Remember back in 2018, when you had, you know cheap hundred dollar phones that came with really crappy processors. Well now you have the yumi digi a9 pro. This is a hundred 120 phone with a helio p60 processor and an infrared thermometer in order to find out whatever temperature. Whatever thing you want to measure is, but is this an instant buy, well keep watching to find out all right, i’m gon na keep this review short. So i can talk about the reasons why you should and shouldn’t buy this phone. Okay. First we’ll start with build quality, um it’s good. The uh phone has a metal frame, as you can see, and glass back um, i will say it’s gon na get dirty really easily. You can already see fingerprints on this downsides. Here are the big ish bezels here? Give me a second i’m just gon na turn. The phone on the bezels are big ish, i mean they’re they’re, okay, um and also this phone is actually a little bit heavy as well all right. The display here is good. It has um good pixel density, the lcd has, you know nice, vibrant color. Actually, the lcd looks pretty good. Even beside my huawei, with an oled um max brightness here is 450 nits and a 60 hertz display all right. Audio quality here is pretty average about the same as most mediatek phones in this price range let’s turn it up a little bit. This is the best gift idea i’ve ever had but there’s.

This picture that’s hung in my parents house for the last 30 years it’s. My dad, my mom me my brother, my cousins and my uncles, my dad hates this picture so much because for no discernible reason the photographer made only my dad all right battery life here is about what i expected it’s about five hours of screen on time. Um. Even though it has a 4150 milliamp hour battery, the helio p60 isn’t exactly the most power efficient, so it definitely is not two day battery life as umg is claiming all right. The software here is very plain. You basically get you know android 10 and um it’s. Basically, stock android with really nothing else added. The only two apps that are added is going to be zello, which is kind of like a walkie talkie app. I don’t really use it that much and, of course, thermometer which i’ll talk about later um. Well, so the phone itself runs fairly well. It is a tiny, tiny bit laggy, as you can see. Sometimes when i’m swiping between the google now and the homepage, you can see it’s a little bit. You know like not super smooth, but apart from that, most of it is good. Launching apps is very fast, though so there’s absolutely no question about that. If you’re launching apps, you really don’t have to worry about, you know them being really slow. They they launch really fast all right in terms of gaming.

This thing doesn’t have a 60hz display it’s. Just oh sorry, 90hz display it’s, just 60 hertz. So it’s, not a super intense. You know phone to run games on, but the thing is even though it’s only 60 hertz it’s still a little bit laggy. If you’re playing you know, games like injustice 2, as you see i’m doing right now, it is a little bit laggy. You can feel it, but if you’re playing a game like you know, asphalt extreme where it’s really well optimized, then the game runs completely smoothly and i have absolutely no complaints there. Okay, the fingerprint sensor is the one place that i actually have. You know a big complaint about um, even though it’s not an in screen fingerprint sensor it’s. You know like a like a like one on the back of the phone it’s supposed to be good it’s supposed to be fast, but it’s not um. First of all, as you can see, it’s really slow, i’m gon na do this bang! Oh i’ll, try again bang that was like you know, two thirds of a second that’s pretty slow, and the other thing is that if my finger is too dry and my finger is too wet, it doesn’t recognize it at all, which is annoying and fairly often because My fingers sweat, so my finger gets dry because i’m outside so the fingerprint sensor here is really not that good. Okay. Talking about the thermometer um, you need to be at least three centimeters away from the thing in order to measure it.

For example, like this i’m going to measure my desk it’s 20.7 celsius and measure myself i’m going to be give me a sec 35. I just measured my hand 35.5 celsius. However, i will say that if you’ve been gaming – and you measure something it’s going to be significantly higher because the heat from the phone actually interferes with the infrared sensor, so the camera is typical for a phone in this price range. You know okay, photos in good light, bad photos in like slightly not so good light and obviously low light, it’s really bad and it only shoots about 1080p videos. So the actual quality of the video is not that great. So, really only only not good things to say about the camera here. Finally, let’s talk about the network bands um. This is one of the reasons to buy this phone i’ll link the the link down below um. It has 33 network bands, which means it works in north america, south america, africa, europe, asia, oceana africa, etc. Probably not an ant. Article though check the link down below for the full network listing okay, so i’ve, given you a quick overview of the phone. So now here is why you should buy and why you should not buy this phone i’ll start with why you shouldn’t buy this. This is a direct competitor to the redmi 9c and the poco m3. If you compare this to the redmi 9c don’t get the redmi.

Obviously, because it’s, basically a helio p35 with a 720p screen and it’s the same price, not worth it, but compare this to the poco m3, even though it’s like 10 15 bucks more expensive, it’s better in basically every way so like you should buy the poco. Instead of this, if you don’t care about the thermometer and the phone works in your network on your country and you’ll only spend about 10 15 bucks more get the poco instead of this. This is why you should get the yumi gg a9 pro um. If you actually need the thermometer on this phone, then yeah you don’t, have a choice. You have to get this phone, but that personally, i think, that’s a pretty weak reason. The strongest argument for getting this phone is actually the network bands. This phone basically works. You know worldwide in every continent, in almost all countries with you know, 33 lte bands to cover you check the link down below to see if it works in your country. I have a feeling it will um as long as you’re, not living in like antarctica or, like you know, a small tribe in the forest, or something like that um. If you do live in this tribe in the forest and this works, let me know as well. Um with that being said, if you do buy this phone because you know it works everywhere and probably in your country do know that you will have to live with the camera.