If you’re new uh my name is paul i’m english. I live in france and um uh. I i’m a stand up comedian, but i used to work at apple and uh. I’Ve decided to make two videos about the uh, the iphone 12 mini, which uh i bought last week and uh. I did an unboxing video because it’s a french version of the phone, so the unboxing was slightly different to the rest of the world. So if you want to go and see what makes the french iphone unboxing experience different to the rest of the world, then go up here and uh click on the video wherever the video is, i don’t care, you don’t care it doesn’t matter. Here we go so i’ve been using it for a week. My previous phone was the iphone 11 pro and basically this video i wanted to make because uh i was wondering myself and i really couldn’t find another video on youtube about. This is going from an 11 pro to a 12 mini, actually a downgrade or is it an upgrade? I mean technically it’s a pro and technically this is a mini, but this is the older generation and this is the newer generation. So what is it? It’S kind of both it’s kind of an upgrade and a downgrade, so a bunch of things are upgraded on this new iphone 12, whether it’s a mini or a pro uh. That uh that you choose at the the connectivity is better it’s 5g instead of 4g.

Not that matters for me in paris, because we’re 25 years behind everyone else, so we’re not ready for 5g. So i don’t really care about that. It’S got the new a14 chip, which means technically it’s a bit quicker. Not that i’ve really saw a difference. To be honest between these two, there wasn’t much difference in terms of operating quickness, quickness operating speed operating rapidity rapidity. I don’t know you know what i mean it wasn’t much quicker, even though it’s got the new chip, the 12 mini has better water resistance. Again, who cares i mean i live in paris and it’s raining right now, so maybe that helps a bit and a bunch of other technical things that didn’t really matter to me. Uh were were the upgrade. The main upgrade for me was the form factor and boy. Do i love this small phone uh? A lot of people have been talking about it. They love this smaller form, factor of a phone, and i agree with them. It’S great it’s super light. Uh really light. Like really extremely light compared to the old one, and even compared to the 12 pro uh, which a friend of mine has and um it’s, just it’s really light it’s nice it’s cool. I like it in my hand, it’s easier to to get around different places. So, for me, the form factor was a definite upgrade after using it for a week and then going back to the iphone 11.

I was like. Oh, this is kind of this is kind of weird grippy it’s weird to to. Ah, i just it doesn’t really work for me. It doesn’t work. It took me a little while to get used to typing on a smaller screen, so i got fat ugly, thumbs uh and about the color during the unboxing. I talked about it not really being black. I still maintain that it is not really black. It is a kind of uh dark, very dark purple blue when you put it in sunlight, which i actually like, but uh it’s not advertised black as it should be. To be honest, those lying bastards are apple. The fact that it’s kind of square is amazing for taking photos, because you can literally just put it down and it stands on its own and you can take a photo. You can take a selfie if you’re taking a group photo. You can just put it on the edge of a table or something like that, and it stands up on its own. Oh, have i missed those days because, with the iphone 11 pro or any of the previous, like four generations of phones, you, you can’t put it on its side. You have to buy like some sort of bendy tripod thing, that’s an extra thing in your pocket to hold the phone up. So i love the fact that this is square and it holds up now speaking of photos. This was kind of one of the biggest issues for me was the camera, because i take a lot of photos, especially now that i have a baby.

What do people with babies do take photos all day every day and i’ve been doing that with my 11 pro and it’s been going really well. Most of the uh photos that i take are either portrait photos or the ultra wide uh camera, which is kind of. Why i decided to buy this to test it out? Think about it. This way the camera is kind of an upgrade and downgrade at the same time. How is it downgrade uh there’s, one less camera? Basically, that is the downgrade on the 12 mini uh. There is night mode on the ultra wide lens and the selfie lens, and what does that mean? It just means you can take better photos at night, which is something that i do a lot considering that i’m, usually on stage backstage at theaters at taking photos. My life is at night basically because of my job, and so i take a lot of photos during the night and i took a couple of photos. I went out for a walk, um and uh. I took some photos of the mullah rouge in paris, uh daytime and night time, honestly in daytime there were some differences. I know there’s a different version of hdr on here to make the photos look a bit better. So honestly, though, when you’re watching it, unless you’re, really zooming zooming in there’s, not a lot of difference, you can’t tell a huge amount of difference. The colors are slightly different.

I kind of prefer them on here. Basically, all of the photos i preferred on the 12 mini the only ones i didn’t was obviously when you zoom in you’re missing that two time zoom, because the third camera is not there, so you can still zoom in but it’s more of a digital zoom and To be honest, it looks okay um, it looks okay, it’s, not amazing, it’s, not as good as this one. Obviously, but how often do i use the two times, zoom nah, not that much, but when you want to use it, you know you kind of want to be there. So for me the camera was the biggest point of contention. For me i was just like, oh what am i doing? Why am i spending more money to downgrade my cameras, but i have to be honest. I do kind of prefer the look and also at night time when you’re doing an ultra wide. I do a lot of ultra wide shots at night uh they look much better than they do on the 11 pro, as do the selfie you selfie night mode, uh, it just works better than it does on the 11 pro, because there is no night mode. There’S. Only a night mode on the main uh camera, which is, i don’t, know what they call it: the wide camera, the main camera that’s, the one time zoom is the only one that has night mode on here.

This one has night mode on both uh and the front facing camera too. You make up your own mind. You tell me what you prefer in terms of the colors uh in terms of the night time stuff. Let me know in the comments one of the big downgrades so to speak was going to be the battery life. That was what i was most worried about as with with the cameras, basically because the size of the phone uh means that the battery in here is going to be a lot smaller than the battery in here, especially on like day two of using it. When i spent an hour and a half on facetime with my dad, it rinsed the battery, it was probably the fact that it’s video and it was uh the internet connection, the 4g internet connection, because we’re in france, there’s no 5g uh. So i think, a combination of that for an hour and a half made it flip out, because two days later um, i then watched like an hour and a half of uh video uh live streaming through my wi fi uh the next day and it and the Battery was okay and uh i’m happy for myself uh to report that the battery here does last the whole day, i’m charging my phone every day. Anyway, i mean, unless you go back to like the nokia 3310, where i charge it once a week. Uh since i’ve had a smartphone i’ve charged it every day, so this does last the whole day no problems, so that was.

I was happy about that for sure. So so far it was kind of like basically the same as this. For me, uh, except i just prefer the form factor. I preferred this the size of it uh everything else was pretty much the same minus the cameras a little bit, but it didn’t really bother me that much here are the things that do bother me about this phone uh number one. The back of it is uh. It’S just straight glass instead of like the matte finish, which uh means that the fingerprints look at the state of that i mean i’m. I’M. I’M, not a dirty bastard, but look at this so that’s going to annoy me. I know that that would annoy me. Another thing that annoys me about the design is the camera module with, by the end of day, one it kind of got this weird smudge, the camera got smudgy and in between the two cameras you can see there it’s kind of like this – weird, not decoloration, but Just a weird sort of smudge that i can’t get rid of so that’s. Annoying me the fact that there’s different sized grilles at the bottom of the phone for the speaker and the microphone annoy me. The other thing that annoys me uh – and this is specifically with the screen – is when you’re watching a youtube video. If you’re watching a 16×9 video it’s fine, the notch, uh doesn’t uh intervene with the side, there’s two black bars and the notch is, is hidden within those black bars.

However, if you’re watching like a film on netflix or some of my favorite youtubers, who want to make cinematic looking vlogs, they have a different film aspect ratio. And what you find is that the notch is slightly eating into the video just ever so slightly. And it is so frustrating and that’s a problem with the size of the screen. I can’t believe they didn’t. Look that one up or they didn’t research, that before figuring out or finding a solution, it’s kind of frustrating. If i’m honest, i had a real debate going on in my head, because i was like oh what do i do? Do i send this back or do i send this back because basically apple do a recycling program where they give you like 560 euros for this phone uh, and then this costs 800 and basically it means i’m paying an extra 250 euros to send this one back And keep this one – and i was like: oh – am i gon na keep a phone that is technically not as good in terms of the battery in terms of the cameras, everything else i prefer. Why am i paying 250 euros extra for this and my final decision is going with the 12 mini? I don’t know why it’s mainly the form factor it’s, mainly the size it’s, mainly, i guess the novelty it’s a new phone also yeah the camera isn’t as good it’s missing one of the cameras, but i don’t really use it that much.

I prefer the night mode on the other cameras just prefer the size of it. The battery i can deal with um, so yeah i’m, going to keep the the 12 mini and i’m going to send uh this one back, i think, it’s. My final answer, let me know what you think, maybe uh, maybe i’m doing the wrong thing. I have to say, though, in in the 14 years that i’ve been using apple products, uh and the nine years that i worked at apple, this is the first time i’m. Having a real dilemma between upgrading it’s always been so simple, so that’s what i’m going to do for now and keeping the iphone 12 mini if you’re wondering whether the iphone 12 mini is a downgrade or an upgrade from the 11 pro it’s kind of a bit Of both it’s a bit of a downgrade, i bet it’s an upgrade in some other areas. It depends what you want. It depends what you use your phone, mostly for uh and that’s it. I hope you’ve enjoyed this non tech, youtuber tech review of an iphone mini. I don’t, if you’re still watching this, i don’t know why i don’t even know why you’d be listening. To my opinion, i mean i did work at apple for a while, so i guess my opinion is worth something isn’t it anyway. I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, i might do some more tech videos in the future when new apple products get released and just have the x apple employee view on new apple products, oh speaking of which they just released some headphones.

Some brand new air pods max are they called the air pods? Oh, i won’t even i’m, not even going to go there right, that’s it for now.