This is a quick round up of some of the best tech we have seen in 2020 from various different categories, and my choices are based on performance, build price and innovation. So great all round devices offering you complete bang for your buck, so that’s. Why i’m calling this segment the people’s choice, so let’s begin with the most popular category, of course smartphones. So the best all round bang for your buck premium flagship smartphone for 2020. My pick and winner in this category is the samsung galaxy s20 fan edition, currently priced at only 599 in the uk and 699 in the us. Now i have two more phones that deserve honorable mentions. We have the oneplus 8t priced 599 in the uk and 720 in the us and, of course, the google pixel 5, which is also in a similar price range. So those were my picks for the best bang for your buck flagships. You can currently buy now moving on swiftly the best budget smartphones of 2020. Now the winner in this category has to be the google pixel, 4a priced at 348. Pounds totally wins this category, and the honorables are oneplus nord at 379 and the iphone se at ‘9.. Giving the people the option for the cheapest iphone we have ever seen now moving on to our next category, the best game console of 2020, so playstation 5 is my winner for this category. The new controller experience is like nothing you have ever experienced unless xbox can match it.

The ps5 is a clear winner for me and the obvious honorable mention is the xbox series x. Now i am flying through these as fast as i can, because i do cover such a wide range of tech. So i just want this video to be short and sweet and, of course, to the point so next category, the best all round overall laptop for 2020, and my winner in this category is the dell xps 13 and the runners up. We have the new apple macbook pro m1 edition and the asus swift 3, with the ryzen 7. next category, the best gaming laptop of 2020. So my winning choice is the asus zephyrus g14 and honorable runners up the asus tough a15 and the razer blade 15.. Now, moving on to electric scooters – and my winner in this category is the read e4 plus it has a nice suspension for comfort, a great smartphone, app it’s ipx 4 rated you’ve got underboard leds, which look incredible and it comes with 10 inch wheels that will never Get punctured, you have a 350 watt motor, so going up, hills is super easy and you have integrated front and rear lights. This was by far the best quality electric scooter i’ve tested in 2020, and the runner up has to be the lao tai l6. In my review, i called it the speed demon as it reached speeds of up to 45 kilometers per hour with a powerful 500 watt motor.

This is no doubt a super beast of an electric scooter and it’s, definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, but i certainly enjoyed that speed. So moving on to the next category best, electric bikes, 2020 and the winner is the cowboy 3 which is priced around 1900 pounds. It’S, a super smart, looking e bike, matte black, finish 70 kilometer range, fully charged in only three hours with built in security and gps tracker, and also a removable battery, absolutely love the cowboy 3.. Now the runner up has to be the wow bike price, starting around 1600 smashing design with plenty of power and range. Now the next category is android tv boxes and not much has developed for tv boxes in 2020. It seems like a slow year for this category. Nevertheless, the best tv box money can buy, and my winner of this category is, was, and might always be, the nvidia shield tv, but we do have a few honorable mentions which stood out this year: fire tv cube, 4k, second gen minix, neo, u22 xj and the A95X max plus, and also i like to mention the fire stick. 4K third gen was quite a bang for your buck product and i can’t believe i nearly forgot the new chromecast with google tv. This is one of the cheapest ways to get the official android tv os on your television. Next category is the best smart watch of 2020 and the winner is well. Joint winners of this category are mob voice, tic watch pro 3 and the very hard to ignore samsung galaxy watch 3.

. So two of the best smart watches of this year – and we do have some honorable runners up samsung galaxy, active 2 and the impressive huawei watch. Gt2 pro and next up best true wireless stereo earbuds of 2020 and the winner is the anchor sound core liberty, 2 pro and runners up, lg tone free fn7, and i also liked the anchor sound core spirit dot now the best over the air wireless headphones in 2020, my winning choice, my favorite, the sony, wh 1000xm4 and runners up bowers and wilkins px7 and the plantronics backbeat go 810 were also pretty good. Next up the best smart voice speaker for 2020, and we got joint winners in this category. We got the apple homepod mini with the siri voice assistant and we have the sonos one with amazon, alexa runners up amazon, echo studio and my favorite. The amazon echo dot 4th gen with clock display now the best action camera of 2020 goes to gopro hero 9. Black and runner up goes to insta 361r and the dji osmo action and the best led video projector of 2020. The winner is benq th585 it’s, an absolute beast of a full hd projector, superb for gaming runner. Ups, we have the bow maker 7200, which is also a native full hd projector, and i definitely want to mention the on ak6, which is also native full hd and we’re, going to end this with the best game of 2020 all platforms, so the winner is hades Available on pc and nintendo switch and the honorable runner ups we’ve got last of us two on ps4 assassin’s creed valhalla, which is available on all formats except the switch you’ve got spider man miles morales, which is exclusive for playstation, 4 and playstation 5.

. So there you have it guys that was the best tech, 2020 people’s choice. It’S been a pretty rough and tough year for all of us, but tech just kept going technology was unstoppable. We saw lots of launches and events. In october, we saw some of the best products being launched, it’s been a crazy ride, so looking forward to 2021 and what technology will bring us. Meanwhile, message to the people. I hope this journey of life is more progressive and prosperous for us all in 2021. I thank you all for joining this ride with me on chigz tech reviews, and i just want to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy and prosperous new year.