Mat that you can put your phone on all right. Well, the first thing we need to do is power off the phone, so let’s go ahead and do that all right? Let me take the armor off all right. The armor is off. The next thing we got to do is clean the screen. My kit came with one of those let’s go ahead and open it up. You got a dust cloth right here. You got a a wet napkin right there, and then you got a dust absorber sticker all right. The first thing i’m going to do now, is get my wet napkin out i’m really going to clean it up, really good get all the fingerprints i put on there through the few days that i’ve had this phone next here’s my cloth i’m going to dry it Up and the next thing we’ll do just to get any little bits of dust that has that dust absorber i’m. Just going to do this, the next thing we’re going to grab is this white positioning tool, that’s included with the kit i’m, going to put it into the usb to c port or your charging port nice and easy, like that, then i’m, going to pull out this Bad boy right here now with the positioning tool right here, we’re going to make these three holes on that positioning tool. As best we can just like that, we kind of pull it and stretch it and we’re going to make sure that it’s as straight as can be, and what you want to do, is you have the front facing camera lens right there you want to center that Right there to know it’s straight and once you get it straight, you want to press down on this discolored portion right here, it’s blue and you want to push that down because it’s just a little bit sticky it’s sticky enough to adhere to the phone.

So now that we have it adhered to the phone, we want to grab the squeegee that’s included with the kit, and we really want to press down nice and firm on this diving line. You can, it says diving line right here, so we just want to make sure that’s, really nice and firm, all the while making sure that it’s connected here to the positioning tool you can see. I got a nice seal there or a nice clip and if we go to the top of the phone, you can see it’s centered on the front facing camera lens. So i think we’ve got a position pretty well again: i’m going to squeegee this get it nice. Nice and adhere to the phone all right. The next step is step number one i’m, going to pull up all the way like this i’m going to put my squeegee right here on the diving line, and you can see right there i’m going to do my best. Not to touch the screen with my fingers, i’m going to slowly use the squeegee to go forward and apply this trying to get all the bubbles out that i can go nice and slow. I see that bubble there and they say that with this kit, if you do have a few bubbles, that’s expected and they say it’s a self disappearing or a self cleaning type of film here, so it should disappear after 24 hours. If you do have a few tiny bubbles, so i’m going to go ahead and do that i’m just going to keep doing it, i won’t let you watch for the few minutes but i’m going to do it for a minute or two just to make sure it’s Adhered to the phone screen and try and squeegee those bubbles out all right now, we’re moving on to step two, the same thing except now: we’re coming from the bottom, so step.

Two here, i’m gon na put my squeegee on the diving line: i’m gon na lift up and there we go it’s going they didn’t say it’s, going to be totally easy and again i’m trying to massage any little air bubbles that might be in there i’m. Just going gon na take a few minutes and go back and forth all right. Here we go step number three: the peel get my little dust cloth because my house is a little bit dusty. Okay and now, with my fingers, i’m just gon na go over the edges, take out the positioning tool and there you go. The screen protector is installed all right. Folks there it is. My screen protector is installed.