Yes, guys. This is sw 22 smartwatch, and this is the best watch i ever reviewed in my channel, and this is the upgraded version of hw1 and hw60 before going to the video this one. This watch is sponsored by store, watch and accessories. If you want to buy these products, please contact star watch world. This is the whatsapp number of star watchful and cash and delivery also available. The watch price is just 2500 rupees. Cash on delivery means 200 extra for it and if you want to see our all products go and check out our instagram page, and if you want to see our some watches review check out our Music. This is the box it’s a big box, not like a hw tool, and here we get some information: uh 210 gram and it’s ip68 waterproof rated wear fit pro ip68 bluetooth, android, ios, 10, plus all supported made in china, okay and here uh series, six aluminium case. Okay, 44 mm it’s, not 50 for it’s, not 40 mm it’s, a 44 m, not like a w hw dual or hw 60 let’s unbox inside we get a plastic. You can see the this is the water logo or something – and you need to see this. This watch spelling is wrong. Actually smart watch 6. What spelling is wrong? Ok, let’s, see i’m, really honestly saying this is the best watch. I ever reviewed. Okay inside we get this watch let’s remove this paper.

You can see the in this trap. It’S written 42 mm 42 mm, and this is a charger just like we need to insert and nothing inside the box. Oh, we have one user manual hw22. You can see some features let’s see about this watch features because this watch have always on display password function. Split screen and you can see the sound, also it’s very, very loud, like a smartphone, and this watch have 60 h display. You can see the smoothness 60 hertz display, plus crown working double tap to change the menu. You can see the cross 60 hertz display not like other watches. This is hw22. You can see the chrono is working and the 60x display also working fine, not like a local display, it’s a high quality hybrid display, with always on future wow, always on future, enabled watch in this apple watch. Clone is just this only one watch and this watch comes with password option. Also, i will show that also password switch password password is zero. Zero, zero wow it’s asking a password, also check. I have written this nike edition strap. I really like this watch because i ever reviewed this like watch, so i am going to keep my personal i’m going to buy this watch. Actually, the price is that 25 is worth for 2500. Okay, that’s! Why i’m going to buy this watch and you can change the there? Are some watch faces here like this, this box returned some watch videos these 3d watch faces.

This is a style, 2 style, 3 style 4. I like the style, 5. Actually so i’m, just typing! You can see here is a fake button, it’s not original it’s, not working but it’s effect button, and here a mic with crown working on off button. Two pin for charging uh sensors are here, and this is the speaker loudest speaker in this smartwatch industry. I mean the clone industry, because this watch speaker is very very loud, not like other watches, and this watch have so many features like uh hr, hp or sp02 hot bb. All i don’t know it’s fake or real in most of the watches are fake sensor, but in this watch i don’t know it’s clear all fake let’s check i’m going to check this box wow. This is a fake sensor actually, because this box have hot that’s. Why it’s, showing 70 uh 700? Okay, this one i don’t know where is the heart inside this box? Let’S do operation is next video perfect. Now we know the sensors are fake, but the display and the sports are working. Fine. The sports are working. I really tested the sports outdoor sports, all working from walking, sleeping and it’s a water monitor all working, fine, hp or sp. Auto let’s find you can see all say fake sensor because for this money they will give this type watch monday. Because – and this was a password feature and the mainly password which a gps also enabled in this watch while we connecting to the phone – and this was always on display, torchlight settings – let’s turn off this watch with the smartphone speaker, because the smartwatch speaker also equal to This watch only thank you guys, bye, see you next video and, if you like to use, if you like this video, be sure to subscribe, my channel press the bell icon for more information.

If you want to buy this product again, i will say this is whatsapp number six, three, eight five, four one triple zero. If you want to buy this watch contact to this number and message him, i want hw, 22 or w36 plus which model you want message that model and check out our channel. We have reviewed so many watches and upcoming videos. Also. We have so many ak. 67.