With this security camera, you can be at ease knowing that your home is protected by the mtm wireless battery powered security, camera on first look at the packaging. It looks really professional and informative. We can’t wait to dive into what is inside the product packaging inside the box. You will find one user guide, one mounting hinge pack nicely inside the foam wrapping slot, one usb charging cable for charging up your mtm battery powered camera and a pack of mounting screws. Lastly, you will find the mtm battery powered camera packed snugly inside the foam wrapping in a dedicated slot on first glance, the mtm camera module feels really solid and durable. It has two powerful wi fi antennas for strong signal detection all around your home. Also, you have a camera lens with a promotion detection sensor, opening up the waterproof covering you will find a reset button and a power button along with an sd card slot and a micro usb charging port Music installation is very simple. First simply set up the camera by screwing in the mount onto the camera. Thereafter, you can easily install it anywhere around the house by just placing it in a convenient place or screw it onto the wall. Next, step of configuration is to simply download the cloud edge. App from your device’s app store, while the device is downloading simply head over to your camera and power it on prior to configuration on the app once the camera is turned on.

You can see the led indicators are lighted up, signifying its power status head back over to the app and launch it after installation. Once the app is loaded simply set up a new account and sign in Music. Thereafter, you can add your device by clicking. Add device. Select to add camera and follow the on screen instructions. Please power on the device Music, please reset the device by holding the reset button for fives, select the wi fi network. You want to slash tap next Music configuration has been successfully completed. As you see, the app is relaying live images directly from the mtn battery powered camera in real time. Next, you can place your camera at an ideal location. In my case, it will be at my balcony facing the main road now, returning to the app i can view live footage of the happenings going on outside my home. I can easily zoom in and out of the video feed and see images in detail. The zooming feature is really useful, especially if there is an incident captured on the camera. You can zoom in in real time and see what is going on on the app you are able to conveniently record video and save them onto your local storage and take snapshots easily with two way. Audio enabled easily communicate with the person on the other side useful for your package deliveries. Motion detection is enabled on the camera, where it is really useful for detecting any motion on your camera.

Custom set motion detection settings in the menu and with real time notifications, you can get up to date, notification on any motion detected in your camera field of view and check on it. Now we will check out the video sample of a day recording Music. It has 120 degrees wide angle view and images recorded on it is clear and crisp. Colors are accurately presented Music, it has night vision enabled on the camera. So when it’s dark, you will be able to still have a field of view on what is going on. The ir night vision light will give you a visibility during dark lighting conditions. Let’S check out the video recording with night vision on with night vision turned on video feed remains smooth and in viewable condition. So you can be rest assured that your video feed is recording even in dark conditions. The mtm wireless outdoor wi, fi security camera has a battery capacity of 15 000 milliamps. It can run 180 days on a full charge. You can record data onto your sd card or cloud storage, so 24 7 recordings on either ways is compatible. It is ip65 weatherproof for all day recording, be it raining or shining. The camera is able to withstand water overall. In conclusion, we find the mtm wireless wi fi camera an excellent choice for homeowners, get all day, video surveillance of your property with this camera, no more hassle of messy wirings, as this camera is completely wireless check.

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