2 gigabytes of ram and they perform like a 4 gigabyte smartphones on the oppo f15. It is powered by media tequila, p35 octa core chip, while the techno spargo 2020 is powered by helio 822 quad core processor, and they both have a lot of decent similarities that make them stand out, starting with their design. Both of them are blue color, but oppo named this one.

Mystery, blue and techno gave this one see blue, but when you go to a phone shop tell them you want to buy the blue color period. These two smartphones are plastic build and they sit comfortably in their hand. The oppo f15 has cuffed edges. That gives you the metallic finish. Just like the technosphere go with the gradient finish, and they both feel like premium devices. You have the same 13 megapixel main camera lens on both devices and the fingerprint unlocks color. They also have similar layouts on the bottom, a micro usb port for charging on both devices. You have a 3.5 mm, headphone jack, a noise cancelling mic and a speaker grille, and on the right side of both phone is the power button and the volume rockers on the left. There is a difference. You need a sim ejector tool for the oppo f15 and for the technos per go. You have to open the back cover to reveal the same slots, both devices have same display features and the display of any phone is as important as the battery of that smartphone. These two devices sports the same 6.52 inches display with hd plus picture qualities. Both of them are ips lcd panel with same screen resolution of 720 by 1600 pixels and offers a 60 hertz refresh rate so i’m wondering what makes these phones the best gifting devices. First is the camera performances of both devices on the oppo f15 is a triple camera combination of 13 megapixel, lens 2 megapixel macro and 2 megapixel depth, and then the flashlights on the techno spark go it’s a dual camera combination of 13 megapixel and a 2 megapixel Video lens, so, if you’re on a budget – and you intend giving out a good camera phone, this phone’s camera do not disappoint in any way and their lenses hold a significant marketing value shoving off a lot of distance in their pictures.

If it were to be a camera comparison here, the 13 megapixel of the techno appears real just the way your eye sees it on the oppo f15, there is an intelligence applied that tends to add more color and brightness. They both have good contrast and saturation level, but if you look closely, you’d probably not be able to spot your differences. So what do you think? I would say that this phone’s cameras are good, for whichever purpose you intend needing a phone and also in video recording. This is a 1080p at 30 frames. Video, these picture qualities are what you get from the oppo f15 and the techno spark go 2020, so the oppo f15 front. Camera is a 5 megapixel lens and the techno spargo 2020 is an 8 megapixel lens so which image do you think is fresh here and the boss shoots 1080p at 30 frames per second. So what i thought about the sound and the picture quality for the selfie. You have an eight megapixel on the techno and then a five megapixel on the oppo. The major difference here is the color reproduction. Now you see more of saturation on the techno image than the oppo a15 that tends to lose colors a bit, but in portrait shot. I will go with the oppo a15 because of the complete background blur, but at the end they both come out good for any social media posting on the performance end. The fingerprint unlock of the techno is faster than the oppo f15 or maybe it’s almost a tie, but so long as the both of them recognize your fingerprint and unlocks your phone.

It is fine. The technospa goal is valued at 45k. That amounts to 120 for the oppo f15. You have to add an extra 15 000 amount, 60, 000 or 152 dollars so which one will you go for the oppo a15 or the technospargo 2020? They are about 2 gigabyte of ram and powered by the same graphic chip power, vrg a320 for gaming. But when it comes to the battery you have a five thousand million battery on the techno spark go, and then you have a four thousand two hundred and thirty million that powers the oppo a15. But in my usage experience it felt like a typical four thousand million battery on the oppo a15, and that makes the five thousand million battery of the techno the winner in battery performance. And nowadays it seems all budget phones are efficient in multitasking and these phones are not an exception unless you deliberately want to clock them with too many background tasks, but i wouldn’t recommend any kind of gaming activity that will utilize more of the gpu. So try to make it moderate as possible, so my pros for any of this device that makes them a good gifting item ending the a2020 or starting the year. 2021 includes good design and quality, build on both smartphones, massive display with the water drop notch, fingerprint unlock and decent camera performances for the cons. They are both entry level smartphones with average performances, but with good battery life, so which one do you consider as an excellent choice or as a good gifting smartphone, the oppo f15 or the spargo 2020.

To let me know what you think in the comments below so as a good gifting item. I choose the technospargo 2020 over the oppo f15 and as a gift, i will be giving away one techno spargo and to what i’ll give you with the link is in this video description to check it out. After watching this video and if you’re new to my channel, please click on that red, subscribe button and don’t forget to post notifications.