I steady x and this retails for about 5700 to 6000 rupees, and i bought this from amazon. I’Ll leave a direct link in the description, go ahead and check that out and i will do a quick, unboxing and i’ll show you how it works, though i’m, not an expert in smartphone, gimbal i’ll tell you all the tips and tricks that i have learned so Far so for people who are new here and haven’t heard about this channel, i am tarak from thorough stories and we do such interesting content make sure to be subscribed to this channel and without further ado, let’s get started. So i got this item on amazon, so i’ll leave a link in the description. Please go ahead and check it out now the price of this product varies somewhere between five thousand seven hundred to six thousand rupees. Now i got this for like five thousand seven hundred, but the current prices right now. I think they are about six thousand rupees but yeah, but they are a really good product for the price, as i told let’s put this to the side. So this is the product once we remove from the packaging uh there’s some kind of a welcome letter with some 500 back offer, so we’ll go through that later now. This is the hohem. I steady x, the three axis palm gimbal for smartphone from ho hem brand. Okay, so let’s go ahead and peel the plastics off okay, let’s remove the plastic so while we’re unboxing, this i’ll also tell you about some other gimbals which were in choice.

Um. There is a famous or a popular brand called dj, osmo uh. They make really good gimbals, but the price point is more than 10k, so i did not want to spend that much now, that’s the reason i went with this brand now, basically about this. It says it’s ultra light, foldable design, three axis stabilization and some other features also, and it also says what all are there in the box: anyways we’ll open this box and see what else do we get so it kind of slides this way. Let me put this to the side, so this is the smartphone gimbal itself. It looks nice it’s, not very heavy, it’s kind of lightweight and it’s kind of easy to operate as well. So we will anyways test this outdoors as to how it performs and how is the stabilization and all that stuff. So this is nice uh. It also comes with an additional attachment or a connector uh, which kind of goes to the bottom, and you can just screw this up just to get some additional length, while you’re holding while doing any videos that’s nice. Now. This also gets a usb cable, uh and it’s, also usbc, which is really good, because you do not have to carry another pair of charger just in case, if you’re traveling or something uh, some sleep pouch and some booklet as to how it works and stuff let’s. Take this compartment off okay, i think you also have a carrying pouch, so this looks okay decent for the price and that’s all in the box.

So this is the unboxing experience now let’s go ahead, go outdoors and start testing this product and see how the stabilization works. Okay, now that you’ve seen the unboxing video right so we’ve seen what all you get in the box, so i’ll quickly show you a quick demo of how to get this setup done before we go ahead and do this setup make sure to go ahead and download An app from the play, store or app store called ho hem and you after you download this app make sure to activate your product. Unless and until you do this, you will not be able to use the product so make sure you do that. Okay, now that you’ve activated the product, this is the product itself. Now this is an external connector or another connector, and this also acts like a tripod. If you want to, you know, place your gimbal on on a flat surface, so it can also be used as an external connector, and it just goes in you just have to screw it and you can just hold it this way all right now. This is a three axis gimbal, so it has an xyz access. Now there are three locks in place if you observe first of all, the product comes completely locked, so all you have to do is first unlock this product after you have unlocked this all the three axis now this is another screw which will have to loosen it Up so that this keeps moving and make sure that all three parts, all the mobile parts are moving fine that way all the locks are unlocked.

Now this is where the smartphone goes: it’s uh. It can hold any smartphone basically, so after you have mounted a cell phone or a smartphone here, then you have a several buttons here. So if you take a close look uh, this acts as a power button. So if you press and hold this button for three seconds, it quickly, activates or it quickly turns on the device. Okay, this is step one now after this, you have another button which is basically used for recording or it can also be used for taking shots. Okay, now let me quickly turn off the device. I will turn it on once i have a smartphone placed okay. Now this is the joystick. This can be used for your pan, your tilt or basically, whatever you know. If you want to do some trips or if you want to do some trick shots, you can use this and you also have a zoom slider, so this can be used as a zoom if you want to zoom in or zoom out. So enough of all these details, what i’m going to quickly do is i’m going to put the smartphone here and i’m going to first show you a difference. So why did we purchase a smartphone gimbal in the first place is to make sure that our videos are not shaky so i’m going to first show you a video, a comparison between a handheld and a smartphone, gimbal video, and you see the difference and then i In the later part, i will also show you some tips and tricks that you can use using this hohem using their app itself.

Okay, now let’s get into the video okay. Now let’s start off by slowly walking. Now you can see the video both as a comparison with and without the gimbal. You might not see a lot of difference, but let me start quickly jogging at the jogging stage. I hope you can see there’s a slight bit of difference, especially without the gimbal when we actually start running right now, which i’m doing you can see. There is a lot of shake in the video, so i hope you can get the difference now. Okay, so now that you have seen how the videos look like uh, a handheld video and a smartphone gimbal video and we’ve seen a side by side comparison. Now, as i told you before, let me show you some of the cool features that i found in the app itself, so they have certain modes in which you can shoot, which is really cool and that will basically fall under the tips category. So i will show you each of the modes separately and you can take a look for yourself. So in order to access the, not these modes, let’s quickly go into the app which is ho hem pro and inside the hohem uh. You have an option for video shooting wherein you’ll have something called as moments. If, once you step into moments, you’ll have different modes here, which i’ll explain in detail in the rest of the video now okay, so this mode is called inception.

This is one of my favorite modes. That’S available it’s got a beautiful, dramatic effect. It can be used for taking some nice intro shots like you know, if you’re into vlogging and stuff and it’s perfect me, okay, the next mode is basically called smart motion time lapse. So this is basically like any other time lapse. Burst i’ve just taken a 60 second burst to show you how it looks like right now: it’s, basically called the fantastic rotation, so this basically goes uh zigzag, it kind of turns, left and right continuously, it’s kind of similar to the inception mode. But, however uh this has got like more of a like. You know a left right kind of a motion that kind of turns 180 degrees and stuff. My okay now that’s how the panning happens, beautiful so smooth guys and trust me i’m, not even doing anything here. It’S all the gimbal that’s taking care of it. The last mod, which i’m trying to show you right now is called dolly zoom. This has got a very nice dramatic effect, especially with the fixed subject and the moving background uh. It creates a nice uh, like you know, a cinematic view. Basically, uh i’ll show you how this mode is basically and i’ve, been using alike today as a subject, and let me go ahead and short, do a quick clip and then i’ll show you how the video turns out right now that you have seen the different modes That you know you can actually capture using the app.

I will just show you as a bonus. I’Ll just show you some cool ways of how you can take videos. This is basically normal, recording no specific modes as such, but how you can actually use the gimbal to take some cool features again uh, if you have any good suggestions for me, do let me know so that you know i’m, not, as i told you, i’m, not An expert in smartphone gimbal i’m, just trying to use i’ll just share whatever i know so, let’s see. Okay. I hope you like this video guys and got some info on smartphone gimbal again. As i told you before, you can always give your comments and suggestions in the comments box below and uh. This is this nifty little tool really comes in handy if you want to take some cool transitions, cool videos, especially for your vlogging and stuff and that’s. The reason we’ve purchased this as well, and also make sure that you know your video is not too shaky. Having said all that, make sure to go ahead and like this video comment down in the comment box subscribe to, this channel share your love in social media. As well, including our instagram pages and our facebook pages as well, which will be linked down below in the description, make sure to check out the description box as well guys for detailed links on the purchase of this particular product. So that’s all for today’s, video, guys and uh.

This is tarak from turtle stories and we have aleka behind the camera today. So we both signing off from turtle stories.