Oh my god! This is yo that’s too much y’all, better, not that’s! A lot going on boy! Look at this that’s a huge setup, because this is one of them. I got it. I got a built in armrest and it was within that video that i asked you all if you wanted to see like an iphone 12 case, roundup video. So, although that video has been a few weeks in the making here, we are now in front of me – are a bunch of different cases, and what i’m going to do for you is link them down below in case you, you know, want to check them out, But let’s get into it Music. Now, if you’re new to the channel i’ll go by tech, meow welcome and up here i like to talk about pretty much everything in relation to technologies, so that is up. Your alley feel free to hit the subscribe button and the like button as well. If you feel inclined too so the very first case we’re going to dive into. Is this beautiful one from torres torras? I featured a few of the cases on the channel before in the past, but y’all this red and gold combo was just just look at that. That is just gorgeous to me, like the back. Has this kind of like satin soft finish with this pop of red? Around this premium, gold, it just for one, looks like christmas, but two more than that it just looks sophisticated.

It looks good now in terms of buttons and cutouts. Your power button is covered, as well as your volume buttons along the side, and you have a cutout for your mute switch here. The only thing, though, is i don’t know if this is like user error or an actual issue with the case, for whatever reason the phone won’t sit flushed inside of the case, the phone just keeps trying to pop up out of the case. I don’t know why. It’S weird, but this case, especially for the look that it provides, is yeah super nice. So previously we played with a few cases in a specific, the holster case and no hater disrespect to anybody that wears one but it’s, just not my personal style, but i do have some here from. I think this is yeah sup case they actually make some really good cases. So you have your installation guide here, which is going to tell you how to install things, and then we have the case in order to get this out. It is advised to use a coin, so this is what you got to do. You got to take the phone and then put the phone inside here. First oops, Music y’all. This is freaking huge. You can knock somebody out with this. This is a weapon like imagine. Just you flex on somebody like this. This is like a freaking brick. If i were to throw this this ain’t breaking, but whatever i threw it at it’s meant to be damaged crazy, large, but if i’m gon na do a holster case, this is one to look at.

You have a built in stand here. You also have full protection for your buttons, so you got full protection for your volume buttons, as well as coverage for your power switch, which is recessed in there. And then you even have coverage for your charging port down here and your power button is covered as well, and everything is still really accessible. It’S really nice to the touch that’s, a pretty color combo, the green on the go yeah that looks good. That looks real good. Somebody scored me last time because apparently i had it all wrong. So originally i had it on like this, which definitely was you know, definitely going to be a problem it’s actually supposed to rotate this sideways like this and then snap it on that’s a huge setup yeah, but moving on. I also have another case from sub case. Sorry if i interrupted a video – but i just want to give a big thank you to private internet access for not only sponsoring this video, but also for supporting the channel, if you don’t know who they are they’re. Basically, a really great vpn service that’s going to allow you to browse the net in a more secure manner, because it’s going to mask your ip address and also hide your internet traffic from your internet service provider as well as hackers and spammers. Now another benefit. I’Ve learned in having a service like this is that it’s going to unblock all the content on streaming services like netflix and amazon, prime video and even hulu.

So if there’s, like content in your area, that you can’t access, it’s going to bypass the restrictions that are set in place due to your location and not only that it’s going to also help in cutting down websites from tracking my web browsing habits and searches. And my location plus, it also blocks ads trackers and malware, but one thing i really like, though, is that i can use my one subscription on up to 10 different devices at the same time, which is good for all of my techies out there, who, like me, Have more than one device in which they can definitely use this on, especially when you throw in the fact that not only will it work on something like your iphone, but also on your windows, computer mac and even android devices plus you can’t beat the fact that They’Re, offering a really good deal right now, where, if you sign on for three years, you get two months for free at two dollars and eight cents a month. But if you find for whatever reason that you don’t, like it there’s, thankfully a 30 day, money back guarantee in the meantime, though, feel free to check the link down below in the description box to learn more. But in moving on. I also have another case from sub case, and this one looks good. This is more my speed because it’s more of a minimal design here, these colors are matching so well with the gold look at that that teal with the gold that looks so good.

I feel like my photo is protected with this case. It just kind of has a very sturdy and secure build where i feel a little bit more confident if i were to have an accidental drop, which might i add, y’all i’ve honestly been rocking my phone primarily without a case. I know just the daredevil life, but it just looks so good without a case, so i’ve just kind of been rocking it. That way, and i actually had an accident where i dropped my phone in the garage and it like actually slid under the car. So i was just bracing myself, because i knew when i pulled that phone out it was gon na have a few cracks, and you know a little few dings and things like that that drop protection claim apple gave it. It might very well be true, because the phone was fine. I didn’t have any cracks on the screen. I didn’t really have any dings, or anything like that like to me, was a lot more doable than my past. Bones have been when i’ve had accidental drops like that, especially in the garage on the cement yeah. I was very fortunate, so this case here, though, you do have coverage for your power buttons and your volume buttons, as well as your charging port, and i like the little accent colors for your buttons as well. That looks good, but this is nice because you can still at least appreciate the natural color of the phone.

Now this one here, this looks so great and i haven’t put it on the phone yet, but i can just tell because it has gold in it. So i know i’m about to be in for a treat. So this is a two part case as well, so you’re gon na have front and back protection, which i love, but you still maintain a minimal design. This is more my speed, so i’m gon na pop. This in here and it’s fully protected and it’s, not too bulky. I like that. Okay, oh yes, i’m loving! It come through black and gold and you got protection for the front of your screen as well, and you still have access to your charging port it’s. You know a bit recessed in there, your power button is covered, your volume buttons are covered. Moving on to the next one. This one comes from case coo. I like this too. This is really minimal. This is a clean setup right here, Music. This is a good look when you’re going out and you want to keep things nice and sleek yeah. This is that right here, your volume buttons are covered power button cover, and you have nice cutouts for your speakers and charging port at the bottom. In the back. It kind of has this like satin smooth finish now, and this is something to know there’s no branding at all. On this case now, this one is one of my favorites.

I use this case on my iphone 11 and it comes from grip2u but ultimately they’re designed so that you can slide your hand through the back here and hold your phone. So it allows you to grip your phone a little bit better, and i like this one here because it’s clear, so i can fully enjoy the natural color of my phone, but still not only have a little bit of extra protection, but also a better grip. This is a much nicer experience when it comes to interacting with your phone. You can just comfortably use your phone and still access all areas of your screen without having to grip your phone now. My only complaint here is that i have to apply a lot of pressure in order to get the buttons to respond, but i do hope you enjoyed this one right now.