Sharking raccoon, a nickel and dime you to death. He’S got his nephews working in that store for free from 8 a.m to 10 p.m. Nobody gets the value for dollar that tom nook does so, of course, he should be the namesake for the award we’ll find out the best budget phone of the year according to steve malicious today, on this edition of steve alicia’s tech and we’re back as always. Thank you so much to all the new subscribers up over 2560. As of the taping of this video, absolutely you guys have been going nuts with the subscribe button. The last few days, i really appreciate, if you enjoy seeing all of this tech and tom nook as well, go ahead and give that subscribe button a tussle. It certainly means a lot to me, as you can see from the shot here. My choice for budget phone of the year 2020 is gon na, go to the moto g stylus. Now the main story to me in 2020, no matter what phone you had was that if you had a budget phone most likely, you had a decent device. The biggest win was the quality of all these devices and the competition being which one had the best features and the best optimization winning the award, as opposed to in previous years, you’d win the award for best budget phone in the same price bracket. If the power button didn’t fall off, if the screen didn’t fall off the front of the phone as you were using it, that would be the that would be considered a quality budget device, but that’s not the case anymore.

There was competition at the two and three hundred dollar price range that this this phone actually had a rise. Above you know what and a close second, the consolation prize would have to be the redmi note. 9 pro. I love that device. Nice big colorful display it’s. Just that on me, ui 12, there were a few more hiccups that i would have liked to have seen just a little a bit slower couple more snags on there that you really weren’t getting with this clean version of android, even though technically not as powerful as The snapdragon is running the 665 and this phone rises above because it beats out even other phones that are running the same chipset. The nokia 5.3 runs the 665 with the same amount of ram. This beats it absolute performance beast. I was shocked. This is the phone. The budget phone and the only one and, like i said you know it’s tough here, it’s tough talking about these devices because they’re all so so good. But this is the only one in the sub 300 price range that i use this year, that if you had handed me this and he said you got to hand in your iphone, you got to hand in the fold too. You got to hand in your galaxy notes and all the rest of it, and you have to use this phone for a year i’m, not shedding a tier i’m, not i’m, absolutely happy using this device.

So let’s go over it. For those of you who didn’t see my other video on it or perhaps you’re still on the fence, let’s talk price rise, wise right now on amazon they’re looking what was it 300 bucks, but a couple weeks ago, before christmas, it was 199.. I know a lot of places i know boost mobile was doing stuff. You could get it as low as 149. If you could get this, you got to be patient all right because the new one’s going to come out around 3 30 this year in april. I believe so there’s no reason to pay 300 for this now just wait and get the next one it’s, not that big of an upgrade over this one chip buys or at least spec wise. So if you get it hold on. But, however, however, if you’re able to shop around and find this sub 200 run, don’t walk absolutely snag it because you’re getting a great camera system in that price range and impressive perfor. You know let’s just talk about the camera. This is one of the the sillier things that uh. I was impressed with this color thing with the real time processing let’s take tom here: okay select the color. You want to keep and look at that instantly gets rid of all the other colors and just keeps the gray, and that happens in real time in the viewfinder before you take the picture, a 200 device absolutely great running a snapdragon 665.

The optimization on this thing and the performance is the reason why it stands out to me as the budget phone of the year when you’re talking about just a clean, install of android, okay, the stuff that moto does the moto ui stuff, is incredibly clean. Very light. Very soft skinning of android and you get to keep a lot of the features that you’ve known to come and love from the pixel devices. So a little on the fingerprint sensor on the back, i could drag down for notifications. I could do you get the call transcribing, which is a feature that not that long ago you were only going to be able to get on pixel devices. Now you can get it on this moto g stylus and the other moto devices. You get a a lot of the nice features and just that clean, install and just so four gigs of ram a 665 very, very snappy performance and everything runs great on it played pokemon on it all the rest of it. You had no problems, the thing that that really makes this one stand out as well. Is that a lot of times, especially when you’re looking at the other budget devices and the xiaomi devices, which is just a big buffet of devices right, they got a million phones, samsung the same way with the a series or whatever other series they got. They got a million phones, but it seems like when you get down into the 250 200 price range you have to pick, which is the most important features to you.

So you could sit there and say well, you know i could have a little of this and a little of that and but i could skip maybe on this part of it, and you know it’s like one of those things you get on facebook, like you got Ten dollars to build your dream phone, you know you spend three on the screen. You spend four on the processor, one on ram or whatever it happens, to be that’s kind of the deal with the samsung and the xiaomi budget devices. In my mind here, i don’t think you’re sacrificing anything. I really don’t. Are you going to get the best frames in the world? No, but you’re really getting a lot of nice features here. The screen a lot of times you’re settling for those 720p displays. It is an ips okay, it’s, not oled, but it is one of the brightest most cut. The contrast is magnificent on it. 1080P watching videos is great. It’S got the great design, okay, the little hole punch. So it looks very 20 20., not the teardrop. You want your you want your budget phone looking 2018 or 2020. come on now come on, have a little pride hole punch you get a headphone jack on the bottom. Okay, nice build, listen, plastic back i’m warming to the plastic backs on the budget. Devices doesn’t need a case you get to enjoy the design of the phone you get to throw it around.

You don’t have to worry about it, listen to three lenses, but the main the headliner is going to be the laser autofocus, which is quite nice, but also the camera tech. The thing i just displayed, but the main shooter, the 48 megapixel one, is quite nice. You can see examples of that in the full review that i did as well perfectly acceptable and representative camera you’re going to take nice pictures with it. Fingerprint sensor is great for 20 20. No need for a mask face refreshes any of that stuff. You put it right, there fast, speedy, responsive and then the topper, as if you need it anymore, in your budget, a good weight to it. By the way, okay it’s got an aluminum frame, which i don’t i don’t put much stock. In i mean don’t sit on your phone okay, i mean don’t, run it over with a car you’ll, be fine. The thing that adds that extra little bit of utility is just the icing on the cake is the pen a lot of functionality. Out of this, you know, i i said it before it’s like is there a you know. This is the you get 95 percent minimum 90 percent of the functionality of on this pen and this software suite that you do on the galaxy pens for the note series and for a heck of a lot less on this device and it’s you circling silly memes For friends, okay, if this does this just fine jots down notes, i, like the chalk feature that it has the input lag, is, is not anything you’re gon na notice, i mean if you’re scribbling, you’re scribbling across the screen like this, which who writes like that you’re Going to notice a little bit but it’s not that big of a deal, but you get all that functionality.

Plus you get pen functionality, you could sign stuff, you could you could mark up stuff, you could write handwritten notes, it’s, so great it’s, just one of the devices that if you like, i said, if you told me if you took away all the expensive devices for The year and said this is what you got. I have no problem with that and to have that i think i paid 240 over the summer towards the beginning of the year if you could get it now. I, like i said a couple. You get 100 199 bucks boost mobile 149 bucks if you could grab one absolutely absolutely. You got the textured power button overall, good layout of everything, and you can’t speak enough about the snappiness and the performance and the updates and you’re going to get android 11 on it, probably going to get android 12 as well. I don’t know what the exact cutoff is going to be, but it’s confirmed, android 11 and with it being such a light skin. Is it practically android one with the moto stuff, which is great but the little things that they add are quite good. There’S very little features you got the moto, you got some of the features in there too. There you go so you do the shake the chop for the for the flashlight. You get all the fun moto stuff as well, but, to my mind, the tom nook award for the best budget phone this year is going to the moto g stylus.

But the story of stories is what a competition it was and what a competition it will be. Next year, and if this is not the device that you have, if you have another budget device that you love, let me tell you something: you’re not getting gypped you’re, not getting gypped. There were so many quality devices at this price range and it really makes you question really makes you question what cell phones are worth and what is worth paying, and hopefully some of the bigger companies are a little threatened by some of this stuff and they and They started, you know apple, coming down the 700 ish range for the entry, one and samsung a little bit. Hopefully samsung catches up with some of their other devices, more reasonable pricing for next year.