My name is jacqueline and let’s. Do it? Okay, no 20 ultra. So this phone is one of the most premium flagships. It has a beautiful display, really solid cameras, s pen support it’s, the phone for the person that wants, like all the bells and whistles all the extra premium features. I think this one’s very clearly in the best category, and then we have the pixel 5, which is kind of the opposite of the note 20 ultra like it’s, not trying to be that bells and whistles flagship it’s, actually like not even a flagship it’s. A really good mid tier phone and they actually were really smart going with that, and the pricing and stuff like that, it makes it a lot more competitive, it’s, a great phone with simple software, that’s easy to use a great camera and smart assistant features. So i think that this one goes in the good category, which is like the tier right below best. I would also put the 12 mini in this category: it’s, actually a really good phone and full review coming. So if you want to see that you should definitely subscribe to the channel and turn on the bell but i’m putting it in the good category and not best because the battery life is definitely holding it back a little bit. It’S, not terrible, but it’s, not incredible. Battery life it’s pretty average i’m, also going to put the iphone 12 in the best category and the iphone 12 pro in the good category.

And if that’s surprising, to you, because you’re thinking that 12 pro is a better phone you’re right, it is a better phone. But i think that the iphone 12 is a much better value phone and it’s a phone that i recommend to most people when they’re asking which new iphone they should get. It offers so much for the 830 price tag. And i feel like the benefits that you get with the 12 pro while there are benefits aren’t important for most people, if you’re an avid photographer or you want stainless steel or you’re like me, and you just want the best of the best, then by all means Get the 12 pro, but i think that the 12 definitely earns a spot in the best category. Okay, what about the v60? Well, if you have no idea what i’m talking about neither to google when i searched up just v60, they showed me a bunch of coffee and you, and i both know that i’m, always down for coffee and cold brew. But this time i was actually talking about the lg v60 and i think that that google search was pretty evident of the fact that a lot of people are not buying this phone or interested in this phone. But i think it’s pretty polarizing, because the people that are interested in this phone think it’s, like the only phone that they should buy and they’re die hard and they really appreciate the high quality dac.

The second display and other quirky features that come with the v60 and then there’s other people that either don’t know about it or think that lg should stop manufacturing phones, i tested it. It was actually pretty good. I’M gon na put this one in the good category, because now there are other better value. Phones like the oneplus 8t, which i would put in the best category. I just feel like it offers more value for your money and it’s a really good buy. Also, these are just my opinions, so you may totally disagree with me and if you want to fill out your own tier maker and kind of show me where i went wrong, you can do that at the end of the video i created a template for us And there’s also going to be a temporary channel on the nothing but tech discord server for everyone to post there. So if you want to get involved in that, i’ll link that below but let’s talk about glastic, which is the note 20.. This is actually going to be the first phone that makes a bad category phones that are just not a good value proposition. This phone actually was like pretty good, but it couldn’t decide if it wanted to be a flagship or a mid ranger. The price made it feel like it was going to be a flagship, but a lot of the features were on like the more mid tier side.

So this phone just wasn’t a great value proposition in my eyes and earlier in the year, samsung released a s20 ultra, which is the first phone to actually make the worst category a category for phones. You shouldn’t buy, and this is why the hype was so real. With s1 ultra, i remember, i got it in the studio and i was amped about it and i started doing the typical mbt, style, camera comparisons, and i noticed some issues with the camera. We had focus fringing, we had lack of focus and video, and some of these were resolved with software, but a lot of them were hardware based, and i just think that that makes this phone not a worthy buy for how expensive it is. Even though a lot of the other aspects of it were pretty great, but we all know samsung they’re, pretty open to feedback and redeeming themselves, and they did that with the s20 fe, which is an awesome phone and it’s a really good value phone. So i’m gon na put that one in the good category. Okay, then we have the pixel 4a and without hesitation. I am putting this phone in the best category because it has an awesome camera, regardless of how cheap it is. But then it also has a cheap price tag, which makes it super accessible to a lot of people. You get a really solid camera, a one handable design. It feels super cozy and i just it has good vibes.

So this one is definitely going in the best category. I think it’s a better value prop than the pixel 5.. I also tested out the oneplus nord this year, which is another budget phone, and in that video i kind of went over the fact that it was a jack of all trades in a sense, but none of the trades were flagship level. So you kind of got a pretty good experience in everything, but a non flagship experience in anything, unlike the pixel 4a, which kind of gave you like that flagship like camera, so i’m gon na put this one in good. I think it’s a really good phone actually and it offers a lot for a lot of people, but when compared the fact that it didn’t have one feature that really stood out with the fact that it was also a limited release in different regions. It’S getting the good category, the a51 was another budget phone i tested out this year going into this year. I got so many comments saying please review more budget phones and i heard you and i did it and i’m continuing that in 2021, but this phone at the time. I liked – and i thought it was pretty good, but now i’m – going to put it in the bad category, because i just feel like there’s too much competition in this budget. Space of phones that offer better value in comparison to the a51, which had that weaker processor and the weaker cameras in comparison to the pixel 4a so i’m.

Putting that in the bad category, because i just don’t feel like it’s an incredible value proposition anymore. But i feel like phones like the a21 and the a71 are great value, proposition phones and i definitely want to check them out because they get so much right. And then we have the oneplus 8 pro. And you probably remember that i raved about it in the review. I thought it was an awesome phone. It was high key in love with the color, but now i’m kind of teetering in between putting this in the good and bad category, because the 8t is actually a better value phone now. So i kind of feel like the 8 pro is no longer a great value proposition if you can get the 8t. Similarly, i’m kind of conflicted with the fold 2, which is the next phone because it does so much right and samsung – has created an incredible foldable, but i hesitate to put it in best because best really means best value proposition, but it also could mean best in Terms of having an incredible feature, and if we look at it in that lens, then this eful 2 obviously deserves a spot there, because it has an incredible two in one form factor feature so i’m interested to see what you guys do: i’m gon na put it In the best i’m gon na put the z flip, though, which is the other samsung foldable and good, because i just feel like that form factor is not as useful to me as, like the small phone tablet form factor, and then the next phone is actually the Only other phone to land itself a spot in the worst category.

Do you have any guesses on what it could be it’s the surface duo if you got that thumbs up to you virtual high five i’m, putting this in the worst category, because everything from like that sketchy hardware, only embargo to the fact that it was kind of Outdated in terms of specs makes it not a great value purchase, but it did get a lot right with the hardware. I think the hardware is super clean and i think that this form factor could be cool, so i hope that they create a gen 2 and fix some of the issues from gen 1, because they’re already kind of knocking it out of the park in terms of Hardware, all right that was 20 phones that was high key, so fun to make i’m ready to dive into this 20 hour. Edit that’s ahead of me uh. It was so fun to like take a trip back down memory lane and look at all the phones that i’ve reviewed this year. If you want to check out any of the reviews, i’ll link them below and please fill out a tier. I would love to see what you do. I’Ll leave all that information in the description below happy new year. I think i have one more video coming out for 2020 and then i’ll catch you in 2021 there’s. So many exciting things coming. I hope you have an awesome year and i can’t wait to embark on another year of making content for you to watch.

Thank you for all the love this year and the support it means so much to me. I really appreciate you and i can’t wait to do more next year. All right have a great one.