This is kevin here, and this is the motorola moto g fast. Now you can see. The date is december. 27. 2020. We are very close to 2021, so the purpose of this video is to essentially go over an analysis of the phone to determine if this phone is still a good option for you to get at this point now. The device did launch in june of 2020, so it’s, not necessarily that old. Also, i know it’s made its way to a variety of different carriers, in addition to being offered factory unlocked by motorola themselves now to see the most up to date. Pricing about this device. Definitely take a look at the link in the video description as i’m. Sure as time goes on, the price will continue to go down, but one thing’s for sure. I feel like this phone definitely offers a lot of value, especially because we’re getting the qualcomm snapdragon 665. With the device now that processor certainly isn’t necessarily the best processor out there, but for a phone that’s under 200 bucks, i feel like getting that processor is definitely a really great thing to have, but with this phone we’re, getting a pretty large 6.4 inch display the Display itself is ips lcd. It is a 720p display with a ppi of 268, but in general i do think it looks pretty nice. Definitely when looking at the display on the phone, it doesn’t feel like a low quality display and if i hadn’t known, i probably wouldn’t, have even suspected that it was actually 720p now.

The aspect ratio of the display is 19.5 by nine and we’re. Getting an 82 percent screen to body ratio, so in general, we’re, getting pretty small bezels all around the bottom. Bezel is a little bit on the thicker side, but in general the whole design of the phone is nice and practical and there’s definitely not really any wasted space. Now, taking a look at the top part of the phone, you can see up in the upper left corner, we do have the hole punch for the front facing camera and the front camera on this device is 8 megapixels. Now internally, with the moto g fast we’re. Getting 32 gigabytes of internal storage along with microsd card expansion. Now i do wish that we did get more internal storage than 32 gigs. However, if you are looking for more storage, then maybe consider going one step up and getting the motorola moto g power. Now, since getting this phone i’ve installed a variety of my favorite apps on it and i’ve taken photos and videos and done other stuff as well, and you can see that at this point, i’ve used sixty percent of the internal storage. Now a good portion of the storage that’s being used does go to the system software. So keep that in mind as well. But again, if you think, you’re gon na be using quite a bit of storage, then either get a phone that has more internal storage or consider getting a microsd card to pair up with this phone now there’s no wireless charging with the moto g fast, but we Do get a fingerprint sensor on the back, so let’s give that a try right now there we go very quick let’s.

Try that out one more time very awesome. So you can see here that we have a traditional screen, locking method using a pin code there’s. Also, the fingerprint and then smart lock, but smart lock, is not face unlock, so there is no actual face and lock with this phone, which is a bit unfortunate now on the back of the device with a triple camera setup. So we have a 16 megapixel main camera, an 8 megapixel ultra wide angle, camera any 2 megapixel macro camera now, it’s, definitely nice that this device does have a ultra wide angle camera, especially since it is one of the more entry level devices for motorola, and you Can access that by just going to left here and then going to 0.5 x and you can see with the ultra wide angle camera we can fit a lot more content into the frame. So that does look nice and then the main camera is also very good. As well then, from here we can switch over to the macro camera, so we can take very close up images that are still in nice detail. We also have the ability to easily switch over to portrait mode to get those nice blurred out backgrounds, and you can use portrait mode with both the rear and front cameras on this device. So you can see here’s how things look with the front camera we get. Those nice blurred out backgrounds and i’m definitely a big fan of that now, internally, with the moto g fast we’re, getting three gigabytes of ram and the qualcomm snapdragon 665, so three gigs of ram is pretty decent.

Of course, i do prefer to have a little bit more than that, but i am thankful that we are at least getting the snapdragon 665., as i mentioned earlier on in the video that’s, a pretty decent processor, and especially, if you end up getting this phone for Under 100 bucks there aren’t really too many other devices in that segment that offer that powerful of a processor. Now i did run a benchmark test using geekbench 5 with the phone and i’ll show you the score from that right now, but you can see here. I got a single core score of three one: two and a multi core score of one three, eight seven. Now, what i recommend doing is running this test on your current phone and then comparing your scores to these scores, to see what kind of performance upgrade the moto g fast is going to bring you. But again, one of the strongest points of this phone is that it does run nice and smoothly, especially compared to its competitors such as the lg k51 and the lg stylo 6.. This device is definitely faster and runs better and more smoothly than either of those. Two phones, now, with this device, we are getting 4k video recording, which is another thing that you typically don’t, find with smartphones in this particular segment. We also get 1080p video recording with the front camera so again, very nice to see and if you do want to learn even more about the photo and video quality from this phone, then definitely take a look at my full review.

Video here on the channel now with this device, we’re getting a 4 000 milliamp hour internal battery, so a decently large size battery and the phone does support 10 watt fast charging now that’s, not necessarily that fast. But i suppose it is a little bit better than 5 watts. Now the software on here, at least at this point, is still android 10. I believe motorola has committed to giving this phone android 11, but i don’t know when that’s gon na be actually happening now. Another feature that this phone does lack, unfortunately, is nfc. So if you are wanting to make mobile payments using nfc, then you’re gon na have to get a different phone. But let’s now take a closer look at everything that comes included here in the box. So you can see moto g fast, let’s, open this up and see what all we get here. So we get some literature here. We also get a sim card removal tool. We get a usbc cable for charging and data transfer and we get a usb wall adapter and the wall adapter itself is 10 watts. Now taking a closer look at the hardware of the phone. I already talked quite a bit about the front panel here, but in general i feel like the display does look really nice again. It is decently bright here. Viewing angles are not too bad either, and i really don’t have any complaints to make about it. Of course, since it is only 720p, video content on here is also limited at 720p.

You can still unlock the phone with your face if you wish and then, of course you can use your pin code as well, but certainly off, but yeah videos still do look good on here. Colors are nice as well. I like that, you can also crop in for a more immersive video viewing experience. The only downside with this device is that there is no stereo audio. So all audio is gon na be coming out of the main speaker on the bottom and you’re, not gon na get any audio coming out of the earpiece when watching video content or listening to music. But the phone is made entirely of plastic. Besides the front panel, which is glass, of course, looking at the left side of the phone with the slot, the micro sd card and sim card, then on the right side of the phone, we have the power button volume down and volume up then, on the top. Here with the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and noise, cancelling microphone, then on the bottom of the phone we have the microphone usb c port for charging and data transfer and we have the speaker and then on the back of the device. We have the triple camera setup. We have the flash and we have the fingerprint sensor now. I do like the way that the phone does look here on the back. It almost looks like it could be glass, but it is plastic and it does have a reflective back on it now.

It does technically pick up fingerprints, but fingerprints, really aren’t too obvious on the back of this phone, which i definitely do appreciate. But in conclusion, is the motorola moto g fast worth buying in 2021? I definitely think so, and the reason why is because they really are giving you the right combination of specifications and features but still managing to make this an affordable phone, which means that it is a very good value. Overall, i would say giving this phone. The snapdragon 665 was a great move by motorola it’s gon na make it run decently well, especially into the long term. Really. The only limitation that necessarily bothers me about this phone is that it only has 32 gigabytes of storage. Now i know that you can always add a microsd card, but nothing’s better than having a solid amount of internal storage to begin with, but the 720p display doesn’t bother me because it looks good. I also like that we’re getting a variety of different cameras and different features to go along with it. I do wish that we did a face unlock, but unfortunately, we don’t and also it is a little bit disappointing – that there is no nfc with this device, but in general i think it is still a very good option and compared to the other options available right Now, especially phones that compete directly with this one, i think motorola still has a very strong offering available, but i hope you enjoyed this updated video about the motorola moto g fast in 2021.