Now the year is finally coming to a close and we’ve reviewed, a bunch of smartphones. This year now, you’re probably wondering which one is the best one to grab for your holiday gaming. Now, with tons of phones across the board, we just had to chop it up into different price categories and to start things off here are our top best budget phones under 10, 000 pesos honorable mention the huawei y7a at eight thousand nine hundred and ninety pesos don’t Count huawei out in the sub ten thousand peso segment just yet as the y7a is one of their better offerings in 2020., while it’s kirin 710a processor is not as powerful as other processors used in the sub 10 000 pesos segment. You get a bunch of awesome features: the y7a sports, a distinctly huawei back panel that houses a rectangular camera module, reminiscent of the nova 7 and the nova 7se like its more premium siblings. The y7a opts for a side mounted fingerprint scanner keeping the back panel clean on top of having a modern usbc port i’m, not really a fan of back mounted fingerprint scanners. So this is a big plus. For me, you get a large 6.67 inch display with a 20 by 9 aspect ratio and a full hd plus resolution. The camera punch hole can be found in the middle housing, the 8 megapixel selfie camera for the cameras you get a quad rear, camera setup. That is led by a 48 megapixel main camera.

This performs well in low light and can shoot up to 60 fps. You also get an 8 megapixel ultra wide and 2 megapixel depth and macro cameras for gaming. It can play most popular titles, though you’ll need to tone down some of the settings to churn out some more fps and stability for the battery. You get a 5 000 milliamp hour battery with 22.5 super charge, which is faster than the 18 watt charging that you will be seeing on this list with the sub 10 000 peso segment being more competitive this year. The y7a proves that huawei has a strong entry in the segment. It is really nice to see features that used to be found on huawei’s, more premium phones trickle down to the y7a earning it the place as our honorable mention now before we get started on the main list. Please do note that this is in no particular order. Number one: the poco m3 at 6990 pesos, the poco m3, offers incredible specs at a price that its competitors will struggle to match. There’S, no doubt that it’s, a great stocking stuffer for people looking for budget bang for the buck smartphones. This christmas poco decided to give the plastic back of the m3 a full leather finish, that’s a cut above the usual plastic that we get from devices at this price point. Not only does it slightly resemble leather, it sort of kind of feels like it too, giving it that extra edge against competing devices that go for the usual plastic finish.

The phone has a 6.53 inch full hd plus display, with the dual drop notch situated on the top for its 8 megapixel selfie camera. The display is also protected by corning’s gorilla glass 3.. Despite having an advertised brightness of 400 nits. It would have helped to make it brighter. Visibility might not be as good outdoors so it’s worth taking note of that. The poco m3 has three cameras on the back, but only one really counts here. The primary shooter here is a 48 megapixel sensor, it’s, accompanied by a 2 megapixel macro camera and a 2 megapixel depth sensor as well. These are stat stuffers and we would have preferred a single, wide angle camera. Instead, the poco m3 comes equipped with the snapdragon 662 processor. This is 4 gig ram and 64 gig internal storage. In case you need more. It also has a 4 gig ram and a 128 gig storage variant. As for the performance of the poco m3. Well, it’s pretty good, the phone feels very fluid and it has no problems running most mainstream apps and games. The best part of the poco m3, though, is its massive battery it’s one of the only phones in the sub 10 000 peso category that sports a six thousand milliamp hour battery since most other offerings top out at five thousand milliamp hours at the most. This guarantees hours worth of gaming and content, the poco m3 isn’t perfect, but it delivers more than enough features at a very, very aggressive price point with everything it has to offer.

There’S no arguing against the overwhelming value of the poco. M3 number. Two, the redmi note. 9 at 7990 pesos with tons of features crammed into them, while still keeping cutthroat prices. The redmi note 9 lineup has been the benchmark for insane value for money when it comes to budget and mid range smartphones. The redmi note 9 shares the same design as its pro counterpart, save for the different flash location and a rear mounted fingerprint scanner. The note 9 is also noticeably lighter than the pro version which some people prefer. You get a 6.53 inch display with a punch hole for the 13 megapixel selfie camera. It is wide vine l1 certified, so you can enjoy netflix shows and movies in full hd we’re also happy to say that it has good color, reproduction and decent brightness when used outdoors. It also comes with a quad rear camera setup, showcasing its 48 megapixel main camera. It’S one of the cheapest smartphones out there to offer a count that high aside from a 2 megapixel macro and depth sensor, you get an 8 megapixel ultrawide to complete the quad setup, the redmi note: 9 sports, a helio g85 processor. This is paired together with 3gb ram and 64 gig internal storage. Annoying bloatware aside, you get a very, very smooth experience because the g85 works just as well as the g90p when it comes to gaming. It really depends on the title. The redmi note 9 and note 9 pro are almost the same with asphalt 9 and pubg mobile at the highest graphics settings.

Gaming performance differs significantly in more demanding games like nba 2k20 and call of duty mobile. While it is still playable, you might need to tone down the graphics on the redmi note 9, a little bit to get a smoother gameplay experience. You get a 5020 milliamp hour battery as well, which is fairly standard at its price range. You get 18 watt charging which takes about 2.5 hours to top up from zero from feature packed, specs, decent internals, very capable cameras to cut throat prices. It is hard to match what the redmi note 9 has to offer number three: the cherry mobile aqua s9 max at 9999 pesos. Anyone that has counted sherry out of the mobile phone game is in for a shock. This year, the local brand debuted one of its most competitive budget phones. Ever the cherry mobile aqua s9 max it’s, one of the best hero phones from the brand to date, offering compelling features at under 10 000 pesos, like a lot of you, pointed out in the comments the aqua s9 max is almost identical to the redmi note. 8. Pro it’s, not a carbon copy, though the aqua s9 max, is a tad thicker thanks to the bigger 5130 milliamp hour battery inside. That being said, the phone is both thick and heavy, which might turn some people off, but it’s a good price to pay for a bigger, better battery capacity up front. You get a 6.53 inch display with a water drop notch that is home to a 32 megapixel selfie snapper.

You get the full hd plus resolution on the aqua s9 max, along with a thin bottom bezel we’re, happy to say that the colors look great and they really really improved on the brightness. So you shouldn’t have a problem using this outdoors. That being said, it is only widevine l3 certified. So that means you only get standard definition for netflix videos, but at least you get full hd on youtube videos for the cameras you get a 48 megapixel main shooter, which can shoot videos in 4k. It can also shoot 108 megapixel photos through software interpolation. You also get an 8 megapixel ultrawide camera plus 2 megapixel dev sensor and 2 megapixel macro camera. You may also notice that it has less ram than the flare s8 plus from last year, but sports a more powerful helio g90d. It is currently the cheapest to feature this processor. I recently did a gaming review on this, so definitely check that out, but they just did out for you. I had the blast playing games like gentian impact nba2k20 asphalt, 9 call of duty, mobile and lol wild drift very very smoothly. Another big upgrade is the battery. Now we get the 5130 milliamp hour cell, which means you can get a good amount of gaming done in a single charge. Sadly, no fast charging here since you get 18 watt charging, which is a budget phone standard, cherrymobile, wants to end 2020 with a band, and the aqua s9 max is solid proof that the pinoy brand is still up for a fight in the highly contested under 10 000 peso segment number four, the real me narzo 20 at 7990 pesos.

The real me narso 20 is a great device for people who want to play mobile games without having to break the bank at just under 8 000 pesos. It delivers the goods in gaming and has the legs to sustain that performance all day. The narzo 20 does get a whole new texture design for its plastic back with the ridges forming a v when viewed at the right angle. Despite that, the phone looks and feels a lot like the real me c15. Both phones even have the same overall thickness. The plastic back feels relatively sturdy and should resist normal, wear and tear even without a silicon case. The narso 20 has a 6.5 inch hd display much like the real me c15 and its brothers. There is an 8 megapixel camera embedded in the water drop notch at the top. The colors were middle of the road, not bad and not too great either. The wide vine certification tops out at l3, which means you’re not getting hd video from sources like netflix, though you can watch full hd on youtube. That’S not such a big deal for a device at this price point, but it’s worth taking note of this going in the narzo 20 has a better set of cameras compared to the realme c15 you’re. Getting a higher resolution. 48 megapixel main camera a far more useful 8 megapixel ultra wide camera and a 2 megapixel macro lens. The phone gets a mediatek helio g85, which is a big jump from the mediatek helio g35.

On the c15. You also get 4 gig ram and 64 gig internal storage. The jump to the helio g85 processor from the g35 on the c15 is a good move for real me. This gives the narso 20 a bit more power in everyday use, as well as in gaming. Boosting the nars 20s gaming chops is the large 6 thousand milliamp hour battery, as well as its 18 watt fast charging capabilities. The narso 20 is a great addition to realme’s lineup of bang for the buck budget, phones offering great performance and battery life while keeping the price low number five, the realme 7i at 9, 9990 pesos launching a few weeks after its brothers. The realme 7i looks to fill a gap at the lower end of the 10 000 peso market that the real me 7 fails to fill. The real me 7i deviates from the design language shared by the real me 7 and 7 pro there’s, a rectangular camera module with the cameras arranged in an l shape. The polycarbonate panel has a glossy finish. It also has a different button layout than its more expensive siblings, for the display you get the same 6.5 inch ips panel as the real me seven. The resolution may be downgraded to hd plus, but you still get a punch hole, notch housing, a 16 megapixel selfie camera and 19 hertz refresh rate, the latter being a rare feature on a budget smartphone. The 90hz refresh rate does help in making the overall user interface smoother, given that a higher refresh rate can consume more power.

The real me 7i has a 60hz refresh rate option for better power savings. If you want the best of both worlds, you have the auto select option. This lets the phone select, which refresh rate to use, depending on the app you get a whopping 64 megapixel camera on this, as well as an 8 megapixel ultra wide. You also get a 2 megapixel depth sensor and a 2 megapixel monochrome sensor for the real me. 7I realme goes back to team qualcomm with its use of the snapdragon 662 processor that is paired with 4 gig ram and 128 gig internal storage in our gaming tests. It lead games like marvel super war, nba, 2k20 and pubg mobile pretty smoothly, but struggled with asphalt. If you are big on this game, it is worth taking note of this. We also get a 5 000 milliamp hour battery on this and, although that might seem fairly standard, the snapdragon 662 is able to stretch this out pretty well. Despite the 90 hertz refresh rate, ryomi made a very good move, bringing over the 4 gig version at just under 10, 000 pesos being 2000 pesos less than its 8 gig sibling. You still get the same goods like a 6.5 inch hd plus display with 90 hertz, refresh rate 64 megapixel main rear camera and 5 000 milliamp hour battery with 18 watt usbc charging that’s a pretty good deal there. You have it our top five best budget phones at below 10 000 pesos for the year 2020.

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