Plus. Now i use the galaxy for about a year. Then i had an unfortunate drop. The screen broke, and i thought well it’s – really expensive to fix that screen. So why don’t i try out the poco, so i’ve been with the poco for about one and a half months now, and here is my experience comparing them nowadays, you can buy these two phones for roughly the same price around 200 to 250 dollars a nice budget Friendly price range, however, they offer vastly different packages. The xiaomi poco x3 is considered to be the best budget buy for this year. It costs around 200 250 and comes packed with a huge battery, a huge screen and well a headphone jack, this old samsung from 2017. I believe also headphone jack has a smaller battery, but it has a fantastic screen as far as audio quality, they’re, practically identical with both having a headphone jack, bluetooth, 5.0 and stereo speakers they’re very similar in day to day use cases when i’m, just using it for Internet watching youtube, they feel pretty much exactly the same. I will say, though the samsung does feel faster, and this is supported by benchmarks. I did. The samsung was about two times faster in every benchmark, especially with graphics performance for you. If that matters, that is, with the exception of storage speed in this case, the poco phone was a little bit faster than the galaxy. However, in most use cases, i don’t notice the difference and i don’t feel like this is enough of a difference to justify the samsung over the pogo.

The next point i want to touch on that is a difference between these two phones is the screen. The poco x3 has an lcd display, so what that means is that it won’t get as dark as the samsung galaxy s9 plus. When does this matter? Well, usually it doesn’t you’re in a bright room, and you don’t really notice the difference. However, i notice it most when i am going to bed that really does put more strain on my eyes, and i think makes it so that i don’t have as good of sleep. I much prefer this samsung looking at the cameras, both of the cameras are fairly similar. The poco has five cameras, but effectively it’s, two good ones, a main sensor and a wide angle. Meanwhile, the samsung has a main sensor and a telephoto, both of which are good. So if one of those matters to you that might be worth considering as far as the photo quality, i didn’t really notice much difference. I shot with both the stock app and the google gcam app, and i found that g cam usually does better with skin tones. But a lot of this just comes down to taste and preference. As far as video quality, i didn’t notice a ton of difference, apparently optical image. Stabilization with the premium galaxy will make videos better. However, with electronic image stabilization on the poco, i didn’t really notice a huge difference: here’s a clip with a selfie camera and the internal microphone on the poco, x3 and here’s a shot with a selfie camera and integrated microphone on the galaxy s9 plus.

As far as charging this one’s pretty huge, so i found it on the xiaomi. It has 35 watt charging and that is insanely fast. I was able to charge up probably half the battery from 20 percent in about 30 minutes. It was incredible, meanwhile, on the galaxy it only has 15 watt fast charging, which these days isn’t really that fast. The battery difference between these phones is huge. The poco with thousand milliwatt hours and a mid range processor will easily last me two days. Meanwhile, the samsung, with only about three thousand milliwatt hours and a high end processor, will last me only one day. I find that to be massive, and if you really need that battery to last a long time, then definitely go with the poco. The bigger battery in the poco lends itself to being a much bigger phone, though. So, if you care about lightness, the galaxy wins in that regard. The poco doesn’t have any wireless charging, while the samsung does. I personally don’t care about that. I find it more convenient to use a cable, however, to each their own let’s talk. Durability for a second flagships are notoriously delicate, and i found that with mine. After all, i dropped it. It landed on one of the curved edges on the display that you only see with flagships and it cracked it. It also costs a lot more to repair because it is a more premium oled screen, whereas if i were to crack this screen first, it would be much harder because flat display and it’d be easier to replace because it’s an lcd on the backs.

I have cases on both of them, but if you don’t like having a case, the plastic on the poco x3 is definitely more durable than the glass on the samsung galaxy. Finally, something that isn’t often talked about is the durability of the lens covers. On the poco x3, it uses a glass lens cover, whereas on the galaxy it uses sapphire, what that means is that pocket, lint or pocket sand will scratch the poco, but it won’t scratch the samsung. So eventually, you might get scuff marks on your camera lens here, whereas you would have a perfectly clean scratch free surface on the samsung. Another thing to take into consideration is how much better, i think the galaxy feels it’s hard to quantify into words, but it’s. Just more fun to use the galaxy than it is to use the poco. Another major point is connect. Another major point is connectivity, see the poco only has a few wireless bands in comparison with the galaxy, and so what that means is that the galaxy will work for your cdma verizon you’ll work with your gsm att it’ll work with every company. However, ever the poco won’t work with every company. What that means is that you have less options for carriers with the poco and you’ll have worse connection. If you use cdma verizon towers in the united states or you don’t live in a city, i definitely recommend going with the samsung because it’s a phone after all and you need it to work as a phone when you need it to work as a phone.

So this brings me to my conclusion, which one is best for you. I prefer the samsung, because i like the feel of it. I think it feels much better to use i enjoy using it. However, if battery is a huge concern for you, i can definitely recommend the poco x3, because, oh my gosh, it excels. The major points to look for during your own search are. If you want a better display or a better battery and that’s all i got for you today.