So, basically, for the longest time i’ve been abusing my iphone x and finally, we get to retire this and shift to 12 series. The question is: is it worth to jump from iphone x to 12 series? For me, the answer is yes, but it doesn’t mean it’s right for you. The main reason why i bought this because i shoot a lot of footage on my vlogs actually using my phone. I started from the jibo story: number 104 at lahatna, kuwakudon aigalinx, iphone x. This is it guys. This is the iphone 12 pro max Music. I was able to get this from a newly based company in dubai, offering the best protection service for your device. If you want to know the latest offers you can visit their website mentioned below, or you can visit their facebook and instagram account for this series, power, adapter and headphones sold separately, that’s. The reason why the box is so small, so this is pacific. Blue 256. Gigabytes of internal storage, if you flip the box, you will see the imei serial number and the full specifications of the product. Let’S go ahead and open up here and we’ll see what it looks like anyway. The iphone 12 pro max is a huge phone, the biggest iphone ever made by apple. It has 6.7 inch. Super retina hdl display the largest screen ever on an iphone. It has the biggest camera sensor of any iphone, including the three of the other iphone 12 models.

Apple announced this year inside the box, we have the usbc to lighting cable. We have our user guide, part a sim tool, ejector and one apple sticker. I have been using my iphone 12 pro max for over a month now at naginjoya, hong kong, so here’s my pros and cons in this new device, pacific blue or the iphone 12 pro and pro max is an all new color for the iphones. The back cover of the iphone is matte assuring it won’t collect as many fingerprints. It actually has the chrome finish along the sides, stylish and glossy look. It reminds me of the design of the earlier iphones, which is the iphone 4 and 5 series named bakalpasha at sharp edges image sensor. Camera system is still in 12 megapixel, but by increasing sensor size and the pixel size itself, it’s actually absorbed more light, giving overall better photos. It also improved the depth of field, so you can take photos without using the portrait mode and still get the separation of foreground and background battery life. Iphone 12 pro max has 3687 milliamp hour battery power, the heli tompkins unlocking iphone. It of course, comes with the largest battery. In total, you can get 20 hours watching a video 12 hours streaming, video or 80 hours streaming audio Music ram, the first iphone that includes 6 gb of ram inside hindi moments. All these open apps instantly loaded without any issues compatible in it, mobile games and my high requirements of gaming specs.

Of course, dial. It was a 14 bionic places or along with 6 gb of ram camera system. Iphone 12 pro max has 3 back lenses with 12 megapixel camera system. The main lens has 1.6 aperture 2.4 for the ultra wide and 2.2 aperture for the tele lens. It has 2.5 times optical zoom in two times: optical zoom out five times optical zoom range and digital zoom. Up to twelve times it won’t feature namaste in closer subject making mo without losing any details, Music for the video cydna man. We can shoot 4k at 24 frames per seconds for film style 4k at 30 frames per seconds to get high resolution 4k at 60 frames per seconds for smoother and higher resolution. It also has dolby vision, hdr in 120, up to 240 frames per seconds 1080 pixel hd for slow motion. Pakosapanamanaten an ois stands for optical image. Stabilization available toss a wide and telephoto lenses, which means the camera sensor moves inside the camera to offset any movement, kadalas and makita nathan, and especially for the first time it’s been adapted for iphone. Anyway. I am a big fan of image and less stabilization, smooth balance and steady shoot. Last but not least, the lidar scanner lidari stands for light detection and ranging it uses lasers to pin off objects and return to the source of the laser measuring distance by timing. The travel of the light bulb in short, you’ll have a detailed, better photos in a low light environment even at night, without a flash.

Just try to imagine the magacapture canon photos without the light, but still detail the saltpath in alabasta. Subject mo here’s the cons of this device number one, no charger and headphones in the box. Yes, additional cost nano monitor, especially power adapter, a usbc type number two lens flare super sensitive nunca manito in terms of light reflection. Users are now reporting that they encounter random lens flares when there is a bright light source in the camera view, so kailangan mum adjusts to avoid direct contacts lights in order for you to minimize the dots on your screen, Music, that’s, 5g matter. For me, it’s not working dial, una una, babilista, manang, wi fi, did say uae at halo so again, for me, it’s not useful there. You have it guys. That was our pros and cons of iphone 12 pro max. So if you agree or disagree of any of those, please comment your thoughts down below and click the subscribe button, so that you will be notified for the next video. Thank you for watching guys. This is jv vignega, and this is the g boy story.