But many people have tried the same thing and there are a bunch of wireless charging products on the market heaps i mean it’s it’s endless literally you could you could shop for days, but i found one that i think is quite beautiful, quite well engineered and quite Intelligent and it does most of what most people would want – it’s from nomad it’s the base station pro, and if you want to see this video and a whole lot more every time they jump up here on youtube click subscribe click, the bell, so you get all The notifications of everything we do we’ve got a bunch of videos coming just this week, let alone over the next year, through 2021 and beyond, all right so what’s the problem we’re trying to solve with this product and it’s wireless charging. Now most people have got a wireless charging cable phone, whether it’s a samsung, a google or an apple or otherwise. It allows you to put it down on a pad and it charges without having to plug anything in it’s genuinely the future of charging. There will come a time where we don’t have plugs. Then you’ve got things like the air pods that also wirelessly charge and there’s a huge range of qi compatible chi is the qi compatible charging headphones on the market too. Some people have multiple phones. Now you’re crazy people i’ll tell you that straight up. I don’t know why you’re carrying around two phones, the dual sims in here but let’s, just leave that aside, let’s assume you’ve got a nightstand in the bedroom where you and your partner put your phones at night and that’s, where they sit to charge or it’s downstairs.

Before you go to bed whatever it is, you don’t want to have two charging stations. It seems crazy. Why not have one now, let me just put in perspective the 300 price of the nomad base station pro this guy 200. charge your phone charge. Your apple watch cool that’s, pretty good, now, 200, a lot of money to spend on just charging these two devices now to be clear. This guy does not touch the apple watch, there’s a separate attachment for that. If you need it and you want it, i would probably er on the side of getting that because it’s a pretty cool thing to do it all in one. But i think most people are looking at the dual charges. You spend 160 to 200 for a dual charger, putting it all in one. This device here does three three at the same time, and they do it because under here there are 18 cores there’s, not one spot here, one spot here in one spot here there are 18 coils wireless charging, coil spread all throughout this, and when you put the Phone on it doesn’t instantly charge. It takes a second it’s, no time literally, but when you compare it to another product on the market, you’ll notice a big difference in the speed not relevant in the overall scheme of things, though, the critical thing here is, you can put your phone anywhere, you can Put a second device on anywhere and they will charge as well so there it is there that’s charging at the same time, and it’s done, because this is intelligent.

What’S under here is technology that allows it to work out which coil is essentially generating the most power into this and therefore send all the power to that point. Now you can do three at a time, and they’ll go up to 7.5 watt now that’s pretty slow. Overall, some devices it’ll only charge at five watt, but i’ve got to say i still don’t get this speed issue. Everyone has with wireless charging because if you’re like me charging overnight, i don’t care if it takes one hour or six hours i’m asleep. So let me demonstrate again here and you can’t see it yet i’ll turn it around and show you but there’s three lights on the front to show you which devices are charging so we’ll place them. One two three on here and all three devices, one two and three: all three devices are now charging see it took that time to kind of work out what was happening and then send the power through. So all three devices charging beautifully and literally it can be kind of cumbersome. You can go i’m going to put them here here and here and it will take its second and then it will. It will start to charge them all. So the idea here is that you get any configuration of devices charging as they are on this pad. Now i think most people are probably going to end up finding a a pattern through which they charge their things.

You can’t put a fourth set of airpods on there because it just won’t charge four things at a time, but it will charge three for partners that have you know down at the entryway of the house or whatever it is they’re charging spot for their phones. This is great because it’s a really nice thin design, there’s, no fans, there’s, no sound there’s, no nothing happening here. It takes a 30 watt input from usbc and yeah it’s. What they call free power technology so and get this it isn’t even requires, at times a firmware update. So i did a firmware update on this to allow to better um, better charge the power better, send the power through to the devices, so it improves with time as well find me another wireless charger that improves with time. Then we’ll put them on an angle like that one two done now. I don’t know if this guy will charge over here in the corner, let’s see let’s see how far those little coils go. Um and not quite i wonder if it’s just a bit too close there, but you know look basically you get the point. You can charge three things at a time there. It is so i’m nicely charging. So one two that’s charging that’s charging that’s charging there’s. Three little lights here on the front we’re winning here beautiful three devices charging at the same time on one single charging pad three hundred dollars, um you’ll find it at try and bite; byt try and buy comedy plus a whole bunch of aussie retailers for 300.