In this video we’re going to talk about another wearable, because you guys know i am a sucker for wearables, especially the good looking ones. We are checking out the xiaomi me watch and i have the nice white one we’re going to unbox this thing, we’re gon na see what this watch can do if it looks as good as it does here. If it fits my tiny wrists and if it’s worth the price tag, let’s go because i can’t wait, and here it is folks the me wash it’s a pretty little box and this bright yellow. I think i just think i’m not sure, but i think we got the white one, which was the version i wanted anyway. So i’m excited to check it out. Oh that’s, some huge mihosh branding, so it says here, it’s only 32 grams and that there’s blood oxygen and heart rate monitoring nice. On the other side, it says we have long lasting battery life, 110 exercise modes and data tracking 5 atm water assistance. That means you can swim with it and there’s also an automatic start or pause workout detection on the back. We have a photo of that pretty watch me watch 1.’ inch, amla display bluetooth, 5 compatible with android 5 and ios 10 or above without further ado, let’s open it up with my sword, owwww. Oh, my god guys. This is why you shouldn’t be playing with swords. Man, i’m, so happy. I didn’t get a sharp knife.

We are greeted with this warranty notice, that’s a lot of people wow. That is actually a very pretty watch. Okay, let’s see what else is in the box before we get to the watch. So we have here charging brakes, so those are the contact points usb the manual now on to this really pretty thing. First of all, look at that strap, um it’s silicone, but you can see texture on it right there also at the bottom. These are changeable straps too, by the way, nice and light. So we did get the white one and it looks good it’s, not white white, like it’s, not white as snow, but that’s a good thing, because this means it won’t look dirty after a while it’s the same color and it’s matte on the right side. We have two buttons and we sort of have that screen. Let’S. Take this off under it says home sport, the sensors. This is a good looking watch let’s try it on. It is not a small watch too. So for those people who are fans of chunky, watches you like this one and i love how even if the strap is a little long, it has holes up until the edge, so small wristed people like me would have a good fit. I think that’s a good fit and i can even go tighter good news for people like me who have small wrists that isn’t a heavy watch at all so let’s turn it on and set it up.

In the meantime, a montage Music setting up the me watch on my phone is fairly easy. All i did was scan that qr code on the watch download xiaomi where and yeah i know xiaomi. Where is actually a different app from the me fit app, which is the app that i connected my me band 5 to yeah watch that video anyway, i downloaded xiaomi, where app and from here you can see this cute little sports version of me, i’m. Assuming that’s me from this app it’ll show you the watches that are connected on here and yes, spoiler alert. I’Ll have a video of the me watch light also so stay tuned for that from here. You can change too many different watch faces, depending on your mood. Like, for example, if you want a softer analog face like this, or this really cute garden dinosaur, one, i think i’m gon na be using this from the app. You can also manage notifications, meaning the alerts that you get on your wrist from your phone. You can edit call alerts even manage the widgets on your watch itself from here. You can also change that second button and what it does so. Basically that is a shortcut to exercise, but now you can switch to a specific exercise. Also on this app, you can check out your workout, so there is gps on this watch and it shows you all that here, if you do another run or an outdoor walk and then finally, the app is where all the details that your watch gets goes.

You have your steps, you have your calories, you have your stress levels, heart rate and all those details, it’s gon na put in these neat little charts. So the longer you wear the watch, the better you have energy levels, even standing time or blood oxygen levels. So good to have, i always remind people that these wearables, these are not replacement for seeing a doctor or having actual testing. These are good for monitoring your health stats and seeing what changes in your body. But again, if you do feel something you should see an actual doctor, let’s look at the actual watch and yes, i did go for that. Dinosaur watch face it’s, so cute swiping down gives you notifications swipe up, gives you a quick menu and it gives you details like do not disturb mode or your different display settings, and even your different watch face settings so many choices. This watch also does auto brightness settings and you can do from one to five, depending on your brightness preference, so under settings we’re, seeing heart rate monitoring – and yes, you can do continuous monitoring with this watch – have activity reminders, meaning the wash will tell you to move Because you’ve been on your butt for the whole day and you can even password protect the watch, also there’s an always on display on this thing, always a cool feature to have swiping to the right of your watch cycles through this quick menu, which gives you all Your details, like heart rate and activity levels, and even your sleep data – you can even track your spo2 levels on here and yet again, a reminder you guys this is not a medical device.

It just helps you track trends in your body, so anyway, swiping to the right wait. Swiping to the left gives you the same menu and you just cycle through everything that upper right button brings you to another menu which gives you exercise. And yes, each specific exercise gives you the ability to set different goals so that’s, something i really like. In terms of fitness features, and then you get your heart rate data, your sleep data, spo2 data – you have your energy data – stress data breathing exercises. Yes, there are breathing exercises on this watch because y’all we need to be relaxing more. You can control music here, set, alarms to stop watch timers and even preset timers. You have weather details, air pressure honestly, i don’t know what that’s about and you even have a compass notifications. My favorite feature find my phone and yeah. We even have flashlight feature and back to the settings menu that lower right button brings you to all your different exercises and, like i mentioned earlier, yes, there are so many plus you can add even more sports here and those parts include water, sports, outdoor sports training. This is basically your gym stuff. You have dance boxing ball sports winter sports, recreational sports and even other sports. Like equestrian sports, the me watch looks good i’m. Still a big fan of round watches versus the square ones cause they just look better. In my opinion, right i’m about to step out and wow, this watch works with this outfit and it’s light.

Meaning i’d have no issues having it on my wrist longer wearing it going out sleeping even swimming, because this thing is waterproof. Xiaomi claims 16 days of battery time, which, if it holds up, will be one of the best in the market. There are, however, some things we don’t have on this watch: nfc wireless charging, mics or speakers, and though there are so many exercises on here, there’s no rep detection like those found on high end fitness watches but i’m, not complaining priced at 115 us dollars. I think the xiaomi me watch covers the basics and more from my experience with it. The watch is bright, responsive and i just love how you can set different exercise targets, plus the fact that it looks good and i can literally wear it with any outfit. As a release now, i can definitely say that this is a smartwatch experience that feels more than how it’s priced and that’s it for our first look at the me watch. I’M honestly liking this on my wrist. Let me know what you think about this wearable from xiaomi. Let me know if you think it’s worth it for the price. Personally, i think that xiaomi’s done it again, impressive specs for a price tag that doesn’t hurt as much. Of course, this is just my first look at this watch. Let me know what else you would like to know about this device. If you want to see how i use my deck on a daily basis, find me online that’s at esa does underscore that’s instagram twitter tiktok time to go until next time.