Today i unbox xiaomi mi 11. global technology. Leader xiaomi today released the much anticipated me 11 in mainland china. The latest flagship in its popular me, smartphone lineup, as xiaomi’s first premium phone in the new decade me 11 offers groundbreaking innovations in performance display and entertainment, debuting qualcomm s, snapdragon 888 chipset mi 11 aims to be a performance leader in 2021, featuring a 2k a mold Display with the impressive 120 hertz refresh rate me, 11 is also equipped with a 108 mp8k main camera and dual speakers with sound by harman kardon for an exceptional user experience. All this packed in an 8.06 millimeters, slim and light body me 11, starts at rmb ’99 and will be available for pre order in mainland china official sales channels from 10 p.m. Tonight, as the latest iteration of xiaomi’s mid digit series me 11 is a performance powerhouse equipped with the latest qualcomm snapdragon 888 mobile platform, which is manufactured using the most advanced 5nm process. Me 11 offers breakthrough performance with superior power efficiency. The ultra large core arm, cortex x1, designed for maximum performance, has powerful computational capabilities along with the new a78, offering the best to date power efficiency. These two combined provide for a cpu performance increase of 35 percent while being 20 more power efficient. The latest adreno 660 gpu achieves its biggest performance leap yet delivering up to 35, faster graphics, rendering compared to the previous generation on ai, the all new sixth generation qualcomm ai engine features a hexagon, 780 processor and delivers.

A combined 26 tops a 73 increase versus previous generation that results in industry leading ai inferencing performances that are crucial for smooth creative photography and videography operation. Me 11 features one of the industry’s top quality displays with a 6.81 a mold quad curve, dot display panel and wqhd plus 3200 x 1440 resolution. The display ensures that every detail of video and graphics is visible on the screen. The screen is made of the new e4 light emitting material and offers peak brightness of 1 500 nits, meaning that even the brightest sunlight will not be an obstacle. Me 11 supports 120 hertz refresh rate and an ultra high touch sampling rate of 480 hertz. On top of that, it also offers an ultra high quasi primary color screen with a jncd of 0.38 xiaomi’s new self developed color calibration algorithm makes the display more accurate for an even better use. Experience me 11 uses the new and currently toughest corning gorilla, glass victus with a better scratch and drop resistance, protecting the screen from wear and tear and accidental falls allowing me 11 to rely less on protective cases and screens me 11 offers one of the best screens On the market that has received an a plus rating from displaymate, the world’s leading professional display review institution me, 11 adopts a professional grade. 108 mp8k main camera featuring a 1 1.33 large image sensor with voice support enabling blockbuster level ultra clear image. Quality supported by pixel binning technology me 11 enables users to capture spectacular images without sacrificing any visual quality with its 4 in 1, 1.

614 m large pixels, even under very limited light conditions. Additionally, the 123 degrees ultra wide angle, camera and 50 millimeters telephoto macro lenses make it possible for you to indulge your creative side by experimenting with me, 11’s panoramic view for scenarios, including landscape group or macro photography on top of the superb camera hardware offerings me 11. Also features multiple built in creative video software solutions, powerful computational, photography, capabilities, reinforce excellent hardware components allowing me 11 to utilize algorithms used for photo shooting and video capturing to improve brightness and image quality, as well as to greatly reduce noise in images me 11 comes with Video filters, designed by the chief colorist at digital domain, spanning several styles, widely used in the film industry, enabling me 11 users to capture their own videos with profound film effect. Moreover, users can now capture videos with a mind: boggling zoom effect popularized by alfred hitchcock. Freeze time, as well as other film grade, video effects with just one click with me: 11 xiaomi optimized, the design of numerous components to deliver a light and thin device that does not compromise on power and functionality. The phone’s lightweight and slim body make it comfortable to hold while extremely thin and light me 11, not only does not cut down on functional experience, but also packs a massive 4600 mah battery to ensure full day battery life. The smartphone supports me, turbocharged 55w wired, flash charging that can fully charge the device in just 45 minutes as well as 50, w wireless fastest in any mass produced device which can fill up the phone’s battery in 53 minutes dot.

You can also always come to your friend’s rescue with 10 w wireless reverse charging with environmental protection efforts in mind me, 11 mainland china. Standard version will no longer be equipped with an inbox charger, while the bundle version will come with a separate 55w gan charger.