Two wireless earbuds i’m excited to check them out. So let’s begin. The edifier g22 gaming headset is a very affordable but lovely headset that has tons of features such as 7.1 surround sound and even a detachable mic check the link in the description to find out more and welcome back guys. My name is emmanuel, as i said, if you’re new here well welcome, have a seat. If you are returning well welcome back also have a seat and let’s get into it. Now before we get into it a quick disclaimer. This was sent to me by one more or by irif communications, basically one more in malaysia, but they do not get to see up review any of this before you see it now, with all of that boring stuff out of the way let’s get into this unboxing And the first thing i see on the front of the box right here is one more comfort buds with you know some of the specs, such as the powerful 13.4 dynamic driver and going on to the back. You see a whole lot more specs. We don’t care about all of those and removing the content of the box right here i’ve. You know the first thing that i find actually here is the earbuds itself, as you can see here when i remove it well, it’s, actually very, very compact, um right here. I find some paperwork beneath here, so i find you know the manual which i will ever really read right.

There i find a sticker. A one more sticker, which is quite interesting. Apple only puts this in the box and not one more a you know a qr code there for warranty purpose. It says and that’s pretty much it and having a look at the packaging right here, it’s pretty bare bones and straightforward. All i need to do is just you know, push it out. It comes with just a cable right here, which i am assuming is the charging cable, and one thing i like is the fact that it’s, actually usb type c right here, which is nice and pulling this and boom right there. I have the earbuds and i must say they’re actually way smaller than i expected, and the box actually looked pretty big, but, as you can see in the charging case right here on the case that holds it, it has, it comes in a very, very small form Factor and taking a closer look at the one, more comfort buds charging case right here on the back here. You can actually see it, has the charging port right here, and it has. It comes in this glossy finish, which i’ll be honest. I am not a fan of because i can already foresee this picking up a lot of fingerprints, but that is just by the wayside. Now i have some other earbuds right here that i’m going to compare this with, for example, my favorite right now, which is the edifier x3s you can see.

The x3 is quite a bit taller than it not as long but taller than it right here. If you can see the panmu slide mini and you can see the panel really really dwarfs the comfort buds right there and the last one right here is the edifier gm4 mini one. Now this one is a little bit more rectangular, but it still has a way. Bigger uh footprint compared to the comfort bud a fun fact about the case, apart from the size right here, exactly when you open it, there is like a status indicator right there. You can see at the stem of the one more comfort bud right there to indicate that they are charging, which is nice on the case itself. Also, when you’re charging there’s another indicator right here to tell you if it’s charging or not and of course i showed you that the charging part is right at the back there opening up up right. There also is not so uh difficult. I would say it has like some grooves right inside here, so you can just like pull it up right there, which is super comfortable to open up, and the button here is uh very tactile right there. Taking a look at the design here on the comfort buds and they look like a hybrid between the airpods pro and the airpods, i would say, because they have this part, that fits into your hair right here. But then they also sort of stick in just like the original air pods, and you know when you remove them out of the box.

They actually come with this plastic thing that covers the connectors here so i’m just going to pull it off right there and boom. We are ready to go there’s, also another plastic right here, which i do not have fingernails boom. I have gotten those two out so as i can, as i’ve told you, it is pretty small. Believe me, like my fingers. Definitely, you know it’s bigger than the comfort but right here, but as regards to how they look, even though they look small, they do not look cheap and, although yes, they are glossy right here, as you can see. So this will pick up a lot of fingerprints or in this case your ear wax or whatever it is, but they are small and we shall put them on very soon. Let me just quickly go back to the app and see what features you get with the app now i’m opening up my camera and scanning the qr code right there. I actually discovered that it has a forbidden error right here so i’m just going to go to the app store right here and there you go it. It is actually in the you know, app store right. There i’m not quite sure why you know i wasn’t able to get it with the qr code, that you know they provided in the manual, but there you go, you can just search for the app manually in case you experience that error yourself.

I’M. Currently in my bluetooth settings right now and when i open the earpods right here, earpods sorry, they want more comfort buds right here. You can see on screen i’m just going to tap that and it is as simple as that. It is connected, and i have the comfort bots connected to the phone now i’m heading into the one, more music app right there. I can actually see that it has recognized that i am connected to it so i’m just going to tap on it it’s going to tell me how to you know put. I think this is just instructions actually of you know what to do so. Basically, right here, let’s go through some of it. You know when you put your finger on the back of the earbud and press it out, that’s how you remove it to playback. You can tap right there for playback controls for phone calls. You can, you know, tap on their double tap there for phone calls, so these are basically the gestures of the comfort buds and volume controls as where you’ll tap three times on either the left or the right. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, you can actually see some of the data here right here. So you have the you know, battery level on both the left and the right, uh playback custom settings ota update, which i think there’s a firmware update right. There so it’s actually telling me that there’s a firmware update for me to upgrade to right there so i’m going to be coming back to that later and a quick guide of the product.

That is basically the last item on the menu right there. So i’m going to be doing the firmware upgrade and i’m going to be finally putting it on and for the moment of truth, putting this on into my ears now i’ve already put up. You know a song in my title and these have smart pause and play. So when i put it into my ears, they should automatically start playing music. So let me listen to some music Music. Okay, so i think the first thing i noticed right off the bat is that yeah, these do not fit me at all, most probably because this style of you know earpods kind of design. Don’T naturally fit my own ears. So i think it has something to do with my ears. I don’t think this would work for me as earphones that are put in my ears to do any sort of activity or anything like that. That’S number one number two for the sound quality. I would say that um it doesn’t have as much bass, i would say, like the bass is not that prominent, like you, don’t, really feel it that much and i’m not sure if it’s, due to the size right here. Another thing is also that the higher frequencies is it when the voice is like the pitch is high is more pronounced, so i can hear more of that, as opposed to other things in the music. Again, i am not a music person.

Maybe i did not say that before, but i am not a audio connoisseur. Who knows what he’s talking about, but this is just from what i’m hearing right here so i’ll definitely say, like you know like for the portability and the size, they they’re very, very tiny. Uh, if the airpods kind of design fit your ear, definitely you know it’s something you can look into, but if the airpods type of design do not fit your ear like mine, maybe you should skip this because i don’t think this will work for me now, as You can see these are not user replaceable, so you cannot remove them. You are stuck with the design that comes in here, at least to the best of my knowledge talking about this. Actually, you can also see like just putting it in my ears for just two minutes right here: it’s already picked up the ear wax in my ear and because the material here, let me just try to get this close, the material that this is made of it’s, Like sort of this mesh material, it has, i would say, the more likelihood to pick up stuff because it’s quite a rough material, it’s, not soft, so this might also be not comfortable for a long time. I am not sure again. Your mileage will vary a fun fact here is the fact that the um proper earbuds is actually written embossed on the earbuds here. So you can see.

This is the right here, and the left is also has an accompanying one right there and the touch uh controls and the gestures actually right here. If you want to you, know control, you know, volume and double tap and triple tap. Moving on to the app here – and there are some things i also noticed after i’ve – used it for a while – which is that they actually custom settings right here. So if you go into the settings, you can actually customize what the double tap and triple tap does on the earbuds, which i think is pretty cool. I’Ve not seen this in many of the earbuds i’ve tested, which is very very nice, so you can actually customize it to whatever kind of controls that you’re comfortable with so you’re, not stuck with whichever one uh you know come for. One more is uh defaulting you to, and also if you tap on the menu right here, you can also have an option called smart burning, which you can use to burn in the earphones. I am not sure about this. I have no idea i’m, not an audio person, but apparently, if you have the one that option of burning in this, you can actually burn it in right. There and of course, as i just showed you there’s a ota ota firmware, upgrade uh button right there as well. So that is some of the things i have noticed, apart from just the status indicator for the battery in the one more music app that you get now something that i would have expected to get right here is the you know, eq settings, so you can change The eq, but there seems to be no way for you to change the equalization settings right here: uh, smart, sorry, smart playback, if you tap it on here, gives you the ability to control that uh, remove auto pause and play that i told you about in my Test just now, which is super cool, so if you want it, if you don’t want it, you can, you know, select the options right there, which i think is really nice, so that is the fun fact rounding it up with the app right there and finally, rounding Up right here is the battery life.

So, as you can see right here on the box, it says you know the charging time is 80 minutes, which is about one hour, 20 minutes with four hours of playback time and another 18 hours with the charging case when both of them are fully charged. So if you’re wondering about battery life for these, this is the battery life you’re going to be getting right here, and that has been it from me. Checking out the one more comfort buds right here now some ending thoughts from me number one. I would say i like the you know portability. It is very, very small if you put it in your pocket or in your bag, it’s, not even going to take up any space. In fact, if anything, i wonder if you’re going to actually lose it just because of how small it is so portability is very nice also price. It comes in at about 189 ringgit, malaysia, which i shall put the conversions on screen right now. So you can, you know, see that it is not as expensive as an earbud uh for cons, though i would say number one for me: it doesn’t fit my ears. Uh due to the design – and there is no – you know adjustable anything again due to that design, so it’s, not something i can actually wear on the daily that’s number one and number two, i would say the sound for me. It doesn’t really do it for me, because i do like that nice bass not too much of a base, but i do like some bass and for this one, the higher frequencies seem to.

You know drawn out sort of that bass for me, so it doesn’t really work for me in that regards and that’s basically been it uh. Thank you again for our roof communications and one more for sending this over. You guys are awesome and amazing, and you that you’re watching right now are you interested in the one more comfort buds. Are you you know just watching this because you just like me and you’re just watching any of my content, or are you planning on getting this or you have this already? Let me know in the comment section down there below and wishing you seasons greetings. Hopefully the new year is better, i hope, you’re staying safe and you’re staying well and i shall catch you in the next video don’t forget to be awesome.