What’S up everybody teeter james here, i hope you guys are having a fantastic holiday now, of course, we’re gon na be talking about the samsung galaxy s20 fe 5g and before you go flame me in the comment section, let me quantify or qualify that previous statement. This is my favorite phone from samsung this year and i’ve been using it on and off for about two months now, meaning after i review other devices. This is the smartphone that i choose to come back to for my everyday use. It isn’t perfect, and i have to be upfront with you guys about that, which is why i decided to do a pros and cons video to kind of unpack. My experience with this device so far now let’s start with the positives number, one being that it has all the features that we pretty much expect from samsung flagships, so you’re getting the current flagship soc available right now, and this 5g version is packing. The qualcomm snapdragon 865 and, as we all know, aside from the plus version of this soc, this is pretty much as good as it gets for the apps that i use on a daily basis. It gets a job done and it does it really really. Well now i tend to jump from app to app when i’m working. So if you find yourself multitasking a lot on your current device, you’ll be pleased to know that this phone can definitely keep up.

Now i don’t do a lot of gaming on my smartphones, but when the mood strikes, i did find that the s20 fe could handle the titles that i usually play without any issue at the highest graphical settings. But let’s be honest here. If you’re looking for a smartphone primarily for gaming, i don’t think that the s20fe is gon na, be on top of your list. One thing that samsung started offering for their flagships this year are its display with higher refresh rates and that’s still present on the s20 fe you’re, getting a 6.5 inch. Full hd plus super amoled display at 120 hertz, so the phone feels snappier when navigating through it. Obviously, that comes at the expense of battery life, which we will talk about a bit later again, as you guys know, i’m super biased when it comes to samsung’s displays, but this one doesn’t disappoint in terms of picture quality. You have those inky blacks that i absolutely love and bright vivid colors for checking out your instagram feeds or watching videos. You aren’t getting qhd plus resolution here, so it might not hit that flagship mark that we typically see on their quote: unquote: ultra smartphones, but it’s. Definitely a good compromise and the pixel density still makes it quite sharp in terms of battery life. The samsung galaxy s20 fe has a 4 500 milliamp hour battery and that typically lasted me at least a full day, with pretty heavy usage with a screen at 120.

Hertz now that being said, we are working from home and trying to stay in as much as we can. So, if you’re, a particularly heavy user, you might want to bring a power bank. Just in case, you need a midday top up, speaking of which the s20 fe supports their usual 25 watt, fast charging, which had me top of the phone at about an hour and 20 minutes. Now you can charge this wirelessly, but it’s at 15 watts – and i don’t know about you guys, but i do prefer plugging it into the wall socket, but at least you have that option now. I think this is a good time to kind of transition into the first con, because for all the features that this phone is packing, this version of the s20 fe the 5g variant is not the one that we’re getting here in the philippines. Like i said, the 5g variant sports, the snapdragon 865, but we’re getting the 4g version of this phone, which will run on the current exynos flagship chipset, so you’ll be seeing a fair dip in performance, which is understandably frustrating, and some of you have already voiced this Out in our previous video for the s20 fe it’s, definitely a tough pill to swallow, but i’ve found that the exynos 990 had more than enough power for my usage but i’m still kind of hoping that samsung will ship with qualcomm processors. In the future, though, there are reports that their next chips will bridge that performance gap.

With that said now, let’s talk about point number two and the pros column. The cameras. Now they don’t have crazy megapixel accounts like the s20 ultra or note20 ultra, and, to be completely frank, i don’t think we need to see those crazy numbers anyway. As a recap, the s20 fe features a 12 megapixel main camera with dual pixel face: detection, autofocus and ois at an aperture of f 1.8. You also have a 12 megapixel ultra wide camera, f, 2.2 with a 123 degree field of view and an 8 megapixel telephoto camera with up to three times optical zoom and ois, to help you with your shaky hands, if you’re zoomed in let’s be honest, you’re, not Getting the absolute best image quality here when you compare to let’s, say an iphone 12, but it’s, good and good enough for what we typically use. The photos on our phones, for which is posting on social media there’s. A good amount of detail in the shots i’ve taken colors are a bit amped up, but the post processing isn’t too bad, and if you want to go a bit more realistic, you can always turn off scene optimizer in the settings. The dynamic range is passable with the main camera, though you will notice a dip with the ultra wide, with the shadows getting a bit more crushed, but it’s not too bad night mode still needs a bit of work but it’s not too bad in a pinch, but Samsung definitely has a lot of catching up to do if they want to get on the level of huawei’s prowess in this regard, all in all for the price we’re expected to pay for the s20 fe.

The photos are pretty great, now, i’m, not big on selfies, but i think the 32 megapixel front shooter does a great job as well. I just realized that i wasn’t able to try out the selfie cameras in low light situations, but judging from the indoor shots leia and i have taken, you will need to stick to areas with pretty good lighting to get really crispy. Looking self portraits, hey guys. So, yes, the lighting changed because, as i was editing this video there was something wrong with the audio, so i decided to re record it, but anyway, the last pro on this list has to do with the price of the samsung galaxy s20 fe, which is admittedly A bit controversial but hear me out when i say price. This is of course relative to other phones. That samsung is offering because i’m pretty sure someone’s gon na bring out the xiaomi mi 10t in the comment section. But if you’re a samsung guy or girl and you’re not willing to spend loads on their ultra series phones, the s20 fe sits at a pretty good price point, which is 35 990 pesos according to their website. Now, of course, i would suggest getting the s20 fe via your local telco of choice, which i typically suggest with flagship devices, but if you want to pay for this phone outright, the pricing isn’t too bad again, that’s, relatively speaking, of course. That pro is also a bit of a double double edged sword and it’s, actually also one of the factors in the last con in my list, which is the seriously tough competition in the market.

Right now now, i’ve already mentioned the xiaomi mi 10 t or mi 10 t pro, which is honestly one of the best bang for your buck phones in this price segment. I won’t even deny that, with that device, you’re pretty much getting everything the s20 fe 5g has, except for an amoled display on the pro, but that may not be the main priority for a lot of you. Of course, you also have the oneplus 8t, which is another great alternative that has a similar feature set to this device and hovers around the same price point as well, and since we’re only getting the version of the s20 fe that’s equipped with an exynos 990 chipset. I know a lot of you may gravitate towards those two devices because of the difference in performance now compared to those two devices we’re also getting a polycarbonate plastic body on the s20 fe, and while that really didn’t bother me all that much there’s. No denying that the glass backs of the 80 and the mi 10 t pro do feel more premium, although you are getting an ip68 rating on this device, but, like i said this is my favorite device from samsung this year, which honestly surprised me, since i did Book some time with the s20 ultra the note 20 ultra and even the galaxy z fold too again: it’s not perfect. It has its fair share of compromises, but i think it’s, a pretty good balance and a lot of people have said that this is what the s20 should have been at launch, which i totally agree with and that’s pretty much it for this one.

If you made it to this point of the video, thank you so much for dropping by and spending a few minutes with me. I really appreciate it if you like this video, give us a thumbs up sub to the channel and hit that notification bell. If you haven’t already, if you have any questions, leave them down below and i’ll try my best to get to them as soon as i can for all the days in tech head to unbox.