hi guys i’m back again for another unboxing review and also alum comedy in reviewing this phone. But, though, during the sale eventually guys make sure that during the sale event, last december 12th official store in the infinix shopping and before anything else guys at bago time, once you decided to purchase this it’s the official store and infinix uh sharpie. So the unboxing. Actually, in unit guys, so this is the infinix hot thinner unit, so it checked nothing guys going to pop a metal cell off. Now i think retail box for the infinix hot 10 and by the way you’ll vary in the for this one is the 4 gigabyte of ram and 128 gigabyte of internal storage and you’re coloring. The madden tire for this is the color black, so check that in, and i think i think, little buffs so as you can see guys, we have, since i wan na nothing in unit detail. So we have a small box here at my kitanya dita young. You will actually see here the free jelly case, infinix hot 10, and we also have the paper works and good job actually have an additional screen protector for the infinix hot 10. – not really an additional guys. But this is actually the screen protector for the infinix hotend. Since what a time pre installed the screen protector it’s a unique box, we have the warranty paper. You also have the headset wall charger and we actually have here the usb type a2 micro usb in the cable.

So it set aside nothing box and the accessories and let’s start and begin with the design and display. Now i think infinix hot 10.. So makutanata is a display and designer, i think, infinix hot 10. As you can see guys. We have a color black for this phone and meron thai important and by the way guys, you only called a team frame rating is going to plastic, but overall, oh no, yeah at all when it comes to the build and your material and as you can see Guys we have a big screen here since marantine 6.7 inches ips lcd display with 720p resolution 82.2 percent screen to body ratio 20 by nine aspect, ratio and 264 dpi density, not the best display guys, but for the price of this phone i must say sovereign, decent And my appreciate mo parenting, colors are displaying a hot thing infinix hot day at the thing: naman guys the camera performance and, i think infinix hot 10, so brand new impressive, because, unlike save on budget smartphone, this phone can actually perform when it comes to mobile photography Photo has decent dynamic range, very natural opening amount, colors yeah and somehow i like the quality and video parasite. I think infinix hot 10, overall concave user number, instagram, facebook, tick, tock or twitter. Then this infinix hotend can satisfy your need on your social media consumption and, as you can see guys, we have a quadruple camera set up for the infinix hot 10, with a 16 megapixel wide camera and for the selfie or you can front camera enema.

Nothing guys, as you can see, we have a poncho camera designed for the setting infinix hot 10, with an 8 megapixel wide camera for video recording. Both sulky and rear nathan can actually shoot up to 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second overall sovereign. The satisfying manafort’s video quality information, quick unboxing, video on infinix hotend in shooting that video, i think, muk – starts in three minutes and ‘ seconds, so gina mclong, infinix, hot 10 and shooting the unboxing video for the infinix or for the motorola g plus 5g, because our Phone is powered by a mediatek g70 processor which alumni nothing guys not open for gaming, and this phone runs in high os base on android 10. But personally guys in the cottage system. You are in a high os, but you can definitely download a third party launcher app it’s a google play store. What i’m currently using right now is the poco launcher version 2.0, and we also have a 4 gigabyte of ram, which is good for multitasking and 128 gigabyte of internal storage and can be expanded up to 256 gigabytes via micro sd overall on smoothness performance. And i must say for the price of this phone at 5490 pesos, this phone can really perform when it comes to gaming performance like mobile legends, honkai impact and asphalt 9. sapikung hanina. If you purchase this item during the sale event in shoppies, since the phone was retail for only 5 490 pesos, which sobran solitaire had worth your money guys and with all the specs in the benign infinix for this hot 10, very impressed legacy when it comes to The overall performance, and somehow you impress the benign love for this phone so wrong soon, it’s not too little guys, i think so that’s it for my review and unboxing parasating infinix hot 10.

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