Now the iphone 12 pro max has the a14 bionic chip. Six gigs of ram on its latest version of ios 14 rock phone 3 has the snapdragon, 865 plus processor, a massive 16 gigs of ram on android 10 and its latest version of rog ui. So let’s go ahead and turn on both phones. At the same time, see which one has faster boot up and let’s go Music iphone 12 pro max versus rock phone 3 speed test. Did you hear that love that sound the rock makes? Oh man, rock was super fast, but, oh, my goodness here comes the iphone kamikaze style. Oh man, that boot up was really close. Now i did have to swipe up on the iphone, but i don’t know man, you guys are the judges and we are in all right. Man let’s just get right into it. I’M gon na swipe over here on both phones. These are the apps i’m gon na. Be using for this speed test and on the rog phone i’m gon na go like this and make sure that x mode is turned on, and it is by that indicator, and you can tell by the wallpaper it’s glowing red i’m gon na. Do this on both phones, so you can see no recent items on the rog phone 3 and then do this on the iphone 12 pro max there’s. Nothing! In the background, all apps caches, the browsers everything has been cleared out so let’s get started by tapping the phone app very close messages very close again, either way on both apps slow down the video.

For me, the camera i’m gon na go ahead and pick up both phones, so you can see the viewfinder now on the side note, the rock phone 3 is very slippery in the hand, just notice that using this phone very close, i think that was the iphone Let’S go ahead and fire up the clock on both phones very close, again slow down the video for me. Let’S go ahead and start up the stopwatch, let that run in the background calculator very close, again: wow slow down the video for me. App store play store. Man so close, i think that was the iphone, but let me know in the comments: let’s go ahead and just click on two random apps here and we’ll just go ahead and leave it on that page amazon, oh, very close, but i think that was the rock Phone on that, one click on this blender, okay, a little bit faster on the iphone 12 there, but that could just be the wi fi ebay. Oh super fast on the rock phone click on this we’ll go ahead and leave it there now on to some games. Super mario run loading on the rock phone first, oh faster, on the rock phone tap to begin Music. Oh so close, i think that was the rock phone on the second step. Actually, Music temple run two winter timeland loading on both. Oh, my goodness. Oh, i think the iphone got this one, but let’s check it out a little bit faster on the iphone tap play.

Leave it there. Subway surf loading on both, oh, my god. The iphone super fast tap to play and we do have angry birds too. Loading on both phones give that one to the iphone it was close, though modern combat let’s go. Oh iphone super quick three weeks: man iphone super fast wow go get out of there and then we do have pubg let’s go 10 cent games on this hearing noise from the iphone first, oh, give this to the iphone get out of this twitter. Rogue ig rog fast on that one snapchat, you guys are the judges and we do have safari and chrome we’ll. Do a real, quick search on let’s, see, go and let’s see here, oh give that to the rock phone we’ll. Just click on this one and let’s see what happens here faster again on the rock phone we’ll click on this one. What will happen here pretty much the same. I think iphone took this web page, but you guys are the judges. Do some quick scrolling super fast on the rock phone, with its 120 hertz display, you can go up to 144, actually on the iphone it’s. All right, 60 hertz feels kind of choppy in comparison. Love these fast displays on these android phones. Nowadays, all right let’s go ahead and take a look at the ram management on both phones everything’s. In the background, so you can see now. Rock phone 3 has a massive 16 gigs of ram.

I do not anticipate any ram management issues with this phone, but you never know we’ll go through these apps again and we’ll have a look see what happens on both phones looking good so far, twitter. There you go pubg ready to proceed and then modern combat good to go on both phones, as you can see, and then csr racing two bam. You can continue. Both games click on that, so you can see and then next up we do have the angry birds too good to go on both and then subway surf. Oh, my goodness, this is a reload on the rock phone wow. Okay, now that’s quite interesting, an iphone you can resume hmm. I don’t know about that. I don’t know about this. One 16 gigs of ram – oh that’s, interesting something’s up with that, but on this one good to go on both phones, so no problems on the rock phone on this and then mario run good to go on both phones, ebay, same place, amazon same place play store, App store good to go calculator good to go clock both are running in the background. Still the camera i’m gon na pick up both phones, see which one is faster here faster on the rug messages faster on the rug and finally, the phone app boom. Now let me know in the comments below what you thought about this matchup.