The cloud is low, hey what’s up section david here back with another video thanks for coming back to the channel this time, i’m. Talking about the vivo x51, 5g and it’s super moon mode. This phone has a 60 times digital or hybrid zoom. You could say: it’s got five times per scope, zoom, it does ten times nicely, but it’s also got all the way up to 60 times, but it also has a dedicated super moon mode, which is there specifically to take pictures of the full moon. Now the moon’s not really full at the moment, it’s a crescent, but why shouldn’t it work? It should work. Just fine let’s see what type of results we get with the x51 5g from vivo Music do: Music, Music, Music, Laughter, Music, Music, Music, Music, do Music, Music and now we’ll see how good you are Music, so, Music, Music, so Music, so Music, so Music, so Music.