You can also keep up on facebook, instagram and twitter by clicking the links in the description. So today, we’ve got plenty of news to share about the xiaomi mi 11, including the specs, the design and the price, of course, it’s. Also christmas today. So a merry christmas to all of you now before we get started, though, please like the video, if you’re a fan of xiaomi, and let me know in the comments what country you’re watching today’s video from. But of course the xiaomi mi 11 is finally upon us and they’re aiming to bring us a flagship phone with flagship specs, but without that flagship price, the official launch date is going to be the 28th of december. So only a few days away. We already know plenty about the xiaomi mi 11.. The launch was officially announced by xiaomi on weibo and the mi 11 is going to be the first smartphone powered by the new snapdragon 888 chipset. Interestingly enough, the event invitation also comes with a genuine snapdragon 888 chip. According to a post on weibo, so that’s very lucky for those fortunate enough to be invited, so the first story of the day is a leaked photo of the xiaomi mi 11 showcasing a full screen display smartphone with the first in display selfie camera that’s appeared on Slash leaks now this looks incredible and while i’d love to be here telling you that this is the xiaomi mi 11, unfortunately it’s not people were hopeful, as xiaomi did previously say that under screen camera technology would be mass produced and commercialized in 2021, but unfortunately it Just didn’t happen: it’s simply a photoshop and we’ve already had the display covers leaked for the xiaomi mi 11 and they show us a punch, hole, selfie camera in the top left corner.

The display leak does show us, however, that the xiaomi mi 11 will be a full curve design, and we do have very slim bezels all round, although you can see here that the chin on the bottom is slightly bigger than the top bezel. There have also been lots of different sources claiming different specs when it comes to the display of the xiaomi mi 11, but the latest leak devices will get a 6.67 inch curved amoled display, with a quad hd plus resolution it’s, going to be a 120 hertz display With hdr 10 plus and to be honest, it makes sense. Looking at the previous display leak. Of course, the mi 11 is going to be powered by the snapdragon 888 and the new weibo leak has provided us with details on the color options, as well as the variants available. According to this leak, the xiaomi mi 11 is going to come in two different variants, so users can choose either 8 gigs of ram with 128 storage or 12 gigs ram with 256 storage. The 8 128 version is reportedly going to be available in smoke, purple or white, and the 12 gig round version is going to be available in blue smoked purple and a special version that hasn’t been disclosed. The authenticity of this leak also hasn’t been confirmed, but a couple of days ago, xiaomi themselves did confirm that the mi 11 is gon na feature, ddr5 ram capable of speeds up to 6400 megabits per second.

So not only do we get these healthy ram configurations, but it’s also going to be very fast memory. Xiaomi have also revealed that the mi 11 is coming with support for new computational photography using digital computation over optical processes. It’S going to use ai to improve on the physical limitations of the optics and make use of deep learning to surpass details visible to the human eye. Now we’ve seen plenty of this from other manufacturers, so it’s great to finally see xiaomi stepping their game up in the photography department. This new technology for xiaomi, along with a 108 megapixel primary camera, could see some great photography results for the me 11.. So a nice amount of leaks so far for the xiaomi mi 11 and not surprising being that, with this close to launch now for anyone interested in the me 11. we’re going to run through the full specs and the pricing to help you guys decide if this Is going to be the right phone for you, so the xiaomi mi 11 has a full screen display with a punch, hole, selfie camera in the top left it’s, reportedly going to be a 6.67 inch, quad hd, plus amoled display with a 120 hertz refresh rate. It will, of course, be powered by the snapdragon 888 system on chip and it comes with a choice of 8 or 12 gigs of ddr5 ram and a choice of 128 or 256 storage. When it comes to the cameras, we’ve got no leaks on the punch, hole.

Selfie camera, but on the rear we get a 108 megapixel primary camera, a 13 megapixel secondary and the third camera is 5 megapixels, it’s undisclosed, exactly what lenses are being used, but as always i’ll update you guys as soon as we know now. The mi 11 is reportedly powered by a 4 780 milliamp hour battery, and this is going to have 50 watt fast charging support. But again we’ve got no details on the wireless. It will of course be running. Miui 12 and report state will be getting 5g wi. Fi 6, bluetooth, 5.1 and ufs 3.1 storage. The color choices are going to be blue, smoked, purple or white dependent on the variant choice, and while there have been a couple of pricing leaks, they also seem to be a bit too optimistic. In my opinion, now xiaomi tend to try and stick at the same price point, so we can expect around 800 pounds or a thousand dollars. I wouldn’t be expecting to see any big jumps up or down, but all in all it’s. Looking like a great phone. There are, of course, rumors of a xiaomi mi 11 pro with some big improvements, such as 120 watt, fast charging and more cameras, while the pro does seem very likely. Given their previous release schedules.