As you can see, i have look at 2.4 here and in this video we will evaluate the display and audio output quality of nokia. 2.4. Okay. 2.4 is one of the latest smartphones launched by nokia, mobile globally, so uh in this video. We will talk about how good the display is in terms of uh. You know the media, consumption and other stuff like gaming, how good it looks like we will also evaluate the audio output quality. We will see how loud the audio is, how rich it is, how the audio behaves when we put the speaker to max so uh. To begin with, we will talk about how the display is so display of. Nokia. 2.4 is good. Actually, when i say it is good, you will notice that the blacks are deep, so the color that comes on this display are really good. So let’s talk about the color part, so this image has been captured by nokia, 2.4 camera and, as you cannotice uh, the display is very, very good. Even when you zoom in and zoom in to the max, you don’t see any deterioration, the color looks really nice. Crispy and the color saturation is good it’s, not that colors are like dull, etc. The colors come punchy, but not extremely, very much punchy, it’s, quite good, actually it’s, a very good balance. Let me take another image of another color okay, so, for example, this uh yellow color. Even if uh you go to like, if you zoom in a lot still, you will see there is no distortion in quality.

It looks really nice. So, even when you do pixel pinching, it looks really good. Okay, now uh there is like one more thing i wanted to like talk about how to uh. You know like how to make display suit to your test, so there is something called Music white balance. So here, if you really want it to be more saturated, if you want more saturated color, you can actually do it here. So if you go to right of this slider, the saturation keeps increasing, you can reset and it will come become neutral kind of what we just saw. But if you like, want to have a taste of you know like slightly saturated colors, like you see on amoled screen, usually you can do it like this? If you now go back, you will notice that colors look punchier than they used to look before so, for example, now the colors will look more saturated punchier. So if you like vibrancy in color, you can go and do that. So what i mean, if you talk about the range nokia 2 4 belongs. This looks like a you know: good quality display with really good saturated. I mean good, really good uh, appropriate color reproduction, with good contrast and very good deep uh blacks, which renders really uh nice. You know like everything like the colors when you consume the media, it will really render very good very well. So that is what, okay, now, after the image, how the image looks like let’s go back and let’s do some media consumption in terms of video watching or gaming.

This will give us more idea about how it looks like. So if we go to the youtube – and you can see actually so, this will uh give us an idea about not only how the video streaming looks like on the display will also tell us how loud the audio is, so it is for both Music, Music, Music Applause – Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, so yes, you could have already noticed video watching really looks nice on nokia 2.4 display. As i said, the display has really inherent uh. You know good properties, it’s very well balanced, so things like video watching media consumption looks really good on this. So now talking about the audio uh, we will just check the audio output. So this is the speaker at the bottom Music, and this is Music Music. Okay, so this is how the video watching looked on this display now let’s talk about gaming, so let’s play a game which has good music, so that should help okay Music. So, oh, oh, a Music, okay anyways! So this is uh how the display holds or the how the display quality is when you do different things like uh, you know video watching, media consumption, gaming etc, even in normal course of use. When you go and watch images etc, see images, it really holds, and it really looks good so for a uh like price range, which you get 214 belongs to. The display is a strong point of nokia.

2.4. Even the audio quality is good it’s, not the loudest. Nokia out there, but it is again good. It does not really disappoint, as we could see in the gaming. Also in the video watching it was quite i mean it was uh. You know loud enough for like uh, you know for a media consumption on a smartphone, so that is about it.