Portrait and landscape object, tracking and control with the original camera, which is what they mean to say. Is you do not should there is no need to shoot from the application, so let’s see Music made in china like most of these electronic gadgets? Music let’s pull pull Music. Oh, this looks really good Music, quick, start guy warranty card and then behold there you, the gimbal, you are going to get also a carrying bag, the gimbal the power cable for charging and is usbc and also the stand which looks familiar to me. I i have one, let me show you, let me show you uh, let me put this one to one side, so usually the way it works you unlock you extend and that’s it here is explaining how to do it and it’s asking you to do what i Did this is the number one but also it’s asking you unlock? The three axis which now is unlock to the right Music here is lock, unlock Music, and here is explaining how to hold the phone let’s unlock is unlocked and is unlocked. See so is unlock both of them here are the controls zoom in out this. I have no idea. Okay, this is like a joystick see Music. This is to record this is photo. I guess – and i guess this is manual – the usb charging port and the power button and again this is one quarter, because you also can use a regular tripod, but i don’t know: why would you want do that? So here is my first thought.

This is excuse me. Let me put this one side here is the first impression. Okay, let me show you first everything what is included right. We talk about that, but what i want to show you is also is the first thing that comes to my mind is the size uh when fully extended – and this is my hohem fully extended as well Music. This one is smaller and this part is metal Music. The rest is plastic, this one also Music. Actually, this is plastic, the whole thing, but this is the hohen, and this is my free tech. I’M. Sorry, if i’m mispronouncing, that Music so size comparison, they more or less are the same. But somehow, because this arc is more pronounced, the footprint is a little bit bigger and we both remove the joystick. I think also more. The joystick now is already a mini tripod, more or less are exactly the the same. Maybe this one is thicker. This is only one line, this is thicker, but it is what it is so regarding how small they are and easy to carry around. I will say: maybe this is very easy see you are all set this one um you need to lock, you need to lock. You need to remove here, Music, um hard hard to say, but Music. The main thing is the performance, so i’m very happy with this one. We, what i do not like is two things number one you need to uh use the application, the camera of the application, not the camera of your phone.

I mean the application and also what i don’t like is the uh. I was going to mention other things: okay, it’s kind of difficult, the first time to put your phone here and for this one other than that, the performance is great, and let me see what i will make a test on the local park outs in the outdoors.